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Books on the Sacred Feminine and women's wisdom
by Cassandra Eve

Her Sacred Fire

The Fierce Love of the Dark Feminine in You

by Cassandra Eve

The mystery of the Dark Sacred Feminine is alive in our bodies. She is the polarity to light, the deep fertile womb from which all life arises and to which all life returns. In many cultures, light and dark are known as natural and complementary polarities of life. Yet in our western culture, darkness often carries a negative undercurrent. This separation of light and dark influences every aspect of our lives, particularly women’s role as creatrix of human life, our naturally sensitive and emotionally chaotic nature, and our sexuality. As a result, we have become split from the deep mystery and fertile capacities of our own true nature.

In Her Sacred Fire – The Fierce Love of the Dark Feminine in You, Cassandra Eve explores the impact of this dark/light split on our lives, through eight Dark Sacred Feminine Archetypes:  Inanna with her sister, Ereshkigel, Eris, Hekate, Persephone, Sedna, Black Moon Lilith and Medusa. She weaves together astrology, mythology, and women’s wisdom, exploring the deeper meaning and purpose in our dark experiences, and revealing that our shadows are not what they seem to be. Reading this book will open your mind, heart, and womb to an enlightened understanding of what is often judged, rejected, and shamed in yourself.  It’s a light beam shining into the dark of your true mystery.

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Sacred Pathways

Divine Feminine Archetypes in You

by Cassandra Eve

The Sacred Feminine archetypes within astrology, mainly found within the frequencies of asteroids and dwarf planets, are a deep rich source of wisdom for our lives now. For centuries Feminine wisdom has been suppressed, dishonoured and denied, contributing to crisis in every aspect of our lives and especially to our disconnection from each other and our Earth. At this time the voice of the Sacred Feminine is calling to be acknowledged, expressed and heard as a potent guide to a new way of being here on Planet Earth that honours, nurtures and upholds the sanctity of all life.

In Sacred Pathways Cassandra presents seven Feminine archetypes – Venus as Creatrix, Psyche as Soul Child, Vesta as Priestess, Ceres as Earth Mother, Artemis as Moon Maiden, Juno as Queen of Heaven & Pallas Athena as Wisdom Warrior in their both their light and shadows as guides to women’s unique journey of evolution. Exploring these archetypes through astrology, mythology, personal story and an evolutionary perspective, this book opens doors into woman’s psyche and beyond it.  It presents a series of pathways for women to connect deeper with the creative power we innately are, to be present within our heart’s calling, to embody our unique cyclical and rhythmic nature, and to honour the deep wisdom of our knowing in relationships and the wider world.

Where is She calling you? Where is your unique combination of pathways? Sacred Pathways opens a door of discovery for you in your life.

Sacred Pathways - Discovering Divine Feminine Archetypes in You book

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Reviews from Amazon readers:

‘A passionate and inspirational book. It is deeply knowledgeable of Divine Feminine Archetypes and informative on the Sacred Pathways now so urgently needing to be noticed and known. A very accessible read. I highly recommend it.’ Clare

‘As I began reading Sacred Pathways it was like a lightbulb going off, all of a sudden I began to realise how the Feminine archetypes explored within this book were playing out in my life. I loved how the ancient knowledge shared was so beautifully woven in with the story of the author’s own journey.There is a great openness and honesty in the writing of this book which has helped look at my life and be able to honour my own journey in places I had struggled before. As someone very much interested in personal development I found there were recurring patterns in my life which I could not move past.Where this book has really helped me is giving me greater awareness, a new lens to look at life with, this has been extremely liberating and empowering.’

‘I’ve followed Cassandra’s work for a few years now, and love her style of offering her wisdom. I knew when this book was released, that it was something I must read, and that it would be brilliant. I ordered it as a gift to myself and devoured it curled up on the sofa; and I was right, it was brilliant. It’s laid out in such a way that you can dip in and out of each of the archetypes as you’re inspired to do, and with a mix of personal story, ‘teaching’ and exploration, it’s a beautiful gift for the soul. Highly recommend.’ Book lover

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Total Embrace

Fully being human

by Cassandra Eve


What would happen if you took full responsibility for what you are creating here on planet Earth?

In ‘Total Embrace’ Cassandra Eve presents seven keys that demonstrate living integration of our divine nature and our humanness. Presented with contemporary and practical wisdom, ‘Total Embrace’ reveals how a heart-centred life is discovered in moving from a culture of blame to one of embrace.

Using her direct experience as an illustration, Cassandra affirms that spirituality can be simple, profound and fully integrated in our ordinary lives. This demonstrates the real potential of each individual engaging evolution consciously and participating in a unique contribution to life that has heartfelt purpose and real value to the whole of humanity.

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Total Embrace book by Cassandra eve

Reviews from Amazon readers:

‘This book is a must for anyone on their spiritual path. The authenticity with which it is written will draw your heart out. It has become a beside reading for me, a treasured book, connecting me with my deeper Self. So so beautiful. ‘ Francoise 

Cassandra shares her own journey in an extraordinarily open and passionate way. It is supporting me so much with challenges on my own journey. I have read and re read this book and each time there is a new insight that resonates with me, a new learning. I have quotes from the book written on notes and stuck where I can see them – and I breathe more easily. Thank you Cassandra for your honesty and wisdom. I will be reading Total Embrace many more times. From Total Embrace: “In my acceptance of “what is” rather than what I wanted it to be, clarity came.” LizzieM

‘Just reading the first chapter of this book profoundly changed my life, helping me to let go of a relationship that was no longer serving. And that was just the beginning. Cassandra deftly weaves her own moving story together with the spiritual insights she has gained. A must for anyone wanting to live a more authentic life.’ Glenys Earle

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