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What’s the Feeling?

By May 7, 2021December 17th, 2021No Comments

Take a moment to simply dream…..You’re immersed in a deep warm hot tub, above you the night sky is filled with stars whilst a gentle warm breeze, filled with the scent of the tropics, occasionally caresses your face. There’s a glass of your favourite tipple within reach, the buzz of cicadas and the gentle beat of music from a distant bar plays in the background …… What’s the feeling?

Or, you hear of a friend struggling with family illness, you’re moved, your heart opens and expands. You feel torn; it’s a chaotic day, your list of errands seems endless; you’ve been rushing around but you feel so strongly what’s needed; you pick up the phone and invite her over. Everything else just paled into insignificance.

A taste of the new energies of Jupiter in Pisces……

Jupiter in Pisces is heightened feeling; it’s where we simply let go, relax and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the moment, or simply whatever is happening. Heavyweight planetary energies have dominated our lives over the last two years or more.  Now we are approaching a new phase. The planet of beneficence, expansion and growth Jupiter, that last year, along with other planets, represented the major deconstruction of life-as-we-knew-it, and this year has been amping up the frequencies of our nervous systems, is moving into Pisces. Right now, it’s just a temporary phase – namely 13 May to 28 July – but from 29 December, Jupiter will spend most of 2022 in the watery sign of soulfulness, compassion and unity. This energetic shift encourages a sense of ease in a time of change. Jupiter is in its ‘happy-place’ in Pisces, so provides a welcome contrast to the ongoing challenges we are facing. Its flowing, expansive and big-hearted flow enables us to let go, gain perspective and trust in life’s inevitable process of change.

Pisces is the sign where creative vision and potential, intuition and empathy flow strong. We could say it’s the most sensitive soulful sign, where the appreciation of connection is heightened. Whether it’s with another individual, a natural environment, a piece of art or music, or a meditative practice, Pisces desire is to merge and unify. It’s pulled in by the call of the Mystery, to know and experience by blurring the boundary between self and ‘other’.

The energy of Pisces flows like the ocean’s waves, rhythmically rising and falling, each wave made of sea water yet different in form and fluidity. As Jupiter moves into Pisces, we are more tuned into the ocean of consciousness, the wonder of infinite possibility, more at home with and enthused by the naturally changing flow of life. Our grip softens, faith and optimism emerge, we discover deeper meaning in allowing our evolutionary process to guide us than in trying to manage it. Whilst Jupiter flows in Pisces it’s time to explore what feeds your soul, to give credence to where you feel generous, inspired, optimistic or a humanitarian impulse.

Whilst there’s no doubt that we’re moved into a gentler feeling flow with this new placement, every sign has its shadow.  With Pisces it’s that edge where the desire to connect blurs the boundaries into dependence, escapism or addiction.

The shadow of Pisces arises where we’re insufficiently grounded in a sense of our self. We may be over-sensitive, too open to unhealthy connections or activities, or simply find life in a body too much. In the shadow, Pisces gift of letting go becomes a giving up or hopelessness or may express as victim consciousness. Without discernment Pisces vast watery energy simply floods everywhere. It’s no coincidence Pisces rules the feet, for without feet on the ground, this energy can be overwhelming. Jupiter’s transit through Pisces brings awareness to the places we are a bit naïve, get scattered or lost and where we become demotivated. Yet the paradox is its very strength is in being open and compassionate towards every aspect of our human nature. For Jupiter in Pisces is where we know without doubt that unconditional love is the greatest healer; it is trust in the unfolding process that takes us exactly where we need to be. It seems passive yet this new frequency awakening is actually a feeling-intuitive-heart alignment with the Mystery we all are. That Mystery has all the answers. We simply need to open, receive and trust. Jupiter in Pisces naturally supports us in those qualities. Sigh of relief anyone?