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The Dance of Polarity

By September 27, 2023No Comments

Full Moons always highlight polarity in our inner world and/or our lives. The dance of Sun and Moon opposing each other with the Earth between pulls our energy like the ocean tides. We are called to have awareness of differing desires or needs. We must discover how the dance of polarity grows us, revealed through our natural tendencies with Sun energy (expressing individuality) and Moon (being, feeling, intuiting, belonging). At Full Moons, relationships often reveal to us the opposite polarity of perspective, feeling or desire. This is particularly so when the signs of Aries (me, myself, and I) & Libra (how well I relate) are involved. We are called to centre ourselves through what feel like stormy Aries/Libra aspects this week, and at the upcoming Full Moon in Aries, to move in finer frequency balance and connectedness.

In relationships (whether inner or individual) the interplay between the potential for conflict and the desire to accommodate is strongly highlighted right now. The dynamic tension between fire sign Aries and air sign Libra is strong this week and ongoing until 8 October (short term) and January 2025 (longer term).

When faced with different desires, needs or direction, Aries and Libra are both action-orientated (cardinal signs) but have very different approaches. The fire of pure Aries energy is risk orientated. ‘Just do it’ could be a mantra. Whereas Libra favours ‘wait-and-see’, acting only when all aspects of a situation have been reflected on. The strength of current energies may have us dancing between these two now. We are called to face or embrace extremes of position or potential, to discover a higher frequency centre point.

When there’s tension, or a potential for conflict, Aries and Libra react differently too. Aries, ruled by Warrior Mars, acts through confidence, assertion, sometimes demand or force. Libra can tend to back off, accommodate or compromise through conflict avoidance. And of course, those tendencies can move towards extremes in us, especially at high energy times. In their optimum expression, Aries is the courage to simply take a risk and act, Libra’s gift is to encompass differing perspectives and negotiate for harmony, balance, and connection. Neither is the right or wrong way; both are needed at different times. Yet, as individuals, we undoubtedly will favour one or another way. When these ways of being are at odds with each other, as now, we are called to find harmony with our inner conflicts, or between ‘me and you’. It’s the dynamic interplay of growth.

Given this strong tension of polarity, how might we grow and integrate a new centre point? Where does that sit? What does it mean? There are clear pointers in the astrology of the last four months, with focus held in the sign of Leo.

Leo represents our heart-centred integrated individuality, our desire to express, play, and lead with the heart, to shine and fulfil our innate potential. Leo is also where we generously hold our hearts open to the unique expression of individuality in another. Fire sign Leo has been a strong focus since mid-June. It’s a sign that sits well with both Aries and Libra. The potential harvest of the four-month Venus retrograde journey through Leo is emerging (See my blog Tending your Heart’s Fire to recap on that). The catalyst is this inherent tension between Aries and Libra, where we are called to come to our hearts for the answers.

The current uplift requires us to be fully awake to our changing values, to hold steady at our centre of individuality with genuine warmth for our self in what is challenging, to allow the transmutation of holding patterns that either force solutions when life is tense, or back off from it. Fire is a transformative element; it changes things. The primary key to change right now being clarity on where you habitually accommodate others and compromise your own deep value or values, or where you habitually push your own agenda at the cost of connectedness. This can also relate to where you push yourself too far or too hard, and therefore inhibit the inner steadiness and warmth of your own heart connection. Or where you hold back, energising the mind’s hamster wheel, procrastinating, avoiding responsibility for choice and action.

A potent line-up of Sacred Feminine energies in Leo are potent guides at this Full Moon and through to mid-October. They call us to honour our deep inner knowing, to acknowledge we are at a crossroads and cannot go back. The Sun conjunct Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena points towards a new point of centredness within. It’s discovered by holding all aspects of experience (those we like or enjoy, and any current dilemmas) on our web of life in harmonic resonance. The Feminine in us holds all storms in Her cauldron of ceaseless change. When we do so too, the gift of our experience becomes enlightened. We know to choose from our heart’s deepest knowing despite our fears. We recognise where to be and live the next phase of our fullness.

Now through October is a pivotal time, as we move through the eclipse portals and Lord of the Underworld Pluto moves direct in Capricorn. This is a time of great response-ability, for the sake of us all. More to come on these potent frequency shifts soon.

The Full Moon astrology:
– Full Moon 10.57BST on Friday 29 September, at 6 Aries
– Sun conjunct Wisdom Warrior asteroid Pallas Athena, 7 Libra
– Disrupter Eris exact conjunction with the Moon’s North Node of destiny, square Lord of the Underworld Pluto Rx at 27 Capricorn, trine Goddess of Love Venus, asteroid of relating Juno & Crone Hekate exactly conjunct at 22 Leo
– Warrior Mars (Moon ruler) conjunct the Moon’s South Node of karma 21 & 24 Libra (exact on 4 October), sextile Goddess of Love Venus, asteroid of relating, Juno & Crone Hekate exactly conjunct at 22 Leo