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Being Fertile Ground for Abundance

By April 11, 2024No Comments

What does abundance mean to you? In these times of great change, rampant inflation and corporate greed, money is naturally a strong focus. If we don’t have enough, it colours all aspects of life. An experience of lack can draw our focus solely towards what we need, leading us to forego appreciation for what we already have. Or we get caught in the struggle to create a different experience, using tools of the mind such as affirmations, abundance practices and meditations. There is a deeper key we are being directed to now. It’s a foundational practice that ensures we receive deeper richer levels of true abundance and wellbeing, that includes money yet is so much more. This shift is indicated by an imminent new 14-year cycle of the planets Jupiter and Uranus meeting in the earthy zodiac sign of Taurus.

The Jupiter-Uranus cycle directs us towards openness, expansion, and renewal with a particular theme. The last meeting of these two giants was in 2012 in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It’s where all existing forms dissolve; it’s where what we rely on to be stable falls apart and returns to pure consciousness – the energy from which all form originates. If you look back on your life since that time, bringing focus to collective social/cultural frameworks too, you will see dissolution at work. Like nature, this is a natural function of life’s cycles. All things must change. We must let go, or we suffer (both Piscean qualities). We cannot avoid life’s cycles of creation and destruction. The last twelve years have reinforced this over and over. Yet in what may have felt like enforced letting go, many of us have cleared the ground for new life.

Life’s flow of change is not only towards endings. Nature reveals to us constantly that change is about flow: the course of autumn’s release moves to winter’s dark and then the vibrant outburst of spring. This new Jupiter-Uranus cycle landing in the sign of Taurus reveals that the abundance of spring (think hedgerows in May buzzing with life) is imminent. The signs are everywhere. This potent zodiac shift reveals that the wheel of life is turning away from dissolution and towards establishing.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac. It’s where we establish and stabilise in new values and ways of being that are grounded and embodied. Taurus represents our senses and body, enjoyment and pleasure, abundance and wellbeing, creativity and connection to all nature. It’s also the sign of affluence, our relationship to money. It’s where our animal body feels at home, comfortable and well taken care of. It’s where we enjoy the pleasures of being alive, also where we experience security. When it comes to Taurus, ‘how much is enough’ is a good question. For its also the sign where ‘being comfortable’ can become stuck or lazy, complacence tends towards apathy, and affluence turns to greed.

If we are happy where we are, why would we change? This is where we must explore the nature of the two planets meeting in Taurus. For fundamental change is a given with this conjunction.

Awakener Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 and remains there until April 2026 (apart from a short spell in Gemini). It’s the energetic driver behind the radical shifts in our sense of security, having to live with global change. Uranus awakens us to the fact of change, challenging complacency, calling us to respond innovatively to what’s taking place in a personal way. We are called to think outside the box and access new frequencies of true individuality. With Uranus there is no ‘one size fits all’, however as each of us steps up in living truly, we offer the living example of that to those around us. Uranus energy inspires or compels us to open beyond our fixed personal opinions, values, and ways of being. It requires we get directly involved in the change process, simply because what is happening collectively affects us personally.

Blessing-giver Jupiter travels through a sign for a year and has been in Taurus since May 2023. Jupiter, being the planet of expansion, symbolises the inflationary trends we’re experiencing yet also the return to core values. Jupiter in Taurus asks that we reconnect with life’s simpler blessings, such as nature – not as a cliché, but as a way of enhanced wellbeing. What we eat and how we care for our bodies, how we connect with each other, the freely given gifts of nature, the environment, have become an expanded focus. In a sense, Jupiter in Taurus has been redirecting us towards what we can control or manage well in times of uncertainty. Many individuals are rediscovering the importance of ‘the naturally good things’ in life that were there as a child. Or if they weren’t, what ‘the good things in life’ mean to us individually now.

Jupiter and Uranus are both bringers of light, bright energy, spontaneity, joy, and renewal. When they meet the message is: the future is brighter as we become more authentic i.e. live beyond what we’ve been conditioned into.

As they act together, like one bright mega-planet, your personal definition of abundance must change. And their core message is energy precedes form. So embodiment means acknowledging the qualities of abundance in a living way, i..e focus on wellbeing, the full enjoyment of life in a body, acknowledge and celebrate the good that you already are receiving. Not as an escape from the harsh realities of life, but as an effective medicine, even when the proverbial is hitting the fan.

What exactly does ‘effective medicine’ mean and how does it work?

For medicine to work, it must be taken regularly, and it needs to move through the whole physical system. It has no effect through the mind alone. For example, the light bright energy of positive affirmations can simply be an attempt to escape what’s actually happening through spiritualisation or fantasy. Yet when combined with deep heartfelt appreciation of the abundance already in one’s life, affirmations have a grounding in embodied reality right now. If there’s a lack of appreciation for what’s already here, how can we expect to receive more? Even when asking for it? There’s a mismatch of frequency between mind and body. This mismatch of frequency is a key focus brought by Jupiter and Uranus meeting in Taurus. Embodiment requires we become awake to where we are not living what we are inspired to become and experience.

Another aspect of what’s needed now is the strong planetary focus of Wounded Healer Chiron in Aries. Chiron is the master of paradox. He is the rainbow-bridge between our divinity and humanness, the effective medicine of claiming our very human vulnerabilities and fears within the expansive nature of our consciousness. Chiron calls us to know and live ‘both-and’; both our divine nature and our human, our inspiration and our doubts, our true heartfelt appreciation for life and our feelings of lack. If we allow one to outweigh the other, we are not being wholeness. It’s a fine balance that rests in the heart.

Key focus with these three catalyst planets right now is: not only does perception equal reality, but what you focus on creates your reality. In doing so, you literally become the fertile ground of abundant well-being. You literally change your reality.

Feminine archetypes are also supporting the Jupiter-Uranus meeting, revealing that receptivity is profoundly relevant to this shift of consciousness. Are you so busy struggling to make a change that there is no space to receive it? Our wounding around receiving (it’s both cultural and personal, isn’t it?) often impels us to act rather than rest, relax and receive. Any wounding to trust exacerbates this. Patience with inner steadfastness are Taurean qualities, as is knowing what truly gives you pleasure or feeds you. Our get-rich-quick and fix-it Western culture has lost connection to these qualities. In the main, it is clearly lacking acknowledgment of the Feminine, our Earth, and a deep heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the gift of life given so freely given just in each breath.

Appreciation and gratitude lead to great-fullness. When we are acknowledging how we already are blessed, our focus is naturally attuned to abundance. We are sending the universe an open-hearted message of ‘I love and truly appreciate this’ that naturally magnetises more of the same.

Great-fullness contains all aspects of life. For is it not true that often only with hindsight we see the challenge as the blessing in disguise? Great-fullness is our Feminine, for She is all life. Where is gratitude necessary in your life? Where is a shift in perception to ‘enough’ or ‘more than enough’ required? This is a time of huge potential. Openness, receptivity and appreciation are the fertile ground of well-being and becoming.

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The Astrology

Blessing-giver Jupiter conjunct Awakener Uranus exact at 21 Taurus at 03.27BST 21 April, in a Grand Earth Trine with Black Moon Lilith at 22 Virgo & Earth Mother Ceres at 19 Capricorn; also sextile Warrior Mars at 22 Pisces (NB Mars opposes Lilith exactly)

Taurus ruler, Goddess of Love Venus is at 19 Aries conjunct Chiron and activating the recent Total Solar Eclipse point.