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From Form to Frequency

By January 18, 2024No Comments

As human beings we’re naturally equipped to connect with the physical forms of life, from our own to others’ bodies, from the tangibility of our homes and the money we earn to the wonder of the natural world. Physicality has substance; we think we know what we’re seeing or getting. Physical form gives us a feeling of security in what appears to be an unsafe world. Yet gradually, over many years, that feeling of security has been eroded. Eroded not only by dramatic Earth changes, in our collective systems, and more than likely in your personal world, but by the discoveries of physics, astronomers and the like.

Quantum physics is the study of matter in its smallest elements. Those elements are non-physical, and their behaviour does not conform to current scientific understanding. How can a particle exist as both a form and a wave? Yet it does, moving in constant flux, elusive to any current form of definition that would contain it. Don’t you also exist as a collection of particles and waves, constantly in flux, despite your mind’s definition of ‘I am like this or that’?

Like many branches of science, astrology is the study of the Mystery of life. It pre-dates science by eons. It seems human beings are hard-wired to be curious about their own existence and the nature of life. Yet for many individuals, the quest for security outweighs the call of the Mystery. One could say that awakening is the attempt to go beyond that, and/or to bridge it. Consciously embracing what is already here with one’s unique potentials. Those who are more awake to the energetic interplay of life are called to walk the fine line between their knowing of ‘something indefinable yet energetically tangible’ and the human world that requires we take care of ourselves and each other in practical ways. Current astrology mirrors this in many ways, but none more so than the movement of the planetary body Pluto into air sign Aquarius and its current ruler, Awakener Uranus in Taurus, awakening new frequencies in our bodies and on Earth.

Since 2008, Pluto, aka Lord of the Underworld, has been navigating the earth sign Capricorn. It doesn’t take intelligence to see of its energies at play. ‘Underworld’ is where we have been, and still are in many ways in the collective, as existing structures and systems fall apart, as our Earth calls for responsibility and care. Yet there is purpose in the deconstruction of what we already know, and some humans still rely on. As Pluto goes into Aquarius fully this year, the energy of what has been destroyed becomes fuel for innovation. Energy does not die or disappear; it simply changes form. Fuel is available for innovation that is driven by you and I, not those still endeavouring to prop up the failing systems. Key to this shift is a perspective shift from physical forms to energetic frequency. It’s the end of an era and the dawning of a new one, where the potential is for a collective awakening into frequency medicine.

What do I mean by ‘frequency medicine’? I’m not talking about any new-age therapies, although they are an aspect of what is emerging. I mean an utter shift of perspective, a deep understanding that energy precedes physicality. It’s the ongoing discovery of how we might consciously ‘play’ in the quantum field, to create a new kind of world. It’s the growing awareness that manifestation of what we see as physical is underpinned by infinite frequencies of possibility and yet also by what we’ve created already. It’s as if we’re holding one in each hand, labelled as ‘past and future’. As individuals we will tend more to one than the other perhaps. Are you an expansive free-flowing individual, or a caretaker of existing forms? Are you a space cadet or an Earth being? Do you tend towards the spiritual or towards practical realism? Surely, we need to be both – whilst in a human body.

This weekend, Lord of the Underworld Pluto moves into Aquarius, the sign of the individual within the group/collective. It’s not Pluto’s first foray into this humanitarian sign. In 2023 there was a brief visit between late March & early June, and Pluto will not enter Aquarius fully until November this year. Nonetheless Pluto’s entry into Aquarius this time is blessed by the light of the Sun, source of life in our solar system. What profound symbology for the dawning of a new era! The light of the Sun is highlighting and activating collective awakening potential for the next twenty years. Yet there is a quandary to Pluto and the Sun’s meeting now.

Many of you who follow astrology, or study it, know that the 29th degree of a zodiac sign is what’s known as ‘anarectic’. It’s a critical degree, also known as a ‘degree of fate’. Even though the Sun’s power blesses Pluto this weekend, the conjunction (their exact meeting) does not occur in Aquarius, but at 29.59 degrees of Capricorn – the very final second of the last astrological earth sign. This is no coincidence for the universe is divine intelligence. The movements of its planetary bodies have astounding synchronicity at times. No astrologer can predict what this means, however it can be said with certainty, it’s a moment like no other.

Given this information, it’s natural as curious, perhaps security-conscious, human beings, that the question arises ‘What’s going to happen?’ Yet that question immediately energises the old paradigm.

The deeper knowing is that Life moves, how it moves is a Mystery. It’s also clear that we are moving from one era into another and this is one more stage of evolution. Yet we are not powerless within this movement. How we respond to that movement energetically, the frequencies we emit, sets the quantum field towards ‘future’. Not as a ‘right or wrong’, but as the embrace of our human vulnerabilities with love and the holding of truth that life is inherently uncertain. The deepening understanding of Pluto’s passage into Aquarius – all form is energy vibrating at different frequencies – asks ‘Can I dance with the underworld in one hand (Pluto) and new life (the Sun) in the other? Can I be the bridge of both?’  This is our evolutionary quest.