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By February 26, 2024No Comments

There’s such a potent planetary line-up this week… new cycles being activated promising embodied transmutation, synchronicity, devotion, magical alignments, key insights, and Grace flowing. Adjustments in perspective and openness are keys to receiving these blessings.

The arising & ongoing themes:

– an uplifted potential in the response-ability and commitment for being Love.

– refining and purifying the ways we think about, respond to & express our Soulfulness.

– noticing the small movements of frequency, the ways our energy shifts, towards and away from our true centre and/or others.

– enhanced awareness of our inner masculine/feminine dance and how that plays in relationships

– untangling the knots in ancestral karma through devotedly connecting to & living from the truth of Beingness through the play of our human vulnerabilities

– shapeshifting & dissolving subtle imprints through awareness.

Asteroid Chariklo is an activator in this potent line-up. along with her partner Chiron, Wounded Healer. Chariklo loved Chiron so deeply she changed herself from a water nymph into a centaur so she could be with him. She represents our capacity to allow Love to transform us from one state of being to another.  Together Chiron and Chariklo represent the healing qualities of the divine Feminine and the divine Masculine within us. This week we are awakened in the potential of a deeper integration of Chariklo’s sensitivity and grace, Chiron’s wise counsel that bridges humanity & spirit, and deep compassion from both. 

Elias Lonsdale’s Sabian Symbol for 10 Pisces (the Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunction) expands on these activations:

An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.

Wildly tuned in. Staggeringly aware of the overall situation and its call, you respond deeply and with earnest, plaintive engagement with all that is happening. You are profoundly emotional, physical, and personal in order to ground and focus a vaster attunement, urgently and critically mobilized at hot spots. Assigned to tune in to everything and make sure all the cosmic bases are covered–inner-planes activity predominates. You live within vast worlds, and are psychically charged with all that is being taken in, but your central focus is to respond, to report, to send the inner messages, to keep the lines open. Emergency and crisis sensibility inside of things, searching for signs, and knowing how to be there on the spot to turn things around by inward force of the magical will.

The Astrology

Asteroid Chariklo conjunct Venus and Mars in Aquarius in a Yod Finger of Fate alignment with Relationship Asteroid Juno & Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, and Chiron with the North Node in Aries

The Sun, Messenger Mercury & Wise Elder Saturn conjunct at 9 Pisces – a new Sun/Mercury cycle, Sun/Saturn cycle & Mercury/Saturn cycle

Art by JKA Quintet