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Online immersions in the comfort of your own home.

Venus – Your Connective Feminine

Venus Star Point in Gemini

Thursday 18 July 19.00BST

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

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The cycles of Venus, known as Goddess of Love, between visible Evening Star & Morning Star represent new frequencies in our connective creative Feminine energies. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun activates this new cycle, seeding our lives with new possibility; it’s just like the sperm meeting the egg creating new life. It’s a conception point, an energetic union of Masculine potency with Feminine fertility. As Venus emerges from the Sun’s light, she brings these newly enlightened frequencies to life in us. In terms of timing, Venus-Sun conjunction occurs 5 June; Venus rebirth (visibility as Evening Star) occurs 21 July. As she emerges, we’re called to a new capacity for mature Feminine engagement in life.

This new Venus Star cycle occurs in the sign of Gemini, a butterfly air sign of connection, communication and self-expression. Gemini as the first air sign is about what and how we transmit and receive energetically – thoughts, ideas, communications, information, inspiration, and the frequencies of sound or music. As Venus emerges in her Evening Star dress, we are offered the opportunity to uplift our  creative Feminine in new forms of inspiration and service in both our personal and social spheres…. anchoring a new capacity for the transmission of finer light frequencies in our mental realm and our connections with others. We will explore these new frequencies through mind, heart and womb, embodying the pure Feminine potency of this new cycle. This is alchemy at play. You are invited to join in!
Image: Tina Lavoie

No experience of astrology is needed for this immersion.

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Further events - Embodying Your Divine Feminine

Black Moon Lilith

Relationship Reality Check

Thursday 5 September 19.00BST

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £26 Book here

Black Moon Lilith, first wife of Adam, Soul Mother energy, now in the sign of harmony and balance, calls us to a reality check in how we relate. At the time of this immersion, Lilith connects to the Node of Karma, Goddess of Love Venus, Juno the relationships asteroid and is activated by the Moon. This strongly highlights the shadows of rejection and loss, the coping mechanisms of separation disguised as independence and compromise or fawning to avoid conflict.  To discover truly connective conscious relationship we must integrate dark-light. These aspects offer an uplift beyond personal, ancestral and soul journey patterning if we are willing to dive deeply. I invite you to come & explore Lilith’s gift of truly soulful connection.

Maiden Psyche

From Innocence to Resourcefulness

Thursday 24 October 19.00GMT

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £26 Book here

Exploring the journey of maturing from natural innocence to deeply authentic self-connection. Dissolving the shadows of powerlessness and recognising the true nature of vulnerability as power-full. Deepening in the Divine Feminine qualities of self-trust, openness and receptivity as the tools of your growth. Evolving beyond romantic ideals of relating into conscious partnership.

Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena

Honouring the Web of your Feminine Intelligence

Thursday 14 November 19.00GMT

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £26 Book here

Engaging the holistic nature of your Feminine intelligence – deepening in intuitive insight, instinctual perception, knowing, and body wisdom. Transmuting the disconnections of goal orientation and its shadows, aligning your vision, purpose and direction with process and rhythm orientation. Exploring what it means to be a wise warrior for the Divine Feminine.
Image: Rosalias Art

Earth Mother Ceres

Embodying your Shamanic Rhythms & Purpose

Thursday 5 December 19.00GMT

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £26 Book here

Earth Mother Ceres is the ancient Greek Goddess archetype of the harvest, and yet she is so much more. Her mythology reveals how we might honour the sacred nature and cycles of our bodies as aligned with the Earth cycles & the Moon cycles and yet beyond them. She calls us to deepen conscious alignment with the challenges of letting go roles and identity as we mature; to claim the wonder of flowing through the natural rhythms of maiden-woman-mother-queen-wise woman-crone. As we surrender to this nature-all flow mirrored through the seasons, so we may embody the gifts of them all.
Image: Susan Seddon Boulet