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It’s a Game Changer!

By April 18, 2022No Comments

The New Moon in Taurus emerges as a Partial Solar Eclipse at 21.28BST on 30 April at 10 Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus is an annual dive into the Venusian fields of enjoyment, pleasure, appreciation, loving connection with whomever or whatever we love, along with an exploration of what’s brings us material/physical comfort or security. This year’s New Moon delivers an extra-special dose of wonder and magic for more than one reason! Firstly, it’s a Solar Eclipse – a potent game-changing ending/beginning point. Secondly, it’s conjunct Awakener Uranus in Taurus – offering vibrant higher frequency embodiment. Thirdly, it’s ruled by Goddess of Love Venus in Pisces – her happy place – also conjunct Mystic Neptune and Blessing-giver Jupiter. It’s a hugely benevolent energy mix.

Taurus is the sign that values the presence and enjoyment of the moment. It’s about appreciation and gratitude for what is here now, sustaining and maintaining that. Taurus is the most fixed of the fixed signs, so its focus is on staying comfortable and in touch with the sensuality of being alive. Ruled by Venus, especially in her Morning Star dress, its focus is intimately connected with the satisfaction of our desire nature. ‘What makes me happy?’ or ‘What brings me pleasure?’ and how can I sustain the good feeling that brings me. The beauty of nature, music, art, food, sensual experience, and all the good things in life, are connected to Taurus and Venus. With so many beneficent elements to this Eclipse, the energies of deep appreciation and gratitude for life are abundantly available.

Uranus conjunct the Eclipse point brings an element of surprise to events or circumstances at this potent New Moon point. It’s a clear awakening to higher frequency gratitude and appreciation for life’s wonder and beauty. The focus on feeling abundant (whatever your circumstances) and giving/receiving on new levels is prominent. How that will express in each individual’s life can clearly be very different. The shift point may arrive as the need to let go of an outmoded way of being, perspective or life circumstances, or as a harvest of healing integration. Taurus is a sign of embodiment so that’s a clear focus.

With Eclipse ruler Venus conjunct Neptune and Jupiter, there is much natural ease in this, along with a huge potential for compassion, flow and intuitive knowing. Priestess Vesta at 22 Aquarius is square the Moon’s Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio too. This brings focus to higher energies around devotion, spirituality, ritual, or sacred sexuality. It is a powerful karmic alignment with ancestral or soul energies that are ripe for embodiment now. Scorpio South Node suggests the potential for a deep transmutation of old sexual wounding. In many ways this Eclipse offers an expansive opportunity for deep soulful connection with oneself and those we love. Opening doors to new ways of relating and potentially an outpouring of altruism collectively, that we are already seeing.  It’s time to say a huge ‘Thank you, Life’ for the gifts of life that we are constantly receiving. Only with true gratitude are we humble and open enough to receive more. Expansive Jupiter at 28 Pisces in exact sextile to Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn, station retrograde just prior to the Eclipse point, suggests the key to the deepest embodiment and authenticity is always through acknowledging the blessings we are graced with, even in the darkest moments and especially in our fullest ones.