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Infinite Points of Brilliance

Unveiling Your Hidden Genius, Comic, Witch or Bitch?

Exploring Black Moon Lilith’s journey through Gemini

Online event on Zoom : Thursday 15th July 19.00GDT

The archetype of Black Moon Lilith represents the Dark Sacred Feminine, the energies of creation/destruction and how we connect/disconnect from our deepest authenticity, particularly within partnership. Vilified through the patriarchy, she holds the Mystery of our natural Feminine power that has been denied and persecuted through the ages and is a container for disowned personal and cultural qualities of the Feminine in us that seek acceptance and acknowledgment. As Black Moon Lilith journeys through the zodiac signs we are called to face our deep dark shadows connected to being female, particularly within intimacy and relating, and to reclaim the power locked in them. As we do so, Black Moon Lilith reveals the Mystery of the Dark Feminine – a profound capacity for transmutation, creative genius and brilliance, with alchemical presence.

Through her journey in Gemini (18 July 2021 – 14 April 2022), Black Moon Lilith sparks in us both shadows and magical connections within the duality of relationship: dark with light, words with silence, exploring the play of separation and connection within difference, and expressing through spontaneous playful intelligence that unifies opposites. In this event we will explore becoming more awake to the play of shadow and light within these energies, how we may meet them with consciousness, opening up their alchemical and truly sacred potentials, deepening in our presence within the duality of human relationships.

Online events are usually very well-subscribed so please book early to ensure your place. Numbers are limited even though this is an online event. ‘Live’ attendance is preferred however the event will be recorded if participants are not able to make the event.

Investment for the recording : £20

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Psyche’s Seeds 

Our Journey into Wholeness

Opening as Vulnerability & Trust

21 day At Home Retreat

The myth of Psyche leads her through many tasks and dangers to claim the Box of Beauty, to manifest her love and fully express her creative potency. Her journey with her lover Eros is a mirror of our own lives as women, ever-evolving in maturity in the Sacred Feminine energies and in relationship. This is the Soul’s journey to wholeness, fully engaging divinity and humanness through discovering ever-deepening vulnerability, openness and trust.

Psyche’s first task, given by Goddess of Love, Aphrodite/Venus, is to sort the seeds of possibility. This daunting undertaking marks her initiation on a transformational journey of maturity. On this course we will follow Psyche’s quest, including her journey through the underworld, and immerse ourselves in the mirror of her story, revealing our own gifts through her challenges.  We will take each of Psyche’s tasks and explore the ways in which this archetypal story relates to our own life’s journey: softening in vulnerability and self-love, deepening in trust and authenticity, discovering our fierceness, revealing our tenderness and strength, understanding our underworld journey, and claiming the potential for soul-to-soul relating.

Psyche’s journey relates to the maturity to love and be loved fully, the development of her capacity to both stand alone and embody true relationship.  It is an epic quest through which we discover and renew our own possibilities.

21 day ‘At Home Retreat’ via daily email includes podcasts, guided meditation, inner journeys, awareness exercises and much more

Investment: £33 

‘I enjoyed the course a lot.  I really enjoyed the mix of different mediums you used, and i would look forward to getting my morning email and wondering what the next one would hold. I also really liked the feeling of being part of a group of other women all on our own personal journeys, but somehow sharing in them together for a time. Thank you very much for creating Psyches Seeds Cassandra, I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others.’

Jo Tobin, Cornwall

entering a gateway of growth

Changing Woman – Deepening Feminine

Claiming Your Queen, Touching Your Crone

21 day At Home Retreat

Mid-life and menopause are times of great change. They are marked by two rites of passage astrologically: Chiron Return & the second Saturn Return. We also have a Deep Sacred Feminine archetype emerging through this process in Earth Mother Ceres, alos known as Demeter. Her mythology acts as a guide in the discovery of who you are and what is now true for you through these profound transitions.

This immersion in the deep Sacred Feminine energies of Changing Woman supports you in traversing mid-life, with its losses and potential for embodiment of new potential. Over 21 days you will dive deep into the archetypes of Queen – the fullness of women’s loving self-expression – and Crone – the wise woman who lives in stillness and on the wild edges of our consciousness. It is a journey of self-discovery and renewed self-love at mid-life, an activation of new potentials, deep connection and bounteous growth in your unique woman’s wisdom.

21 day ‘At Home Retreat’ via daily email includes podcasts, guided meditation, inner journeys, awareness exercises and much more

Investment: £33 

‘I want you to know this so you’re aware of the immense & positive impact your courses have on me. I’m very grateful. You’ve touched my life & me in deep & positive ways. What a wonderful gift that is! The final meditation was bliss. I had some beautiful, magical & insightful things happen & it brought everything together to the centre of my web’

Sara, East Sussex