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What is Your Anchor?

By June 26, 2024No Comments

The watery ocean of Pisces, last sign of the zodiac, is a prominent energetic focus over this next week (as well as several years). Pisces is where all expression and forms dissolve into the great ocean of consciousness, to emerge as utterly new consciousness in Aries, zodiac sign of new beginnings.

So many people are expressing to me lately that they feel something new coming in their lives, yet they can’t quite grasp it. Or they may know what it is, or its focus, but can’t ‘make it happen’. There’s a reason for this. We are in a long phase of endings and beginnings, personally and collectively. If we’re awake, we feel the unlimited possibility of the new frequencies coming in (as well as the very human fears and doubts in transmutational process) yet we are not fully ready to embody and manifest. We are being prepared; we are being composted. Whilst in this ending phase, we can simply keep holding the vision our new beginnings – an awakened humanity caring for our Mother Gaia – whilst we are gently moving towards it in our unique ways.

Planetary focus in Pisces right now is Wise Elder planet Saturn turning retrograde on June 29-30, accompanied by Mystic Neptune also station retrograde on July 2-3. Both planetary bodies are returning to their March 2024 positions before moving direct again. In our lives, retrograde (especially of these slower moving planets) means a revisit to what we have experienced this year. Resolution or a deeper elaboration on what was taking place around the Equinox is the opportunity. It is a time of deeper integration of both soulful and physical frequencies – how you are living your soul purpose and what is being naturally transmuted to support that.

Pisces is a sign where we cannot ‘do’ dissolution; it’s where we let go and allow it. Naturally, being undone is not always a comfortable experience. Human beings often resist change. With Saturn there is a desire to achieve and manifest, to see tangible results from where energy is focused. When this doesn’t happen, we can fall into disappointment, futility, judge and blame ourselves and others, or play the victim. With Saturn in Pisces, we’re called to maturity around this, to recognise life has its own timing (another Saturn quality), as do our souls. Neptune in Pisces, strong in its own sign, is supportive in allowing this process. It supports the discovery of compassion, forgiveness, letting go and letting ‘God’, not in a passive way of disengagement but with the active wisdom arising from soul connection.

The energy of Saturn calls you to be the very best version of yourself, to commit to a worthwhile project or way of being, sometimes with what we would call ‘tough love’.

In Pisces, finding the energy to commit seems a challenge. As possibilities emerge from the great ocean of consciousness and you reach for them, they disappear or dissolve, or have no grounding. If you use Saturn energy to try, struggle, force, or push manifestation, it’s exhausting. It’s wise to understand that in Pisces, your soul is gestating utterly new frequencies of individuality that will only emerge fully when both Saturn & Neptune (planets of manifestation and soulfulness) cross the Equinox point (0 Aries) in late March and late June 2025 respectively. This is a growth phase when patience is needed, whilst cultivating your capacity to hold strong yet gently in your vision of what you’re here for. Discernment is needed about the impact of drive and will on your body. We cannot embody finer frequencies, if we’re using force, even if it appears to be in the service of the soul’s calling. This is a time of being refined in living soulful expression.

Whilst Saturn stations retrograde, it is in conjunction with asteroid and centaur Nessus, now through to late August, and again in January 2025. Nessus, being a centaur, was half-man, half-animal, and relates to instinctual responses that need transmuting. His myth involves the use of poison, so he points towards poisons in our system, particularly from our ancestral heritage. My recent insights about this connect to my experience with homeopathy. It’s a system that may use poisonous substances, but in an ultra-fine frequency form only, to release and clear a poison in the human system. It works on the principle of ‘like cures like’ subtly yet powerfully to heal and integrate all available frequencies of being.

My recent insight when reflecting on Nessus and based in my homeopathic experiences is this: the energy of poison is not the same as the substance of poison. Relating this to the current Saturn-Nessus conjunction: we must connect with the subtle within us, to transmute the ancestral poisons.

We must give full attention to our soulfulness, through whatever spiritual and embodiment practices we connect with, rather than to the human poisons flowing through our system. In this, dissolution of ancestral energies that are way beyond our conscious knowing will be gently dissolved and transmuted. This requires a simple shift of focus. Placing attention in the subtle can then become a conscious anchor for ongoing experience. We are soul-connected rather than being anchored in the ever-changing moods and experience of being human. Access to your Beingness is a natural outcome of this subtle shift of focus. It is Pisces through and through… the living knowing that ‘I am a soul/spirit having a temporary human experience.’

Mystic Neptune opposing Black Moon Lilith at 29 Virgo exactly now also emphasises this theme of poisons, particularly for women. Since October 2023 Lilith has been pointing towards how we have embodied what’s been projected onto us regarding sexuality and sin, body shame, rejection for being female and so many internalised toxic beliefs. You will find more on this placement in my blog Noticing the Subtleties. Lilith moves into sign of relationships, Libra, on 30 June. More to come on that placement in another blog soon.

Whilst Saturn & Neptune are retrograde, we are in a process of fine-tuning all our systems to a more subtle way of being. Retreat from ‘the world’ (both within and around you) is essential at this time. The planetary energies December through to March 2025 emphasise this too. Gently working with addictions, unhealthy mental/emotional habits, or stagnancy/passivity that keeps your heart in lower frequencies is supported at this time. Keep it simple. Offer them up with love to your soul. Forgive yourself for ignorance of your true Beingness. Ask for help. Be vulnerable; be humble.

Saturn in Pisces suggests a good awareness for these times is compassion with discipline, cultivating forgiveness of our self and others, whilst also committing to maturity in response-ability for our lives. With Neptune in Pisces also, you’re offered the opportunity to discover the combination of gentle yet firm, honest yet loving, practical and disciplined yet relaxed, human yet soulful. Your anchor in the great ocean of consciousness is your heart; discovering what truly feeds your heart and soul is the calling. There will be a uniquely supportive practice or discipline that you know is supportive to you. It may lie in nature, healthy habits, creative inspiration or conscious practice.  Will you commit to it now?

The Astrology
Wise Elder Saturn station retrograde at 19 Pisces at 20.06BST on 29 June
Mystic Neptune station retrograde at 29 Pisces at 11.40BST on 2 July
Mystic Neptune in exact opposition to Black Moon Lilith ongoing until late July. Lilith moves into Libra 30 June

Further wisdom on Saturn’s journey through Pisces is available in my previous blog Treasures in the Deep

Beautiful art: Soul connection with a Poem by Mira Corbova