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Shooting for the Moon

By November 15, 2023No Comments

The New Moon at 20 Sagittarius emerges at 23.32GMT on Tuesday 12 December

The annual New Moon in Sagittarius sparks our inner fires with the bright light energies of joy and optimism, expansiveness, and faith. Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the zodiac and as such is the most happy-go-lucky of signs. It’s the traveller, adventurer, philosopher of the zodiac, where the courage and risk-taking of first fire sign Aries gathers the wisdom of its journey through experience. It’s where we shoot for the Moon with the faith that we’ll land somewhere new.

After the deep dark waters of Scorpio’s intense season this year, Sagittarius may feel like a breath of fresh air. Sagittarius seeks to expand on what Scorpio has discovered with its deep penetrating perception. Or perhaps to escape from it? This fire sign is motivated by freedom and independence so looks for fresh spheres of exploration and play.

Learning through experience is a key Sagittarian theme, this year more than most. The question, ‘What does it mean?’ symbolises how the energies of Sagittarius operate in each of us. As Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter, is currently in Taurus, the focus of this question now is all about what comfort and/or security mean to us individually, particularly financially. It’s the interface between expansion and contraction, trust and holding on, adventure and surety. We need both to different degrees at different times.

Whereas stability is not usually a Sagittarian concern, the placement of Jupiter in the most fixed of all earth signs, brings questions about physical wellbeing and material wealth. ‘How much is enough?’ being a key focus. Appreciation and thankfulness for the simple pleasures of life are highlighted. The Sagittarian tendency for extravagance and excess, combined with Taurean love of luxury, can be both amplified and moderated by this placement. We can be more awake to where and how we’re using our resources, personal and collective.

Messenger Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees of earth sign Capricorn just eight hours after the New Moon. This places a focus on response-ability and discernment, becoming more down-to-earth with the Sagittarian tendency to trust-to-luck. Relationships and our communications with others may provide what seems to be a limited but practical perspective. Or we may be providing that for those close to us.

With Mercury retrograde back into Sagittarius between 23 December and moving forward in that fire sign 2-13 January, travel plans in particular need a keen eye. Mercury stations direct almost exactly on this New Moon degree on 2 January so paying particular attention to current conversations, ideas and plans is wise. Whatever is opening now takes until early January to stabilise.

The astrology

New Moon at 20 Sagittarius trine Disrupter Eris and the the Moon’s North Node at 23/24 Aries, square Juno at 18 Virgo

Mercury retro in a Grand Earth trine with Moon ruler Jupiter at 6 Taurus and Black Moon Lilith at 7 Virgo

Lilith sextile Venus conjunct Wisdom asteroid Pallas Athena exact conjunction at 9 Scorpio.

Mercury retrograde 8 Capricorn to 22 Sagittarius 07.09GMT on 13 December until 03.07GMT on 2 January.