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Deep Conversations
Consultations that reach the heart of the matter

We are made of star stuff! Our bodies comprise the same elements as the Earth and our Universe. Our emotions flow to the tides of the Moon and our minds soar in inspiration towards boundless possibilities. Is it any wonder we stand and stare in awe at the night sky? We are seeing our own potential – vast, inspiring and infinite. Over 5000 years astrology has evolved from the study of the planets to determine a fatalistic approach to life, to an in-depth archetypal mapping system for our human psyche and an understanding of the rhythms of the universe with its infinite possibilities of expression. Quantum physicists and cosmologists now speak about the existence of the ‘multiverse’ where all possibilities exist simultaneously in what we might call ‘parallel worlds’. The vibrational frequencies of the planetary bodies and their interconnections are a potent guide into the multiverse, both through our solar system and the quantum world within you.  Discover what that means for your evolution and the fulfilment of your soul’s potential.

I have been a practising Professional Astrologer for more than thirty years and know the profound value of this esoteric system. I am still constantly astounded by the bountiful synchronicity of the planetary alignments. More recently however, I have been focusing on the less well-known Sacred Feminine aspects of astrology – Venus cycles, Black Moon Lilith point, dwarf planets and asteroids – and their roots in mythology. This deep exploration, through my own chart and those of clients, is revealing to me many of the missing links in our understanding of ‘who we are’ and our evolutionary potential. These missing links provide keys to what our world, and perhaps our individual lives, are lacking – a truly embodied full enjoyment of life in all its many colours.

Currently we live in a patriarchal world – goal orientated, progress driven, lacking in true care for the very Life that sustains us. Our very existence is under threat and yet still the monstrous momentum drives on. Reconnecting to Sacred Feminine values and our natural rhythms revealed through astrology shifts our perspective, feeds our souls, nourishes a new holistic way of being. It is life-giving! As we connect to the Sacred Feminine and universal rhythms, embodiment of finer frequency living, with the conscious embrace of all our human vulnerabilities, becomes a grounded evolutionary path. No longer reaching through the mind for the next quick-fix of comfort, or a disassociated enlightened perspective, we become fully alive in our divine potential. The Sacred Feminine aspects in your chart are particularly potent in these evolutionary times. It is beyond gender – a frequency of being and expression whose qualities are vital to our reconnection to ourselves, each other, nature and our beautiful Earth.

I invite you to deepen your understanding of how your unique Sacred Feminine energies are calling for expression and embodiment. Discover your keys to fulfilment in a nourishing authentic way of being that not only sustains you but makes a valuable contribution to all life.

Your consultation opens insight and understanding of:

• your hidden and unclaimed potential revealed through your birth chart
• a clear embodied approach to current challenges through 'embrace' rather then 'fix'
• the current and ongoing natural cycles of your life's journey
• how your unique Feminine is guiding the transformation of ancestral and soul patterning
• the keys to embodiment of your true fulfilment
• your unique pathway to intimacy in relationships

Consultations offer opportunities to focus on particular questions and life themes, discovering your natural rhythms of growth and embodiment. Concessions or instalment payments are available depending on circumstances.

Your Sacred Feminine Rhythms consultation

A 60 or 90 minute in-depth consultation on the Deep Sacred Feminine energies in your birth chart. Discover the wonderful mandala of the Sacred Feminine expressing uniquely through you: focusing on the more subtle aspects of your birth chart, highlighting your hidden gifts, unlocking shadows of self-doubt, claiming your life’s journey as a woman held in the arms of the Sacred Feminine at deeper levels. Your Sacred Feminine energies truly hold the gift of conscious embodiment. Opening your understanding in the interplay of these unique frequencies opens up new potentials for self-love, unconditional acceptance, ease and flow with both your gifts and your shadows. It deepens your consciousness to embrace all that you are and what you are truly here for.

Investment (includes a recording)
90 minutes. £144
60 minutes. £92

Sacred Pathways Consultation

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Soul Discovery Consultations

A 60 or 90 minute in-depth focused consultation to guide you through times of intense change and transition, or to deepen understanding of your soul’s journey. A space to explore what’s really happening in your life – its natural cycles and timing, its deeper meaning and purpose – enabling you to make authentic deeply-rooted choices. We use your birth-chart mandala to explore current key focus, rhythms and the deepening of your evolutionary process.

Soul Discovery consultations can be ongoing if required, and if you choose to continue after your initial consultation. Sessions can be spaced monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly according to what you feel you need. These sessions are available to both existing and new clients.

Investment (includes a recording)

60 minute consultation: £92

90 minute consultation: £144

exploring your universal consciousness

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