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Venus-Lotus Practice : Embodying Your Feminine Potency

Venus & her cycle

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon. She is sometimes referred to as the sister planet to Earth, closest to our home planet and with similar size and mass. Venus is known through traditional astrology as ‘Goddess of Love’, representing self-worth, beauty and harmony, pleasure, the arts, and music, what we enjoy and value, along with relationships and intimacy. Yet Venus represents so much more.

Venus’s orbit with the Earth creates a beautiful Flower of Life/five-pointed star pattern over a period of eight years. Together they map out the points of an astounding but not quite perfect pentagram in the sky. These points are known as Venus Star Points to some astrologers. Venus with Earth orbits are the ratio of 8/13, one of the Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci sequence lies at the fundamental core of nature and its creations. The anatomic structure of humans follows the ratio of 8/13, from the structure of the body to the details of the face. Even our DNA shows Fibonacci number relationships. Nature’s correlations with the Fibonacci sequence are infinite and form the basis of our universe, from the shell of a nautilus to the orbit of the planets within our solar system. Venus frequencies lie at the core of physical life in us and on our planet through this Fibonacci relationship.

In energetic terms, Venus represents the magnetic receptive principle of the Feminine in woman as creatrix of life on Earth.

In eastern cultures this creative Feminine energy is known as Shakti. In our western culture, although she is personified in Venus and ancient forms such as Inanna, Astarte, and Ishtar, she is not well known and barely acknowledged. Venus energy is pure sexual energy; life’s potential for new creation. We can see what patriarchy has done with that. The pure creative potential of sexual energy has been buried under layers of distorted belief about woman as the originator or sin, shame, abuse, fear and mistrust.

The cycles of planet Venus mirror our cycles of creative potential in sublime ways. She is visible either as the Morning or Evening Star during her full orbit and disappears from our view completely when close to the Sun. The points of the pentagram created in this cycle are known as Venus Star Points and are active seed points of creative potential. As Venus dances her orbit with Earth & Sun, she flows the energy of these seed points to a peak of creative possibility, and then through the underworld as she disappears from our view into the Sun’s light. It’s the eternal cycle of light and dark, life and death, creation and surrender, magnetising, receiving, conceiving, gestating, birthing, nourishing, letting go, dissolving into the emptiness to become once more receptive. We can see this mirrored in women’s cycle, as well as our lives. Venus is life’s desire to know itself through the flow of our life force into expression and forms of love, beauty, abundance, creative expression and social contribution. Venus stands for Love, but not as we know it.

The Venus Lotus Practice – how it came about

Since the early 2000’s I have been fascinated by little-known Sacred Feminine archetypes within astrology. I knew instinctively since my astrology training in the early 90’s that the traditional planets related to female energy – Moon & Venus i.e. Mother & Lover archetypes – were limited in their representation of women’s energy and lives. Later, as I came across astrologers such as Daniel Sowelu, Adam Gainsburg, and then Andrea- Michelle Haekel, I found food for this knowing of more expansive Feminine archetypes. I began to explore through the mirror of my own birth-chart and of those close to me. Very quickly, the potency and clear relevance of these less well-known planetary bodies became clear.  The depth of understanding they provided was astounding. I began to include them in my consultations.

As I grew in my understanding of Feminine archetypes, the energies of Venus and her cycles were becoming an inspiration to me. As lockdown loomed, I joined with a group of astrologers online to explore them more deeply. Our monthly gatherings over more than a year informed my understanding, yet something more potent was gestating too…in true Venus style!  In my morning qigong & movement practice, I found my body wanting to move in different ways. The new frequencies opening within my body from these movements were astounding: powerful yet very fine, expansive yet deeply rooted. As I allowed them to flow, with openness and curiosity, they began to form a sequence. Over a period of just weeks, the Venus Lotus Practice was born. I began to teach it in 2022.

The Venus Lotus Practice – what it does

I teach the Venus Lotus Practice on all my retreats. It is a very simple yet profound embodiment practice, undertaken individually. Retreat participants go on to incorporate it as a daily conscious practice for their lives. Effects of the practice:

  • Opens your body to the full potential of your soul’s expression
  • Reconnects your heart & womb as portals of sacred space in your body
  • Brings in alignment with your soul potential for creativity
  • Deepens your innate understanding of your own cycles as aligned with those of nature
  • Realigns you with your right i.e. natural rhythms & timing
  • Reconnects you to Earth, our Mother Gaia
  • Embodies in you, conscious union with the Sacred Feminine as Love

The Venus-Lotus practice is activated via transmission. Discover & learn the practice and embody your truly Sacred Feminine nature on one of my retreats.