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Willingness – A Habit for Wellbeing

By November 12, 2021November 16th, 2021No Comments

When life becomes challenging, or overly complicated, it’s good practice to revert to our core values. Common sense perhaps? And certainly, ongoing collective experience is inviting us to examine what those values are. Incoming planetary frequencies point to this question of values too, from many different places.

The entry of Uranus, the planet that represents awakening, into the most stable of the earth signs, Taurus in 2019, is bringing ongoing pressure to both our environmental dilemmas and personal sticking points. Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn long term (2008-2024) heralds the collapse of outmoded collective systems, particularly those that don’t serve our collective evolution. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (Jupiter, December 2020 through this year, Saturn through to 2023) reveal the death throes of separative consciousness and collective control, along with a ground swelling of innovation through community enterprise. Within this collective field of profound change, the passage of the Moon’s Nodes holds another piece of the evolutionary map. Moving through the signs of information, communication, knowledge and meaning, Gemini and Sagittarius, between May 2020 and January 2022, they Indicate a focus point of evolution. The movement of the nodes reveals the six-monthly eclipse cycle, a portal of awakening and growth. When the nodes change signs, the flavour and focus of growth changes.

We’re about to enter the transition zone into a new nodal axis – Taurus & Scorpio. This shift is signified by the first eclipse of this new cycle at 27 Taurus on 19 November. Then again in January when the evolutionary North Node enters Taurus fully and the karmic South Node moves into Scorpio. The Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac represents stability – Taurus as physical stability, hence, security, Scorpio as emotional resourcefulness, tenacity and strength. With the movement of the Moon’s Nodes into these steady, occasionally immoveable signs, where we source our stability/security becomes a key exploration. Given our collective experience over the last two years, it’s plain to see how that is already happening. Yet this change of nodal axis moves the focus from information, communication, opinion and our beliefs about what’s happening, and what is true or not, into more immediately personal realms.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign of the senses, physical comfort and security. It signifies our animal body with its needs, our experience of being in a body (rather than our heads) and the basic human needs for food, shelter and care. It rules the senses, pleasure and our connection to the Earth, along with our habits. Engaged with maturity, Taurus is where we enjoy the good things in life; it’s sensually orientated, where we feel stable and secure in the physical aspects of life. Yet the Taurus shadow indicates where we can get stuck in being too comfortable, materialistic, stagnant and stubborn, unwillingly to move on.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign of emotional strength. Ruled by Lord of the Underworld Pluto, this intense sign is where we experience our deep feeling relatedness, intimacy and sexual connections. It’s a sign of deep perception and wisdom, where we find the grit that supports us to go through a challenging experience like divorce, illness or grief. The Scorpio shadow is the field of emotional complications – the inner world of attraction and repulsion, dark feeling states, shame, possessiveness, resentment. It’s where we face our primal fears; it’s where we suffer; it’s where we make an underworld journey to embody maturity and wisdom. It’s also the space we can be reborn.

Fixed signs represent the acts of establishing, nurturing, maintaining and holding. The roots of a plant or a tree are an example of fixed energy. They represent the firm foundation from which a tree can grow, flower and fruit or seed. In human beings, our firm foundations equip us similarly. If we can’t fulfil our most basic needs, for whatever reason, our growth potential may be limited. Examples of fixed energy in humans (as represented by the energy of the zodiac signs) operate at different levels of our being.  Taurus symbolises our physical stability (at its most simple; the earth beneath our feet), Leo our sense of individuality expressed through self-confidence; Scorpio our emotional resourcefulness and Aquarius our belief systems and mental constructs. The fixed signs are where we exert our will for life to remain the same, through our physical resources (Taurus), our individuality (Leo), our emotions (Scorpio) and our ideals (Aquarius).

In nature, the changes in a tree ceaselessly emerge through the rhythms of the seasons and subject to the vagaries of the weather. A tree or plant has no personal will to grow beyond its template. Human beings do have personal will however. We can sustain certain aspects of life beyond their natural life-span, simply by holding on or resisting change, gripping tightly to life as it is, even when it’s clear radical change is needed.  It could be said that our attachments to security and/or comfort beyond what is actually needed to sustain life, is creating our current paradigm. Along with our denial of the fact of death – the ultimate change. Yet denial or resistance does not change the fact.

In this current evolutionary process, the growing focus on fixed signs reveals the opportunity to switch our attachments from ‘how things are’, ‘how we do things’, ‘how life should be’ and so on, for a more fluid way of being, aligned with change. Deriving our security from fixed forms – mental, emotional, wilful and physical – is being called out. This doesn’t mean we have no stability. In simply means we are being called to place our security consciousness in what is constant – Life itself. It’s an opportunity to ground ourselves in stability of consciousness i.e., knowing ourself as energy-before-form. Our energy-before-form has infinite creative potential, more than enough to meet our current crises. As we engage this state of being more willingly, we enter new frequencies of possibility, freedom, inspiration, fully grounded in our human bodies. Knowing ourselves as consciousness, natural solutions to our challenges arise with ease.

It’s the breakdown of our old systems – personal/collective, inner/external – that moves us to breakthrough. Just as nature’s act of breaking down of what has already served this year’s growth, in autumn. We have the option to recognise this process, opening to it as willingly as possible or to resist it. If we resist, the intensity of our holding (will, force, pushing) can create a shattering of the forms that are ready to evolve. That’s painful. Whereas relaxing into the challenge, aligns with the spaciousness of consciousness that is flowing towards its new state of being and expression. The dilemma is, we cannot make ourselves relax into growth; we can merely loosen our tight grip and as willingly as possible, go through what is inevitable – the process of change.

Reputedly, it was Charles Darwin who discovered, and then stated, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” In response to that, perhaps the most apt questions right now for humanity, might be ‘How quickly can we adapt and are we truly willing?’

Taurus and Scorpio are where we can know profound wellbeing of body and soul that sustains us through any challenges. Wellbeing is grown through our willingness to rest in our process of change, to allow, to relax, to not know, whilst being present to notice exactly what is needed right now.

Being awake to our consciousness, energy-before-form, supports our letting go wherever we notice a tight grip. Loosening our grip sustains wellbeing. The willingness to do so, is key to our evolution. Our willingness to change is key to our planet’s wellbeing.

Breakdown to breakthrough points indicated by the new nodal axis in Taurus/Scorpio:

19 November 2021: Partial Lunar Eclipse 27 Taurus
A seed point

18 January 2022: True North Node enters Taurus
Change and intensification of the evolutionary focus on fixed signs

The following are eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio that expand on the new focus

30 April 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse 10 Taurus

16 May 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse 25 Scorpio

25 October 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse 2 Scorpio

8 November 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse 16 Taurus

19 April 2023: First Solar Eclipse of a new season, Aries/Libra axis

5 May 2023: Partial Lunar Eclipse 14 Scorpio

14 October 2023: Second Solar Eclipse of new season, Aries/Libra axis

28 October 2023: Partial Lunar Eclipse at 5 Taurus, Final of Taurus/Scorpio axis


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