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Testimonials from Cassandra's clients...

On consultations...

Thank you so much for your enlightening and deeply insightful reading yesterday. Your delivery was masterful and enabled me to see myself from so many different eye-opening aspects as well as supporting me by highlighting my strengths, weaknesses, challenges and abilities to not only overcome them but to, more importantly, truly learn from them in an integrated manner. I have to say I was initially sceptical as I have encountered charlatans and other astrologers who are simply under-informed or who have knowledge and insight only to skim the surface but you are the real deal. Not only are you able to accurately intuit character and life journey, but you have that rare gift of interpretation through energetics, which means I access your communications on many sensory and intuitive levels and that enables me to integrate the information in the way that is exactly right for me. I found your expertise and manner, coupled with your healing attitude a delight and can only thank you again for being the best cosmic guidance counsellor I’ve met.

 Craig Trafford

My session with you resonated deeply with me. It gave me clarity, optimism and a greater understanding of myself. It enabled me to remember and connect with the strengths of my character; to know I have the ability to overcome the huge challenges I have been facing in my life. Thank you Cassandra

Sarah Dean

I found Cassandra Eve to be thoroughly professional, hugely knowledgeable and insightful. My consultation with her threw up some astonishing results and, armed with her reading, I feel able to understand where my path is leading me. I highly recommend her.

 Cass Campbell-Kemp

Cassandra has helped me enormously as I have a much better understanding of myself on a personal and impersonal soul level and how to trust and use the energies available. Thank you Cassandra for your patience and wisdom, such a gift!

Sarah H

My consultation with Cassandra was deeply insightful and reassuring. As well as some new insights, it echoed so much of what I’m currently going through, confirming that I’m living in alignment and that I’m on the right path – cosmic validation .. And now I have a heads up on what to prepare for which feels very comforting. Thank you

Kelly Jameson

‘We had our Couple Synastry with Cassandra via zoom and it was a really magical experience bursting full of insights! Cassandra has a calm yet playful approach and we felt very comfortable and trusting in her presence. She provided us promptly with an mp3 recording of our session which has been so helpful as there are layers and layers to unpack from our session together!’

Nina & Giorgio

Your genius ability is giving life and language to the energetic movements and synthesising a tangible view and path Cassandra and I don’t know of anyone who does this better! Thank you for sharing

Debs de Vries 

I received an insightful, interesting and- most importantly- useful reading. A reading not overpowered by astrological or New Age-y jargon, but inspiring and very pragmatic. Exactly what I wanted to get. I left the room excited, hopeful and ready for action. Thank you.


I found my session with Cassandra to be a nourishing and illuminating experience. It made sense of various patterns in my life and gave me encouragement to pursue a new career path. The information was delivered in a very accessible way, and Cassandra has a very calm and soothing way of speaking. I really appreciated the empowering language she used, and the insights into not just strengths, but shadow traits that need to be embraced and explored. All in all, a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend Cassandra Eve highly enough.


On retreats...

Words fail me to convey how epic, easefully, gracefully and sweetly transformation and growth has been for me upon your retreat.

Sara Hall, UK

A deeply loving, nourishing sacred space. I felt held in such a way on this retreat that I could dive deeply within myself and be much more in touch with my heart, power and spirituality.

Rachel Blackwell

Cassandra’s Retreat energy is so nurturing and feminine yet fierce and potent that it opens up aspects inside you that you always did know were there but perhaps remained hidden. She assists you to open up fully all the aspects of yourself, not only to see them but learn to LIVE them. The meditations, insights, activities and Cassandra’s wisdom are not just ideas they are actions! You are called to embody the wisdom, and in that way the retreat can never end.

Zoe Martin, Australia

From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed, the smiles were inviting. The opening of the retreat really set the scene for what was to come – an open, sharing, caring magical way. The flow over the coming days was like unwrapping a gift, where you don’t quite know what’s inside. Only this time, you are the gift, unwrapping yourself. I have done much work on myself and yet this time has revealed another layer of healing and empowering. The magical energy a group of women create, is what makes the retreat so special, along with Cassandra’s knowledge, passion and wisdom which are woven so well into drawing out the Divine Feminine in us all. The food is love on a plate, nourishing and vibrant. The flow of the days is blended with learning, being and relaxing. Thank you. I am leaving here with greater insights, more feminine energy, and a new vigour for what I am capable of creating in my life. One word – AWESOME!

Louise Southam, UK

When I found this retreat, I felt it was created just for me, exactly what I needed. My life is at a major pivot point, a crossroads, a time of reckoning and change; menopause, a professional burn-out, deep grief and loss. This time spent with eight fantastic women who came together as strangers and are leaving as sisters in support for each other, has been transformative. Cassandra’s deep wisdom, intuition, support, and empathy has given me what I need to move forward in the knowing I need not stand alone. She created and held space for profound healing and genuine community. I wish this for every woman.

Anneliese Brabant, Netherlands

Magnificent! All I had hoped for and more. What Cassandra has created with retreats is truly life altering. Safe space is created to discover or reconnect with our deepest and truest Feminine self and find centre once again. I leave the retreat with renewed joy, energy, and hope, along with amazing new sisters and friends.

Vicki Pope, USA

I feel like I have been on a long deep beautiful journey to myself. Being held in a space that feels safe and loving has been an incredible experience. I have recharged and replenished my inner resources and feel strong and guided in my onward journey.

Jennie Russell-Smith, UK

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