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Cassandra Eve
Sacred Feminine Soul Coach

Igniting Your Inner Potential

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Whole Woman Astrologer & Soul Coach Cassandra Eve

My life has been a journey from trauma as a girl and woman into a mature open-hearted engagement of my life’s potential. Since awakening in the late 1980’s astrology has been one of the maps that has guided me in self-discovery, spirituality and growing consciousness. That journey has been supported by Masters and Mothers, living in cultures different to that of my birth, training in astrology and various other therapeutic modalities and living for twenty years in community, including a tantric community in the UK and New Zealand. Now I live in beautiful far west Cornwall, enjoying the many moods of its wild land and ocean. Astrology has been my companion for more than 30 years, as has empowering women’s conscious journey.


Cassandra’s reading of my astrological chart has given me an opportunity to step back and view a map of that world from a new perspective. Her insights and observations have been incredibly helpful and valuable to me.

Claire Squire

Clear, straightforward and honest is how I’d describe Cassandra’s astrological ‘synastry’ reading for myself and a friend. It really resonated with us.

Tim Wilcocks

Thank you for your beautiful subtle, sensitive, insightful perspective & understanding of how the universal energies and my life weave together...

Elizabeth Chanter

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