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Wellbeing : Mind & Body

By August 22, 2022No Comments

The New Moon in Virgo emerges at 09.17BST on 27th August.

The annual New Moon in Virgo occurs at harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere. We have passed the tipping point of Lammas, the days are shortening as we gently move towards autumn. It’s a time of fullness yet quietening. There’s a tangible feeling of returning to earth. This gives us clues to the Virgo energy reflected in this Moon.

Virgo is the sign of sifting, sorting, discerning and refining. It is where little things matter – for instance, a speck of mould on a seed going into storage may ruin the entire batch. Virgo notices this, then acts to support the possibility of a healthy outcome.

Traditionally ruled by Mercury, Virgo is where the mind turns towards discernment, service, and what’s useful in everyday life. Virgo asks: What’s most needed? What requires improvement or uplifting? What analysis, plan, organisation, and resources, are needed to undertake that? Being an earth sign, the focus is on health, work, and practical matters. Virgo loves to upgrade current systems, working practices and habits: that might be a menu plan for a healthier diet, booking a yoga course, finishing last year’s accounts, or helping a neighbour sort out a mess. The focus is correction and improvement, acting in service to ensure life runs smoothly, efficiently, or productively.

The challenge with Virgo is not to become obsessed about details, precision, or achievement. It’s a risk at this New Moon due to astrological aspects that drive the mind, namely an exact square to Mars in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of the rational mind, also ruled by Mercury. This aspect can stimulate mental restlessness, impatience, difficult conversations, even quarrels. Gemini tends towards a black/white, good/bad perspective, and can be projective of the shadows. At this New Moon, awareness of ‘good enough’ rather than idealistic expectations of oneself or another, ensures balance, health, and enjoyment instead of conflict.

The Fixed Grand Cross that’s been a major alignment since late July is still as strong dynamic now. In this configuration, Awakener Uranus, just station retrograde, amplifies mental activity, nervous tension, and restlessness this week. Goddess of Love Venus, with Earth Mother Ceres in Leo, both opposite Saturn polarise the energies between heart-led playfulness and enjoyment, and responsibilities. The involvement of the Nodes in this aspect pattern suggests breaking the fixed model, i.e., how you would usually act or react, and breaking out in some way. With the New Moon highlighting health and well-being, that may involve connecting to what brings greater balance, especially when feeling under pressure.

Moon ruler Mercury has just landed in Libra, the sign that seeks a more conscious harmony between different life elements, especially relationships. As Mercury is on his upcoming retrograde shadow, whatever occurs at this New Moon suggests an ongoing theme until mid-October. Mercury will cross this same point again on 23 September retrograde, then 12 October moving forward. This is an important New Moon as it sets the scene for more than the New Moon cycle energies. It highlights the ongoing synergy between the mental realms and embodiment, the harvest of conscious growth and seeds of potential that may be planted now.