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Video interviews and conversations with inspiring women based on women’s evolutionary journey & the Sacred Feminine archetypes in my book Sacred Pathways – Discovering Divine Feminine Archetypes in You

Tune in to my conversation with Shelly Sharon as we explore the Mother Wound.

Shelly and I explore what the mother wound is, how we may embrace it, defining and engaging a deep source of nurture and care within ourselves.

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Tune in to my conversation with Andrea Michelle Kennedy of Precious Human Birth  on Venus – the Divine Feminine at our core.

We explore what Venus represents in her traditional role as Goddess of Love and beyond… sharing the meaning behind the Venus cycles, with her appearance and  disappearance as Morning & Evening Star in our skies and how these cycles influence our self-expression, enjoyment of life, our values and relationships.

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In this second interview of the Conscious Conversations series I’m chatting with Lorna Munro, the Soul Synthesist about the Divine Feminine archetype Psyche.

Psyche represents the journey of the soul into our full humanity and the pathways within that to conscious relationship and intimacy. In her mythology Psyche undertakes a series of tasks that help her to develop the authenticity and maturity to travel through the underworld. She makes the journey from a young girl to blossoming goddess in conscious partnership. Her journey reveals keys that support us that same evolution into maturity and through the essential dark periods and processes we grow through.

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In this third interview of the Conscious Conversations series I’m chatting with Zoe Martin of Yoni Listening about the Divine Feminine archetype Priestess Vesta.

We talk about Vesta’s quality of heart-centred devotion and creativity, how we nourish that inner flame through our creative and spiritual practices. The Vesta archetype is also a representation of the ancient links between spirituality and sexuality held within the priestess energies, so we explore how this weaves into our very being as women, expressing naturally through our creativity when we allow and engage it.

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In this fourth interview of the Conscious Conversations series I’m chatting with Joy Harvey of The Resilience Room about the Divine Feminine archetype Earth Mother Ceres.

We talk about Ceres’s symbology within our personal and collective evolution, particularly our journey with loss and its potential harvest.  It’s a very tender sharing.

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In this next interview of the Conscious Conversations series, I chat with Karen Willson of Kali’s Garden about the Sacred Feminine archetype Artemis.

Artemis is the Greek New Moon goddess of the hunt, wilderness, fertility and sisterhood. As a virgin goddess (whole in herself) she represents both the activist in us and the need to retreat inwards to connect deeply with intuition and what is deeply true within, and to rejuvenate. Artemis represents the call of the wild, our connection to nature and our need to be free and autonomous.

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In this penultimate interview of the Conscious Conversations series, I chat with Paola Trafford of Trafford House Calm Centre about the Sacred Feminine archetype, Juno.

Juno is Queen of Heaven, embodying the ancient triple goddess Maiden-Mother-Crone. She represents the fullness of the Feminine within partnership, and the longing for divine union to be known on the Earth. She expresses a deep commitment to the expression and manifestation of conscious partnership. Juno is our guide through the wondrous potential and challenging shadows of intimate partnership.

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My final video interview of the Conscious Conversations series, is a chat with Lynn Hanford-Day of Sacred Intuitive Art about the Sacred Feminine archetype, Pallas Athena.

Pallas Athena represents feminine creative intelligence, a way of seeing that naturally knows the interconnectedness of life. Athena holds our quest for creative expression and contribution in the world. Strategist, advocate of justice, guardian and patroness of artisans, goddess of health and healing, Athena was a protector of the people and guide to the Greek heroes in their quests. Her capacity of intelligence is to see both the whole picture and its elements. She guides us in the expression of feminine intelligence in a world still immersed in patriarchal mindset.

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