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Sacred Pathways Retreat Intimacy with Now!

Intimacy with Now!

Sustaining Yourself in Feminine Presence

Orizon Center for Life & Creation, Crete, Greece

Monday 2 May – Tuesday 10 May 2022


Let’s take a journey together into the Heart’s deepest intimacy, in natural discovery of your core nature within the Deep Sacred Feminine. On this retreat we will open a profound shared space of devotion and love, engaging the soft radiance of inner openness that is ‘Intimacy with Now’, opening our consciousness and hearts in the wonder of renewal. Priestess Vesta and Goddess of Love Venus – ancient guardians and guides of the Sacred Feminine – are our guides for this rich sacred immersion, our tending of the Heart flame.

Engaging in this deep Heart space together we will journey in the power of infinite possibility that opens when we engage the truth of who we are at core. Presence in your state of being is very natural when you open into this connected spaciousness with others, without effort, simply because you’re letting go, resting in the deep. The power of receptivity is our Feminine core; as you open in deeper trust of the Heart so your capacity to live in this beauteous naturally abundant Feminine presence becomes self-sustaining. New frequencies of creative power emerge. Attunement to your inner compass of self love, authenticity and abundance then begins to radiate through you.

Our retreat is based at the beautiful Orizon Center for Life & Creation in Souda Bay near Chania. Ingrid Margarita is our host. She has lived in Crete for more than forty years and is married to Petros of Kokotsakis Farm.  Our meals at Orizon are made with wonderful organic produce from the family bio farm 15km away. To the Cretan people ‘food is love’ and the land is sacred. It’s a way of life you encounter all over the island. At Orizon you will be immersed and nourished in the abundance of ocean, sun, mountains, wonderful food and warm hospitality that Crete offers so naturally. It’s the perfect location to deeply relax, open, enjoy and grow!

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No knowledge of astrology is needed for this retreat

Early bird Booking Date: 2 March 2022

Cost for 9 day retreat

All bookings are half-board:

Twin share room 900 euro

Sole occupancy room 1000 euro

Sole occupancy studio 1075 euro

Shared & sole occupancy rooms are in shared apartments with own terrace

Sole occupancy studios have their own terrace – limited availability

Full price booking after 2 March 2022 – 120 euro supplement
To be paid in full by 2 April OR Enquire about a payment plan now

A final decision about the retreat going ahead will be made six weeks prior to the event.  If cancelled due to travel restrictions all payments will be fully refunded.

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Fierce Grace!

Engaging the Transformative Power of the Dark Feminine 

5 day Residential Retreat in Housel Bay, Cornwall 

Friday 7th  – Tuesday 11th October 2022


To come to a retreat is to give yourself permission to step away from the ordinary consciousness of your life, to step into the Mystery and to give yourself space to listen deeper, to reveal what is most vital in your life. As you are aware, we are living in extraordinary times. We are being gifted the opportunity to rapidly evolve, to expand our perception, to live from profound connection to the sacred within. I invite you to join me and other growing conscious women on a journey together, engaging the grace and transformative power of the Dark Feminine energies in you.

What is the Dark Feminine? She is the Mystery at play in our lives through every kind of experience. When acknowledged, through and beyond all our misperceptions and judgments, our resistance and shame, She reveals the radiant light and power that we always are. I’ve called this retreat ‘Fierce Grace’, as the Dark Feminine energies can take us into edgy places within ourselves and in relating. On this retreat we will be exploring that edge, embracing and facing disowned aspects of self, the parts of ourselves that we dislike or find challenging – the self-doubting, the ugly, the angry and disempowered – with my usual approach of gentleness and love for our woundedness as women. Until we taste the wonderful Grace of the Dark Feminine, we might fear or judge the challenge our shadows bring – yet once we recognise that Her fierce demand for us to go into the darkness actually comes from Love, we begin to understand Her nature as ultimately compassionate and deeply loving. She’s the key to the fullest self-love

The retreat is being held on the stunningly beautiful coast of The Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. We will be in luxury accommodation on the Cornish coast path, less than one mile from England’s most southerly point, The Lizard. The living accommodation and all bedrooms have sea views, some double aspect. All double rooms are en suite. The twin rooms have their own separate bathrooms. Lizard village and lighthouse are a 10-minute walk, Housel Bay just a short clamber over rocks and Church Cove also within walking distance. The house has wonderful ocean views, both sunrise and sunset, with the Cornish cliffs just at the end of the garden. You will be immersed and well nourished in natural beauty during our retreat time together.

Inspired to join this retreat? I invite you to Contact me for further information

No knowledge of astrology is needed for this retreat

Early bird Booking Date: 1 August 2022 

Cost for 5 day retreat

All bookings are half-board. All rooms have sea views, some double aspect:

Twin share room with own bathroom £595

Sole occupancy room £750
Other local sole occupancy options are available for one participant

Full price booking after 1 August 2022 – £100 supplement on above prices
To be paid in full by 1 September 

A final decision about the retreat going ahead will be made six weeks prior to the event.  If cancelled due to travel restrictions all payments will be fully refunded.

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Activating the Medicine of the Dark Feminine – Claiming the Sacred Myth of Your Life
5 day Residential Retreat in Housel Bay, Cornwall : 6 – 10 January 2023 

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Further information available soon. Enquire about a payment plan.

Testimonials from Retreat attendees

To say that this retreat was just what I needed maybe sounds too good to be true. But it was exactly that – my perfect soul medicine for this moment in time. Peace and quiet in a stunning location with a small group of beautiful like-minded women. I woke each morning eager to discover what lay ahead that day. It was always enjoyable if sometimes personally challenging and Cassandra held the retreat space beautifully with a perfect balance of gentle support and freedom for us to just ‘be’. Brilliant in every way!

Caitlin Sinclair

The retreat was beautiful in so many ways. Cassandra provided a safe, nurturing and supportive retreat space where I felt I could let go but most of all was able to receive love, support and guidance to move forward.

Kate Fernandez

The Retreat space was so wonderfully created and held to provide a safe space of love, trust, openness and honesty – for the magic to happen. One of the most powerful and yet lovingly gentle experiences of my life. My life will never be the same! I feel cleansed, forgiven and empowered to love life and fully embrace the ecstatic dance of life.

Linda Hurr