A Nurture Circle for Women
Held monthly online at the New Moon
with Cassandra Eve & Paula Trafford

Monday 30 May

New Moon in Gemini 

Opening New Perspectives

The Moon cycle, flowing from New to Full to New every 29.5 days is a powerful reflection of our most intimate sense of self. It is not only intricately connected to women’s menstrual cycle, but how we feel about ourselves, how we relate and express in the most personal aspects of our lives. Becoming conscious of the energetic nuances as the Moon flows through each zodiac sign deepens our understanding of how we are intimately connected with all of nature and the universal cycles. It grows consciousness in self-love and nurturing support for our self, aligning our self-expression with new incoming frequencies.

In these times of great change, we all need space & support to stay centred, grounded & connected.  We invite you to join us in this 90 minute gathering where Cassandra will share the current New Moon energies with key focus for the cycle and facilitate a New Moon activation.  Paula will share nourishing Kum Nye embodiment practice for deep relaxation, alignment & nourishment. Kum Nye is an ancient Tibetan practice, pre-dating yoga. For more information visit: paulatrafford.com/services/kum-nye-tibetan-yoga/

We invite you to join us each month for our Moon Gathering Nurture Circle. Emerge refreshed & renewed, ready to engage the next Moon cycle in your life from a deeper conscious space.

Suggested donation £8, £12 or £16, Or More Or Less

These events are usually ‘live’ via Zoom however as I am in Crete for my ‘Intimacy with Now! Retreat’ this month will be via recording

Click on the Paypal logo below to donate, or for Bacs info please email Cassandra.

These gatherings are usually held on Zoom. Once registered via donation, you will receive a Zoom link via email a few hours before the event, then the recording. THIS EVENT WILL BE VIA RECORDING SO YOU MAY ENGAGE THE INCOMING ENERGIES EXACTLY AT SOLAR ECLIPSE POINT IF YOU CHOOSE TO.

Recording available for all participants or if you cannot attend the live event.

Paula Trafford

Hi, I am Paula Trafford living in Malvern, UK with my family. I am one of around 300 Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness Teachers Worldwide. I’m extensively qualified in multiple natural health and wellbeing practices for over 25 years. www.paulatrafford.com 
I co-run a CBD and Hemp company also offering CBD and Hemp talks www.becalmercbd.com 

Kum Nye can indeed be called a definitive embodiment practice and one of the oldest, over 2500 years old.

Moon Gathering Nurture Circle: Further dates 2022

Monday 30 May 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Gemini – Opening New Perspectives

Wednesday 29 June 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Cancer – Rooted in Belonging

Thursday 28 July 19.00 BST

New Moon in Leo – A Full & Generous Heart

Saturday 27 August 09.00 BST (note different timing)

New Moon in Virgo – Nurturing Wellbeing 

Monday 26 September 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Libra – Harmonious Connections

Tuesday 25 October 19.00 GMT

Partial Solar Eclipse Moon in Scorpio – Soul & Shadow

Wednesday 23 November 19.00 GMT 

New Moon in Sagittarius – The Journey to Wisdom

Friday 23 December 19.00 GMT 

New Moon in Capricorn – Living with Integrity

Thank you so much for tonight. It was awesome! I’m feeling enlightened, rejuvenated and balanced‘. Sara, East Sussex

The meditations we do are so profound and deeply transforming and healing! I feel warmth and trust when we are doing them and they are so beneficial for me!‘ Maria Filii, Greece

This was so nourishing and full of wisdom. Thank you!‘ Zoe Awen Martin, Noosa, Australia