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The Mystery at Play

By March 4, 2024No Comments

The annual New Moon in last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, emerging at 10.00GMT on Sunday 10 March, reconnects us to the roots of our soulfulness. Pisces season is time to go with the flow, to allow life’s tides and ripples to guide us; to allow space for dreams, vision, and imagination. This final watery sign of the zodiac is where all life eventually dissolves. Physically we could say it’s represented by the oceans of our planet with their great tides, fluid and always on the move. Energetically it’s the infinite ocean of consciousness where we may recognise that we are just a blip in the vastness… and yet, in our true nature, one with that vastness.

This New Moon is conjunct its ruler Mystic Neptune, travelling in its own sign Pisces for fourteen years (2012-2026). This makes the Piscean qualities of mysticism, receptivity, surrender and forgiveness, ultra-potent. These subtle sensitivities are anchored by a harmonious sextile aspect to Awakener Uranus in earthy Taurus. This communicative aspect enables flow between our feelings and physicality/practicality via intuition and insight.

It delivers a sense of adventure and enthusiasm – a dance between what’s already here and new possibilities, security, and the desire to expand. It’s a wonderful aspect for creativity, or simply enjoying the simple pleasures of being alive. The challenge to this may be restlessness or distraction, especially the few days prior to the New Moon, that prove exhausting and create chaos rather than enjoyment. Discernment of where you’re placing your energy and what you are energising is vital.

Asteroids Hygeia with the New Moon & Minerva conjunct Uranus suggest another New Moon focus can be health and wellbeing. Hygeia was the daughter of Asklepius, known as the father of medicine. In Greek mythology, she received the blood of Medusa after Perseus took her head, from which she made a healing balm that raised the dead. Medusa’s blood could either kill or cure, depending on its origin in her body. With the New Moon opposite another Dark Feminine archetype Black Moon Lilith, there’s a suggestion of how just one movement of mind can kill or raise our dreams and visions, our more subtle knowing or intuition. Feminine wisdom is highlighted here, to be awake to intuitive & body knowing at this time.

Elias Lonsdale’s Inside Degrees for the New Moon degree amplifies this awareness too. It’s entitled: Pagan fire worshippers dancing – ‘Trance states. At home in psychic realms and other realities. The self abandoned to the tribe –to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise. On fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections. A throwback, a native, a primal soul. Emotional, depths-centred, superphysical, you are energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles, and tragedies. Expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through. Mediumistic, vicarious, and charged with a life-force that must be followed out. A certain distinctive fate to be at times disappearing and gone and at other times resurgent and mighty–all depend upon the tides of fortune. And it will always change in unpredictable, exciting, disorienting, and multiple ways.’

This New Moon in Pisces has a creative alive life-enhancing note that suggests breakthroughs. Active listening skills and body attunement are required. Allowing space for unexpected delights or synchronicities is good practice.

The Astrology

New Moon at 20 Pisces conjunct Mystic Neptune at 27 Pisces, sextile to Awakener Uranus at 19 Taurus & opposing Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith at 17 Virgo

Asteroid Hygeia at 23 Pisces conjunct the New Moon (midpoint New Moon & Neptune)

Warrior Mars at 19 Aquarius exact square to Uranus just prior the New Moon

Asteroid Minerva at 21 Taurus conjunct Uranus