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Sacred Feminine Soul Coach Cassandra Eve

Accept life in its entirety
from The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

In some ways this quote says all I need to say about my life’s journey. This is the message from my Being. This truly began in the late 80’s, when my consciousness turned inward to look at the chaos that was my life. Everything changed from then on. As life around me fell apart, I realised I was the co-creator.  What I had experienced as traumatic – childhood abuse, a violent alcoholic husband, the loss of my son – became the transformative fuel for growth. My journey in darkness, accepted as an ongoing healing portal, became the foundation from which new life & my soul purpose would grow.

Life is always moving us between darkness and light. This is the nature of life on Earth – day to night to day, the seasonal rhythms, new moon to full moon to dark moon, loss to renewal.  As my consciousness awoke, astrology came along to guide me.  I was astounded in my discoveries so began training in this ancient esoteric art.  Expansion & growth continued to call. I volunteered for a Rape & Incest Crisis line; then over the next few years, qualified as a counsellor and Reiki Master, undertook training as a Past-Life therapist and eventually began to practice. The awakening had landed, yet in truth never ends.

In the early 90’s, whilst undertaking my professional training, life was calling me to the spiritual path too. The invitations simply appeared. In 1991, I met my first spiritual teacher & recognised him as a soul friend. His retreat ‘Embracing the Shadow’ called me deeply. My awakening continued as I entered his community. During this time, I was graced to realise the true golden nature of human beings and our Earth.  I cannot put into words the profundity of this realisation. The depth and expanse of it shattered my body. It was travel to India with my partner, twice in the mid 90s, that supported integration, which is still ongoing. During my time in this chaotic yet joyful culture, I was blessed with profound frequency transmissions from Masters & Mothers. I was supported in embodying ever-deeper layers of consciousness. On my return to the UK, I began my first women’s group.

There is no end to consciousness, or our capacity to embody. Following my times in India, and eventually the break-up of my relationship, the next phase of conscious embodiment arrived. It appeared as a gateway in meditation; I walked through. Very soon, a Tantric Master came into in my life. Another soul recognition – ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’. I spent the next 13 years living the Tantric path in community in the UK and New Zealand.

Tantra is the embrace of life in its entirety, dark and light as constantly shifting shades of divine expression in humanity. My life in Tantra community was the deepest challenge to ‘Accept life in its entirety’. I was taken into every dark corner of my psyche in a living way, particularly with my community sisters. Every place I lacked love & compassion for myself was reflected yet through it all, my soul knew I was in the right place. The gift of this time landed in me as profound self-love, soul connection and conscious sisterhood. Whilst in community, my  vocational training also continued, as I group-taught the conscious movement practice, The Form, in Fiji, around Australia and New Zealand. During this time I wrote & published my first book, ‘Total Embrace – fully being human’. The blessings of conscious evolution continued to land.

I left community and my life in New Zealand to return to the UK in 2012. It was just before my second Saturn Return (an astrological life passage) – a time when the focus is legacy. Crone wisdom was calling me.

In 2013, Whole Woman was born as an offering of service to life and to women. My calling to the Sacred Feminine archetypes deepened. Connection into their love, wisdom and fierce grace is so deeply nourishing and empowering for women. Our culture is in deep need to this recognition of Sacred Feminine. In 2016, I moved to West Cornwall, putting my roots back into the land I was born. I wrote and published. two more books, Sacred Pathways & Her Sacred Fire. My passion for the Feminine energies continues to grow, as does my awareness in the gifts She brings to our lives. I am, and always will be, a traveller to new places, both in consciousness and on this beautiful Earth, with the Feminine as my guide.

If you are called to expand and deepen your consciousness, whilst embracing the woman in you with profound self-love, and you feel drawn to my offerings, please get in touch.