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Deep Conversations
Consultations that reach the heart of the matter

We are made of star stuff! Our bodies comprise the same elements as the Earth and our Universe. Our emotions flow to the tides of the Moon and our minds soar in inspiration towards boundless possibilities. Is it any wonder we stand and stare in awe at the night sky? We are seeing our own potential – vast, inspiring and infinite.

Human beings live in a field of evolving consciousness, the challenges we face collectively are an aspect of that evolution. Astrology is a profound support for us all during these times of great change. It provides an energy map of evolving frequency and potential, opening up greater understanding and wisdom of the changing meaning of our lives personally and collectively.

Over 5000 years astrology has evolved from the study of the planets to determine a fatalistic approach to life, to an in-depth archetypal mapping system for our human psyche and an understanding of the rhythms of the universe with its infinite possibilities of expression. Quantum physicists and cosmologists now speak about the existence of the ‘multiverse’ where all possibilities exist simultaneously in what we might call ‘parallel worlds’. An astrological consultation is an exploration of how these infinite possibilities land in you as an individual being and express in your life. You may know yourself as a Leo or Capricorn, but actually you are a unique combination of all twelve zodiac signs, with different planetary energies representing different aspects of your individuality and life. Your astrological birth chart is a blueprint of your unique expression as a human being, soul gifts and life potentials.

Astrology is not a predictive tool in terms of events, as portrayed in the popular press. It is a mirror of life processes and a valuable tool for self-awareness, life purpose and direction. It offers you a map of the universal rhythms of life, applied to the moment of your birth and ongoing life cycles. It supports the discovery of the deeper meaning and purpose behind your experience, opening the potential for profound growth of consciousness. The Sacred Feminine aspects in your chart are particularly potent in these evolutionary times. Sacred Feminine is beyond gender; it is a frequency of being and expression whose qualities are vital to our reconnection to ourselves, each other, nature and our beautiful Earth.

Any time you face a transition in your life, an astrological consultation can provide insight, support and deeper understanding. In particular there are distinct astrological cycles that mark periods of significant change:

Age 28-30 – First Saturn Return: A confrontation with the need for a realistic, more mature, approach to life

Age 38-42 – Uranus opposite Uranus: Awakening more conscious potentials of individuality; waking up, moving on

Age 48-50 – Chiron Return: A crisis of meaning – what’s it all about? Breaking free from our own or societal limitations – a date with destiny.

Age 59-63 – Second Saturn Return:  A rite of passage, with the potential for rebirth as ‘an elder’, an exploration of legacy and the birth of wisdom.

A consultation opens insight and understanding of:

• your hidden and unclaimed potential revealed through your birth chart
• your keys to current challenges with timings
• the current and ongoing stages of your evolution and life's journey
• the transformation of archetypal and family patterning
• focus on specific life areas and their inner processes, meaning and evolution

All consultations offer opportunities to focus on particular questions. Concessions or instalment payments are available depending on circumstances.  Charts can be created for adults, children, new-borns and relationships, even life events such as a wedding or launching a business.

Your Sacred Feminine Rhythms consultation

A 60 or 90 minute in-depth consultation on the Deep Sacred Feminine energies in your birth chart. Discover the wonderful mandala of the Sacred Feminine expressing uniquely through you: focusing on the more subtle aspects of your birth chart, highlighting your hidden talents, unlocking the shadows of mistrust and self-doubt, claiming your life’s journey as a woman held in the arms of the Sacred Feminine at deeper levels. Your Sacred Feminine energies truly hold the gift of conscious embodiment. Opening your understanding in the interplay of these unique frequencies opens up new potentials for self-love, unconditional acceptance, ease and flow with both your gifts and your shadows. It deepens your consciousness to embrace all that you are and what you are truly here for.

Investment (includes a recording)
New client 90 minutes. £120
Existing client 60 minutes. £80

Sacred Pathways Consultation

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Transitions birth-chart consultation

An in-depth astrology consultation exploring the bigger picture perspective of your life stream, your natural gifts and talents; your shadow challenges and the means to engage them. Opportunities, challenges and timing within major life change periods, discovering the keys to alignment, flow and ease and the focus of your evolutionary process. New client consultations must be 90 minutes.

A 60 or 90 minute in-depth astrology consultation.

Investment (includes a recording)
New client 90 minutes. £120
Existing client 60 minutes. £80

an astrology birth-chart with timings

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Relationship consultation

A 60 minute in-depth consultation focused on a specific relationship. This can be for partners, family members, a business partnership, parent and child, or even the whole family. A synastry consultation compares the natal charts of two individuals and highlights areas of compatibility and challenge. A third chart is created for the relationship itself. This highlights what the two individuals create together in terms of harmony, chemistry, communication, challenges and where there is potential for growth.

Investment (includes preparation of 3 astrology charts plus a recording)

All clients 60 minutes  £120

Star Yin Yang image represents evolving relationships

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Soul Discovery Coaching

A series of 60 minute in-depth focused consultations offered following an initial birth-chart consultation. A space to explore what’s really happening in your life, its deeper meaning and purpose, your real choices and direction. Usually ongoing for a minimum of 4 sessions.

Investment (includes a recording)

One hour consultation. £90

exploring your universal consciousness

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