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Sovereignty in Service  

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo

with the new Leo Venus Morning Star

Sunday 29 October at 11am UK time


The journey of Black Moon Lilith through the zodiac symbolises our growing capacity for brilliance as well as revealing the shadows of self disconnection, shame, and rejection of our primal energies. Lilith is currently travelling with Venus retrograde in the sign of Leo, calling our heartfelt and authentic individuality into new frequencies. It’s a journey of light and dark Feminine archetypes, calling us to embrace the vulnerability of our heart woundings and a deeper embodiment in the full enjoyment of our own individuality, as well as life’s pleasures and blessings. As Venus and Lilith leave Leo and make the final conjunction of three on 9 October (28 June, 8 August and 9 October) they enter Virgo, the earth sign of the priestess together. This conjunction at 0 Virgo brings the fixed star Regulus, aka the Royal Star, into their synergy.

Virgo is the sign of work and service. The final conjunction of these potent Feminine archetypes with Regulus at 0 Virgo poses the questions: Where do the new frequencies of individuality I have been gestating since June serve in our world? What does sovereignty mean to me; how does it look in my life? What is my deeper calling of self-expression & creative potential now? Wisdom Goddess Sophia, Crone Hekate, Moon Goddess Artemis and Asteroid of relationship commitment Juno, are also potently aligned at this point.  This combination of Feminine archetypes and Regulus offers a profound frequency uplift in sharing our hearts, being seen, our full creative self expression and particularly, sovereignty in service.  This uplift is the power of Love expressing, the devotion of the Priestess embodying, the honouring of all life as sacred. I invite you to join me in this radical exploration into a deeper love sharing itself & serving through you.

No experience of astrology is needed for this immersion.

Investment £20.00  Receive the recording

Sacred Pathways - Grounding your Divine Feminine

Priestess Vesta  

Embodying your Heart’s Devotion 

Sunday 21 January 10.30GMT

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £25 Book here

Exploring how we engage and embody what’s deeply sacred to us as individuals. Living your soulfulness and spirituality in everyday ways. Discovering how to feed your inner fires of passion and devotion. Going beyond belief systems to make the sacred nature of your sexuality conscious.

Queen of Relating Juno

Beyond Dreams & Drama

Sunday 25 February 10.30GMT

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £25 Book here

Exploring our commitment to the truly sacred nature of union through the shadows of relationship. Transmuting the poisons that arise naturally through deep intimacy. Staying connected to your heart’s well of love and resolute in inner truth when challenged by difference and conflict. Engaging the path of relationship as a spiritual practice.

Moon Goddess Artemis

Sacred Activism, Sacred Rejuvenation

Thursday 4 April 19.00BST

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £25 Book here

Deepening your acceptance and understanding of your natural connection to the Moon’s rhythms – the flow out into expression and back in to deep quiet. Engaging and embodying your passion as activism in your world, your desire to protect those who are vulnerable, nature and the animals, the environment and our Earth. Honouring your need for retreat and replenishment through nature and self-nurture.

Maiden Psyche

From Innocence to Resourcefulness

Thursday 25 April 19.00BST

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £25 Book here

Exploring the journey of maturing from natural innocence to deeply authentic self-connection. Dissolving the shadows of powerlessness and recognising the true nature of vulnerability as power-full. Deepening in the Divine Feminine qualities of self-trust, openness and receptivity as the tools of your growth. Evolving beyond romantic ideals of relating into conscious partnership.

Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena

Honouring the Web of your Feminine Intelligence

Thursday 16 May 19.00BST

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £25 Book here

Engaging the holistic nature of your Feminine intelligence – deepening in intuitive insight, instinctual perception, knowing, and body wisdom. Transmuting the disconnections of goal orientation and its shadows, aligning your vision, purpose and direction with process and rhythm orientation. Exploring what it means to be a wise warrior for the Divine Feminine.

Image: Rosalias Art

Earth Mother Ceres

Embodying your Shamanic Rhythms & Purpose

Monday 3 June 19.00BST

2 hours on Zoom – Live event and/or Recording

Investment £25 Book here

Honouring the sacred nature and cycles of your body as aligned with the Earth cycles. Deepening your flow through the natural rhythms of maiden-woman-mother-queen-wise woman-crone, recognising and claiming the gifts of them all.  Letting go of push and drive, reconnecting to the rejuvenation available in quiet times as the fuel for new life and creativity. Knowing & embodying yourself as one with nature’s bounty.

Image: Susan Seddon Boulet