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Sacred Pathways

Divine Feminine Archetypes in You

by Cassandra Eve

The Sacred Feminine archetypes within astrology, mainly found within the frequencies of asteroids and dwarf planets, are a deep rich source of wisdom for our lives now. For centuries Feminine wisdom has been suppressed, dishonoured and denied, contributing to crisis in every aspect of our lives and especially to our disconnection from each other and our Earth. At this time the voice of the Sacred Feminine is calling to be acknowledged, expressed and heard as a potent guide to a new way of being here on Planet Earth that honours, nurtures and upholds the sanctity of all life.

In Sacred Pathways Cassandra presents seven Feminine archetypes – Venus as Creatrix, Psyche as Soul Child, Vesta as Priestess, Ceres as Earth Mother, Artemis as Moon Maiden, Juno as Queen of Heaven & Pallas Athena as Wisdom Warrior in their both their light and shadows as guides to women’s unique journey of evolution. Exploring these archetypes through astrology, mythology, personal story and an evolutionary perspective, this book opens doors into woman’s psyche and beyond it.  It presents a series of pathways for women to connect deeper with the creative power we innately are, to be present within our heart’s calling, to embody our unique cyclical and rhythmic nature, and to honour the deep wisdom of our knowing in relationships and the wider world.

Where is She calling you? Where is your unique combination of pathways? Sacred Pathways opens a door of discovery for you in your life.

Sacred Pathways - Discovering Divine Feminine Archetypes in You book

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Review from Andrea Michelle Kennedy of Precious Human Birth


‘Cassandra has written a love affair to the Feminine in her book, Sacred Pathways: Divine Feminine Archetypes in You. She includes seven of the primary feminine archetypes, creating a mandala of coherent and by definition overlapping energies to support us in honoring and working consciously with our feminine mysteries.

Cassandra’s writing is infused with a care and generosity which only comes from having “been there.” As she weaves myth and tales from personal intimacy of each archetype, she brings them alive with insightful depth. Her reflections reveal a woman who is practiced in and embodies the feminine through devotional exploration of the art of surrender into our inner Mystery, which can only be accessed through direct experience.

I enthusiastically recommend this book for anyone wishing to sink deeper into the relational nature of life, and the intra-psychic gateways of true intimacy within and without.’

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Total Embrace

Fully being human

by Cassandra Eve


What would happen if you took full responsibility for what you are creating here on planet Earth?

In ‘Total Embrace’ Cassandra Eve presents seven keys that demonstrate living integration of our divine nature and our humanness. Presented with contemporary and practical wisdom, ‘Total Embrace’ reveals how a heart-centred life is discovered in moving from a culture of blame to one of embrace.

Using her direct experience as an illustration, Cassandra affirms that spirituality can be simple, profound and fully integrated in our ordinary lives. This demonstrates the real potential of each individual engaging evolution consciously and participating in a unique contribution to life that has heartfelt purpose and real value to the whole of humanity.

‘This book is a must for anyone on their spiritual path. The authenticity with which it is written will draw your heart out. It has become a beside reading for me, a treasured book, connecting me with my deeper Self. So so beautiful. ‘ Francoise, Worcester, UK – Amazon review

Total Embrace book by Cassandra eve

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