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A Reset Point

By October 9, 2023No Comments

We’re entering Eclipse season with the Annular Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra occurring on 14 October at 18.55BST. Eclipses are six-monthly reset points. They often herald endings and beginnings. In our internal world this is experienced as shifts in perception that may lead to external change. Alternatively, external change happens, with events and experience prompting a change in our perceptions, understanding or behaviour. The shifting light and rhythm of the Sun and Moon in relation to our Earth activates a reset our internal systems, much like with the ocean tides. As above, so below.

New Moons are usually a new beginning point, eclipses even more so. This eclipse acts like a super-charged New Moon, a seed point, yet its energy is more pertinent to endings, or what needs letting go, as the fuel for a fresh start. In the sign of Libra, this relates to our relationships. For Libra is the sign of balanced harmonious connection. It’s a sign of grace, of finding ways to create peace and fruitful collaborations.

Beginnings naturally arise from an ending in some form or another. This eclipse suggests an ending is required now and it is related to the ways we think and communicate, to bringing forth honesty rather than compromise, or clarity rather than reaction. It’s about being awake to how we may hide what we truly feel or want, subtly manipulate, or try to ‘be nice’ to maintain harmony, rather than being direct and honest. Or how irritation, frustration or anger are the energetic communication we’re giving off.

As eclipses the energies for dynamic change are high, and with this one in relationship-orientated Libra there’s a potential that subterfuge, even with the best intentions, can backfire and create an issue where honesty could promote deeper connection. Or connections simply get too hot to handle, and communication overheated.

Discovering clarity within oneself is always a primary key in life, and particularly currently. Recognising that unhealthy habits of communication need purging is maturity. We cannot control events and experience, our own sensitivities, or the reactions of others, much as we might like to. Challenges happen to make us more conscious, engendering the potential to relate in healthier ways.

Venus, as Eclipse ruler, is now in earthy Virgo, travelling with Black Moon Lilith. These Feminine archetypes in the sign associated with health, habits and rituals, detail and subtleties, support us in noticing the little things that make a big difference. They promote awareness of the mind-body links, how energy flows and where it can be refined. They are about cleaning up our act in relation to our own thought and communication processes, so we can connect well with others. It’s vital right now to transmute criticism and self- condemnation, or judgment of others, with kindness and humility. To recognise our shared humanness with love.

The saving grace with this intense eclipse is that the opportunity for change always flows from intensity. Aspects on 20 October highlight supportive revelations and insight that supports the grounding of new relationships connections, and the Lunar Eclipse on 28 October offers the potential for resolution and renewal.

This eclipse is much like an autumn storm blowing through. It can clear away the dead wood, leaving space for new life. Keep that blessing in awareness, if, and when, challenges arise.

The astrology:

Messenger Mercury (17 Libra) & Wisdom Warrior asteroid Pallas Athena (14 Libra) conjunct Sun & Moon at 21 Libra (conjunct the Moon’s South Node of karma). All opposing Disrupter Eris (conjunct the Moon’s North Node of destiny) at 24 Aries

Eclipse ruler Venus (1 Virgo) conjunct Black Moon Lilith (5 Virgo with relationship asteroid Juno at 28 Leo opposing Saturn at 1 Pisces

20 October: Sun conjunct Mercury at 26 Libra

28 October: Lunar Eclipse at 5 Taurus