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What Drives You? What Stops You?

By March 29, 2022No Comments

The New Moon in Aries emerges at 07.24BST on Friday 1 April at 11 Aries.

The annual Aries New Moon is the first moon of the zodiac new year. It’s a point of new beginnings, uprising energy, just like spring’s emergence now in the northern hemisphere. As the energy of spring suggests, Aries is the sign of the initiator, the pioneer, and the warrior. It represents our will and drives, passion, courage, action, and reaction. It’s the fire of ‘go for it!’ of the zodiac. Aries, like its symbol the ram, meets life head on. It’s where the fire of our will is direct, immediate, and spontaneous – a prime example being a two-year-old’s demands – yet it’s also where we all carry wounds in self-confidence and self-worth, initiative, and courage. That wounding is represented through qualities such as hesitation and self-doubt, or force of will and anger. With this New Moon conjunct Wounded Healer Chiron, a range of our Aries wounds are primed for transformation now.

Aries is the sign of “me first”, representing our individuality and unique self-expression. With this New Moon conjunct Chiron, questions around healthy self-orientation abound. With Messenger Mercury also conjunct the New Moon, thought processes, mental patterning, uprising anger or irritation, all point towards what needs uplifting through healthy self-expression or action. New Moon ruler Mars in Aquarius, conjunct Wise Elder Saturn, asteroid of relationship Juno, and Goddess of Love Venus, suggest relationships are the trigger point and that whatever is emerging feels very personal yet could be difficult to pinpoint. Saturn with Mars can create an energetic barrier to expression or action, perhaps through over-thinking, or allowing old fears and doubts to defeat the inspiration or drive to express or act. Its positive influence is to consider what any reactivity is pointing towards, to move forward in a mature considered way. Saturn is square the Moon’s Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio so there’s a karmic loading on fiery energies, or a lack of feeling fully alive.

Although this New Moon suggests tensions, supportive sextiles to Priestess Vesta in Aquarius and Earth Mother Ceres in Gemini bring a breath of fresh air to any challenges.  Their energies are lighter, innovative, and communicative, pointing towards what creates movement and freedom. With the North Node in Taurus also supportive, a focus on the beauty and wonder of nature, simple pleasures, self-care and connection, can help shift focus and encourage letting go into a more expansive perspective when triggers of frustration arise. The Taurean North Node supports expressing and acting in simple practical ways, one step at a time, with the more impatient orientation of the Aries New Moon. Whatever lights your fire is calling for movement as this New Moon emerges. The courage to simply begin, then let go, is all that’s required.