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By May 17, 2024No Comments

As an adult, you have been growing a sense of self through years of life experience. Like a sapling planted in the earth, experience has helped you develop. At times that might simply have been the capacity to cope with life’s trials; occasionally its blessings have watered and fed your roots of self, even your soul. You’ve been challenged and blessed whilst also traversing everything in-between. Experience and how you respond to it, is a key element in what makes you. It’s your human foundation.

A harvest of experience is resourcefulness. For some of us, life difficulties have caused us to develop deep inner resources – strength and grit, authenticity, wisdom, compassion, and self-connection. For others, with more external orientation, resource-fullness lies in what has been gifted and/or created – material security or abundance, steady relationships, a comfortable home. Often, especially in these times, life flows between the two, perhaps tipping to extremes then finding stability for a while. The unstable times we live in require resourcefulness. We must pull the rabbit out of the hat to navigate life’s increasing uncertainty. Perhaps it’s always been so; it’s just clearer and more edgy now.

A few weeks ago, I received a reflection that initially shocked me, then utterly switched my perception on my creative offering through Whole Woman. The words ‘a treasure chest’ (related to my website) helped me see the fullness of what I have created in new light.

It was around the time of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus (see recent blog Being Fertile Ground) – the start of a new 14-year cycle of wellbeing and abundance. The conjunction was a seed point with potential for revelation and awakening – a shift point in recognising individual resource-fullness, what we own physically, even the harvest of a lifetime.

As the planets of awakening and expansion met, a high-frequency perception shift grounded for the next cycle. The playing field of that shift is earth sign Taurus, the sign of physicality, manifestation, enjoyment, and pleasure. Taurus shows us that the resources we need for this next cycle are already here. What needs to awaken is a clearer appreciation of them. That is full perception and appreciation of our individuality, what we already are in possession of internally and in our lives. Without that we cannot move into new frequency living. We must take our blinkers off! You must recognise the blessing you already are! And the gifts of life that you already have. The same applies collectively; we already have what we need. For we are that unrealised resource!

Without clear appreciation of the resources already available, there is no possibility of more life, enhanced creativity, true enjoyment.

We have so many resources available to us. Resource-fullness is human nature if we but acknowledged it. Your individual resources might lie in a piece of garden you’re not using, the sewing machine sitting in a cupboard, an inspiration you started to create from that needs revisiting, money in your savings bank, even in your wardrobe or under the bed. It might lie in your gift of strength to start over, to revamp your diet by pulling a cookery book off the shelf, uplifting your spiritual connection, valuing friendships and/or community in new ways. What is already here that needs fuller thankfulness? It could be key to your next 14 years.

My new appreciation of my treasure-chest website is opening inspirations in what I share through Whole Woman. Some aspects of my work will be going, some new initiatives birthing. This process began around a year ago; yet it’s now grounding fully. Uranus-Jupiter’s gift in Taurus is the seed rooting and emerging. I don’t fully see what is coming but I trust it; I trust myself and my resource-fullness in it. How about you? What is calling? What is leaving? What is emerging?

Key focus:
– What do you own physically that you are not fully appreciating or making best use of, including money?
– What has reached its full potential that may need to be a sacrifice for new life?
– What are you tied up in that has not reached its full potential, has reached stalemate or completion, that needs release?
– What resource-fulness of self are you not appreciating, expressing, and creating with?
– What do you find pleasure in and enjoy, that you are not making space for?
– Where are you hiding your bright light of potential in favour of comfort?

The Astrology – key dates:
This perception shift as a seed for the new 14-year cycle continues to ground throughout May into early June, as personal planets cross this seed point.

18-20 May: Warrior Mars conjunct the Moon’s North Node at 14 Aries
Be bold, confident, active!
18-23 May: The Sun, Venus, Uranus & Jupiter in alignment 22-29 Taurus. The Sun moves into Gemini 20 May whilst Venus/Uranus/Jupiter continue to align until Full Moon on 23rd
Blessings abound if you’re moving on & trusting
23 May: Full Moon at 2 Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter
Have an adventure!
25 May: Jupiter moves into Gemini for a year
A complete change of focus. Expressing what you’ve been preparing
27-30 May: Mars conjunct Chiron
Potential for self-sabotage or a key soul shift
28 May: Jupiter quintile Saturn in Pisces
Hidden gifts, talents, bonuses, emerging
30 May – 2 June: Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus
Insight, awareness, new beginnings
4 June: The Sun conjunct Venus 14 Gemini
A new cycle of creativity & self-expression emerges