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Shafts of Light & Grace

By October 2, 2023No Comments

The interplay of light and dark is a natural aspect of life on Earth experienced daily and through the seasonal flow of nature. It’s a mystery that we know also through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Darkness descending sometimes with obvious reasons, sometimes not. Feeling good simply because…

Our perception of these different states, whether in nature’s rhythms or within ourselves, can influence our experience of them. Afraid of the dark? Then the inner experience matches the external. Love being on a beach in the sunshine? That’s similar. Thinking negatively about a fear? That fear will tend to feel darker. Meeting a worry with love and care for yourself? Lightens the load.

We are the power that influences our experience of light and dark.

In the year 2000 I travelled extensively in Australia. It’s a place of extremes yet one I loved. Nature has always been a teacher for me, yet it was here that the most astounding mirror of experience transformed my perceptions of my inner world, particularly as I travelled through the Red Centre. In this humbling vast landscape, what struck me first was the quality of light. The sky was so incredibly blue, the earth deeply red, the ghost gums vibrantly white and the shadows so black they looked solid. Walking through Kata Tjuta, insight suddenly struck me: it’s the same inside me. When I am growing in light, the shadows in me appear blacker, deeper, and more solid, therefore more challenging. Especially if I’m feeding them by resisting or judging, adding yet more darkness to my experience. It led me to understand in a life-changing way: as I become a lighter, more radiant, purer frequency, what in me that is not meeting that new frequency feels more solid, darker, more disturbing. It’s the contrast of polarity. Brighter light; deeper blacker shadows. And I am the one who chooses how to respond to that interplay of light and dark.

We’re moving into a phase of brighter light through October. There are key points when shafts of light bless us with the grace of finer frequency new life. New light is a blessing that disrupts! It challenges those places in us that are held in shadow; it wakes the sleeping dragons in our psyche. It does this to release energy we need. Fuel held in the earth of our bodies and psyche that is creative power we’ve locked away.

It’s time to change perception on the dark/light polarities. Both are valuable aspects of life here on Earth. The current calling: be the light freeing the darkness, not by fearing or denying it, spiritualising it or avoiding it, but by riding these new shafts of light and grace deeper into the earthy darkness of our stored energies. Recycling our karmic energy is as essential as reaching for new light. The state of our relationship to our Earth and the natural kingdoms needs our loving attention. It’s an imperative for collective evolution. For we are nature as well as divine.

Shafts of Light & Grace timing:

3 October: A shift in the shadows that calls the rich potency of the Dark Feminine into deeper embodiment. Focus: healing through Earth connection, natural remedies, ritual, service, and devotion. The inner priestess/shamanka is activated (see 9 October also).
The astrology: Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith enters Virgo until 29 June 2024. More to come on this in a further blog.

3-8 October: The potential for resolution to deep questions, heart and soul based exploration since June/July – self-love and worth, relationships, creative potentials. What am I here for? What really matters? Destiny calling and grounding now and over these next few weeks.
The astrology: Venus returns to her station Rx degree, in a Finger of Fate configuration (aka a Yod) with Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces

3-8 October also: Patterns of over-thinking, procrastination, energising doubt, when the calling is to just say it, just do it, take a risk or the first step, with love and kindness. Focus is on claiming one’s own authority in the face of false power (inner or from others)
The astrology: Mars conjunct Moon’s South Node of karma at 24 Libra opposes Disrupter Eris conjunct the Moon’s North Node of destiny at 24 Aries (Eris travels with the North Node
until December) Then Mars at 27 Libra exactly square Lord of the Underworld Pluto (about to Station direct) at 27 Capricorn

9 – 11 October: A potent activation of the Sacred Feminine – our hearts leading the way in love and service to a much wider sphere of conscious influence. Stepping up in individual contribution to collective evolution. Potential for connective creativity & collaborations. New beginnings in partnership
The astrology: Venus & Black Moon Lilith conjunct Royal star Regulus at 0 Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces, with Juno close at 26 Leo

11 October: Questions and intensity around power, false and true, and powerlessness. Where are you putting your energy or focus?
The astrology: Pluto stations direct at 27 Capricorn

14 October: Reset time as the balance of light/dark shifts. Karmic rebalancing and the potential for immediate shifts depending on responses/reactions. Enlightening however it plays.
The astrology: Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra

21 October: Enlightening experience & insight, particularly around communication, connections, relationships
The astrology: The Sun conjunct Mercury at 27 Libra

28 October: Real opportunities for a new grounded alignment with ‘destiny’. Listening to your deeper values, trusting the flow, discounting doubt (inner or from others)
The astrology: Lunar Eclipse at 5 Taurus