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Weaving with Light

By February 2, 2024February 3rd, 2024No Comments

Do you value freedom? In what ways do you allow innovation into your daily life? Where does your quirkiness play? In what ways do you break a few of your own boundaries? Do you allow your uniqueness to shine? Are you constantly revitalising your connections with others? What about the rebel in you? What contribution do you make within the collective? Do you live in the comfort of the status quo? These are all good questions for the upcoming New Moon at 20 Aquarius, emerging at 22.59GMT on Friday 9 February.

After the mountaintop of attainment that earth-sign Capricorn fulfils, we come to airy Aquarius. It’s the zodiac sign where the systems and habits that provide structure in our lives are deconstructed. It’s where we rebel against the status quo or innovate beyond it. It’s where we recognise that change is the nature of the game of life. It’s also where we create new finer ‘structures’ that support & potentially sustain our individual and collective lives in new ways. Think about electricity – it’s invisible yet has profound impact on the way we live. It has an unseen (or one could say vibrational) form yet can be channelled physically. Its effects can be seen, felt, and experienced physically. Similarly with mobile phones, wi-fi, x-rays and so on. They have all changed our lives irrevocably.

Aquarius, when related to our humanness, symbolises our energies rather than our physicality, particularly the higher mind. It underpins the knowing that we are consciousness having a human experience, that we are unique individuals, yet we live as a collective on planet Earth.

The symbol for Aquarius is the water-bearer, holding a jug from which the ‘water of life’ pours forth on and for all life. It recognises the paradox that we are alone yet all-one, that we all have impact, however large or small. That how we move energetically has repercussions beyond what we might imagine. With Lord of the Underworld Pluto recently moved into Aquarius for the next twenty years this is both an emerging exploration and a demand to step up. With the Priestess energies of asteroid Vesta strongly active now in Gemini and aligned with this New Moon, discovering & transmuting how we express and communicate energetically is essential.

This Aquarian New Moon brings focus to your unique role as water-bearer within your tribe of family, friends, community. It calls you to acknowledge and uplift your unique contribution. Think you have nothing to offer? Or think you know how that looks? Think again!

Contribution occurs in myriad ways. Doesn’t the smile you give a stranger on the street, or the black look you give your partner, have influence on what happens next? Doesn’t recognising and letting go of your anxious mind-games, change your reality? Maybe it also feeds that potential in others? Doesn’t being bold in speaking a truth or addressing an injustice create change. We contribute to our collective experience and its potential evolution in innumerable ways. The Aquarian New Moon highlights this. As Pluto moves further into Aquarius, the ways we move energy will become crucial to how that evolution unfolds.

It’s time to be bold in uplifting your game, coming fully alive. What is there to lose, except your idea of who you are? How real is that anyway? We are always weaving in light. How does your new light body look? What new frequency are you weaving?

The Astrology

New Moon at 20 Aquarius 22.59GMT 9 February in a Grand Air Trine with asteroid Priestess Vesta Rx 21 Gemini & the Lunar South Node at 17 Libra, also sextile the Lunar North Node at 17 Aries in conjunction with Wounded Healer Chiron at 16 Aries

Moon-ruler Awakener Uranus at 19 Taurus in a Grand Earth Trine with relationship asteroid Juno & Black Moon Lilith at 14/19 Virgo and Goddess of Love Venus at 21 Capricorn

Messenger Mercury at 7 Aquarius square Blessing-giver Jupiter at 8 Taurus

Priestess Vesta just station direct at 21 Gemini, trine the New Moon.