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What do you Want?

By February 12, 2024No Comments

The simple word ‘want’ belies its complexity within our human system. ‘Want’ naturally underpins the actions of fulfilling our everyday needs: hunger leads to food; tiredness motivates rest or sleep. It seems straightforward, doesn’t it? Yet just meeting the instinctual needs of keeping body and soul in harmony can be full of complication, for instance: ‘What am I going to eat? If I eat that, I’ll regret it….’; ‘I’m tired but I need to finish this….’; ‘I want to go for a walk, yet I must….’ Desire leads to the need to choose, yet how we do that is full of dilemma. We know and experience this daily, along with the beliefs, stories, justifications, judgments and so on that make it complex.

In our human system, thoughts and desires are the primary motivators of action. We receive an idea, or have a desire, then maybe we move to act on it. How we move with that first impulse, or not, is where complexity arises. It’s where the deeper energy of true motivations and agenda lies. The underlying energies of soul and ancestral programming kick in, often before we’re aware of it. Did you ever hear ‘I want, doesn’t get’ as a child? Were you brought up with the constraints of ‘not allowed’? Do you live with the feeling of, ‘I don’t exist’ or ‘ I don’t’ deserve this’, in dread of the implications of stating your desires, or reaching for them? This is the human condition, isn’t it? We all know it. You might be aware of specific themes around desire in your ancestry.

Awakening is our journey beyond the energy grooves that inhibit our aliveness and fulfilment. And of course, you know that, for it’s been occurring for decades. This year, that awakening is fast-tracked. The nature of desire as ‘good/bad, right/wrong’ is one of our awakening catalysts. We’re called to open into wholeness through every aspect of desire beyond our value judgments. We’re supported in embodying our innate goodness.

Looking at our collective behaviour right now doesn’t support awareness of our ‘innate goodness’, does it? Yet when we know and live from the truth of it – I am innately one with the divine and all life – behaviour naturally emanates from this indwelling ‘goodness’ without a ‘bad’. When we know we are Love and have the potential as a human being to experience being loved, our actions stem from a sense of wholeness, of worthiness. Wanting, choice, and action flow in congruence, and when they don’t, we act to reaffirm it. Our desire nature naturally aligns with our basic goodness.

Quantum physics informs us that energy precedes form. Thoughts and desires, combined with will (how we act on them), give rise to manifestation. As our vehicles (mind, emotion and will) become more consistently congruent with our basic goodness, miracles occur. Yet in life on Earth, so do dilemmas. On Earth we are subject to sunshine and storms, day and night, light and dark. If we approach dilemmas from our innate wholeness, our awareness of both/and, with curiosity, with open awareness, with kindness and willingness, miracles occur. Life is known as the dance of differing frequencies at play, neither good nor bad, simply in service to evolution. To experience its adventure becomes a primary motivator. To know oneself in every flavour of life is the quest.

The energies arising over these next few days and into April have a powerful bearing on the quest of awakening for this whole year and beyond it. They provide the impetus to fully go beyond our embedded ancestral frequencies whilst claiming their gifts; to embody a new way of conscious being. The following simple questions provide a focus.

  • What do I want?
  • And if you don’t know – What do I love?
  • Is what I want/love congruent with who I am becoming, or called to become?
  • If it is, how do I need to act to ground that in reality?
  • And if it isn’t, what am I going to do about it?

I suggest, keep asking these questions. Go to the core. Maybe that desire for a loving relationship masks a deeper desire in you to be seen or acknowledged? Perhaps the desire for more money suggests addressing security needs in a new way? Does that yearning for a holiday in the sun hide a more fundamental desire to take better care of yourself daily? Is a quest to be successful motivated by the desire to serve and contribute? Inquiry into where your desires are rooted supports congruence. You can go straight to the core of authentic enlightened action rather than dancing around its edges.

To further complicate the arising focus, relationships (where ‘I want’ and ‘you want” meet) are an aspect of this unfolding. Relationships always encompass complexity, especially when ‘I want…’ becomes an agenda of ‘I want you to…”. The demand of these current aspects is to clean up our beliefs about desire. We are being stretched to encompass a new synergy between the realm of ideals (how it could be) and our humanity (how it is), and to discover the wholeness in our differences. Ideals can be powerful motivators but can also disconnect us from our common humanity, the need to care for and about each other. Core values and ideals are perhaps different for each of us. Yet honesty about them opens a way to connectivity, potentially to an uplifted synergy. Without honesty to oneself (this is what I want) and another (how about this?) we have no common ground at all, no foundation for growth. Without honesty, we are simply hiding.

‘What I want’ in the deepest place is a key right now. It’s supported by a rare alchemical alignment that opens a new synergy between our wounded humanness and our soul’s genius. It crosses the boundaries of the ‘can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’ and ‘not allowed’ in our human nature to activate new frequencies of our uniqueness. To acknowledge the nature of our desires takes courage yet is freeing. It simplifies everything even when it disrupts. Energies this week lie around this core theme. Questions, insights, downloads, synchronicities are potent. They may not fully land until April, but just like early spring in the northern hemisphere, there’s an awakening of new life. Have the courage to enquire, to acknowledge and claim it. This is a rare gift for us all.

The Astrology
14 Feb – Warrior Mars conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto at 0 Aquarius
14 Feb – The Moon conjunct Disruptor Eris at 24 Aries
17 Feb – Asteroid Eros conjunct Wounded Healer Chiron & the Lunar North Node at 16 Aries
17 Feb – Goddess of Love Venus conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto at 0 Aquarius
19 Feb – Wounded Healer Chiron conjunct the Lunar North Node of destiny at 16 Aries exact
22 Feb – Goddess of Love Venus conjunct Warrior Mars at 6 Aquarius
8 April – Total Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries conjunct Chiron

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