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Daring to go Deeper

By November 6, 2023No Comments

The Scorpio New Moon emerges at 09.27GMT on Monday 13 November at 20 Scorpio.

A New Moon in Scorpio always calls us to get in touch with what we deeply feel, what we truly desire, the hidden depths beyond our day-to-day experience. Scorpio is the water sign that rules our shared experience of intimacy and sexuality, resources and wealth, the naturally deep life transitions like birth, divorce, ill-health, trauma, and psychological death that mean we must let go, evolve, and embrace the potential to be reborn. As Scorpio is a fixed sign, we can get stuck in its deep dark waters, yet this is also the place we transmute our poisons and rise like a phoenix. It delivers deep still presence, strength and resourcefulness where we are willing to face our shadows

Passion and integrity are Scorpio keywords, as is emotional honesty. The shadow energies of jealousy, resentment, and frustration lie here. It’s where we can get obsessed or possessed, in the delights of intense intimacy, or the pain of feeling stuck. When we have a strong gut feeling about something, Scorpio is at play. We are enabled in picking up the subtle and subliminal currents of life. It’s wise to pay attention to your deep inner knowing over the few days the Moon is in darkness then rising anew. Planetary alignments with the Moon enhance and amplify intuitive and instinctual knowing at this time.

This particular New Moon in Scorpio is highly dynamic. It can present extremes of experience, from sudden harvests to losses, boosts to resources and income, meetings with soul-aligned allies and supporters, deeply intimate encounters and/or transformative experiences. It’s a potent time for healing embodied trauma, through allowing the space for reflection, enhanced self-awareness, and meditation. It also holds a profound potential for an abundant harvest where we have been committed to our deeply transformative practices.

Anything you’ve put on hold, or where you are holding energy, may be demanding engagement at this time. Frustration or agitation is a sign that action or change is needed. It’s time to be daring in engaging your deeper experience, also in bringing to life what deeply matters to you. Your soul is calling. Time to listen deeply and hear its calling.

The astrology:

New Moon conjunct its ruler Warrior Mars and Earth Mother Ceres, 20-24 Scorpio

Lord of the Underworld Pluto, Moon ruler, at 28 Capricorn sextile the New Moon

Mystic Neptune at 25 Pisces sextile the New Moon