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Homecoming – Venus Star Point in Libra

By October 20, 2022No Comments

Our journey of evolution as human beings could be considered a homecoming journey. Returning to our divinity whilst in a human body and living from what that reveals to us. Discovering the centre-point of balance between our human experience and divine beingness. Finding the synergy between over-indulging our human dramas and denying them through spiritualising, with concepts such as ‘illusion’ that reject the human experience. Also negating the Sacred Feminine frequencies that call us towards full embodiment whilst desecrating our beautiful bountiful Earth.

In this unfolding we walk the fine line between our past and future; present here in this moment (when we are), able to access the wisdom of experience that comes from the past and our ancestral line, as we co-create a consciously awakened future. Planetary line-ups amplify the intensity of this awakening process. They point towards the evolutionary focus in a specific timeframe, sometimes days or weeks, more often years, or even decades. They bring us to a deepening understanding of our role within the cosmic play and potentially an evolved response-ability of that.

Creative Feminine energies

In the broader cycles of the outer planet transits, the cycles of inner planet Venus are not given full recognition in my view. Venus represents so much more than her usual epithet ‘Goddess of Love’.  She stands for the creative power of the universe appearing and manifesting through us as a particular expression or function here on Earth. In eastern cultures this creative feminine energy is known as Shakti. In our western culture, although she is personified in Venus and ancient forms such as Inanna, Astarte, and Ishtar, she is not well known and barely acknowledged in her fullness.

Venus’s energy is sexual energy, life’s unfolding potential for new creation. Sexual energy is so much more than the pleasure of intimate connection or the union that creates a child. It is the power of Life expressing through attraction and desire. In that, Venus’s energy lies at our core as the innate creative energy that moves through us into a particular process of self-expression or manifestation. Her cycles signify different phases within that flow of creative potential, both personally and collectively.

Venus’s orbit with the Earth creates a beautiful Flower of Life/five-pointed star pattern over a period of eight years. Eight Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years, meaning the two planets trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit the Sun. Together, they map out the points of an astounding but not quite perfect pentagram in the sky. This ratio of 8/13 is one of the Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci sequence lies at the fundamental core of nature and its creations. The anatomic structure of humans follows the ratio of these numbers, from the body as a whole to the details of a human face. Even our DNA shows Fibonacci number relationships. The correlations are infinite and form the basis of our universe.  This symmetry also affirms Venus with Earth energy at the core of life for humanity, within our universe.

Venus is visible either as the Morning or Evening Star during her full orbit and disappears from our view completely when she draws close to the Sun.  It is during this period that Venus makes her underworld journey, so aptly portrayed in the myth of Inanna and her dark sister Ershkigel. A Venus Star Point occurs when the Sun is conjunct Venus. This occurs twice in Venus’s 584-day cycle – once when Venus is retrograde, close to Earth; the other when Venus is on the opposite side of the Sun, closest to the stars.  These conjunctions repeat in a pattern that makes a 5-pointed star. These two Star Points create a rhythm that reveals the focus and frequency of creative potential, both personally and collectively. The Sun and Venus connection can be seen as a conception (like sperm and egg) that is fuelling the creative process of gestation and birth. When the Venus Star Point is closer to the Earth the creative impulse is collective yet individualised; when on the far side of the Sun close to the stars, it vibrates in the collective field, pulsing new frequencies from the stars into our lives here on Earth. This builds as Venus appears from the behind the Sun (from Earth perspective) and approaches Earth once more.

The significance of the Venus Star Point is primed in our consciousness now as a new Venus Star point is imminent: 22 October at 29 Libra. This is amplified by the Star Point moving from the sign of Scorpio to Libra – a once in one-hundred-year shift.

Libra – our desire for harmony

The air sign Libra is a cardinal action-orientated sign that values harmony, beauty and grace, friendship and fairness, but most of all, balance. It is a relationship-orientated sign, with its symbol the scales representing the differing perspectives found in any relationship. Being a cardinal sign, Libra has a propensity for action, but only after fully weighing up the pros and cons before moving forward. The scales have two side after all. To be in harmony with itself, Libra must include the other perspective, especially in relating. This gives Libra a reputation for indecision, but it’s simply that Libra is happiest when all options and potentials have been explored prior to action. This delivers the optimum potential for harmony and balance for all concerned.

As the Venus Star Point anchors in its new sign, Libra, it lightens and brightens our potentials for connection and co-creative collaborations. Scorpio (the previous Star Point placement in this part of the cycle) is the sign that’s comfortable in the underworld. It represents the deep water emotionally perceptive world of shadows generated in intimacy, sexuality, and emotional attachments. It’s also a sign of deep integrity, desiring to penetrate those shadows to discover the truth of deeply intimate relating. As the Star Point moves from Scorpio to Libra (amplified by the same movement of the Moon’s South Node of karma in July 2023) our collective focus shifts towards:

  • What does it mean to be a balanced integrated human being in relationship to oneself?
  • How does one come home to oneself fully? Allowing and engaging the integration of divinity and humanness within to create harmonious relationships?
  • How is the new centre-point within oneself calling to be expressed in new ways in any form of relationship?
  • What brings you equilibrium, serenity, and inner peace without negating your desire for relationship?
  • What creative expression of beauty and harmony desires to come through you?
  • Where is a new balance of giving/receiving called for in relationships?
  • Where is a new point of connection in you in terms of abundant living calling? Uplifting values and your sense of appreciation for life’s innate simple beauty and natural gifts?

As this new Star Point comes in, it’s potent to explore where 29 Libra sits in your birth chart. If you have no natal planets in Libra, the house placement of 29 Libra will emphasise the Star Point’s playing field in your life. There are diverse planetary aspects supporting this new focus too. Let’s explore them.

Star Point exactly conjunct Haumea, Hawaiian Creator Goddess of Birth. Haumea is a dwarf planet within the Kuiper Belt, beyond the orbit of giant Neptune. KBOs represent higher frequencies of consciousness available to us, when they are activated. Haumea, as a Creator Goddess, expresses a finer connection to planet Earth and nature. Her many children took diverse forms from mineral to human and were birthed from different parts of her body. With the Venus Star Point conjunct Haumea – a higher frequency of conception and gestation of the creative impulse is calling us. It is calling to come here, through each of us. As with a human pregnancy, gestation follows conception. The new Venus cycle timing suggests December as a time for emergence. This is when Venus makes her new Evening Star appearance, visible in our skies just after sunset. This is just a starting point though, as Venus grows closer to Earth and Venus’s light grows brighter, these energies strengthen, coming to peak in early June.

  • Star Point square Pluto in Capricorn Discovering a deeper truth and integrity in yourself and established partnerships. What old beliefs and contractions hold you back from shining your light and beauty, your power of creativity to serve collective evolution? How do you stop yourself? This calls for exploring and transmuting patriarchal influences and conditions, stepping through and beyond the collective matrix, constrictions/people pleasing, attachments and control.
  • Bi-quintile Neptune in Pisces Allowing yourself to explore hidden talents, creative or artistic potentials simply through playing. Allowing your imagination and soulful impulses free rein.
  • Partial Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio with Venus exact conjunction on 25 October. Eclipses are gamechangers, delivering surprises in the form of insight, aha moments, events, or experience. This eclipse reveals a potential for revelation about what needs to be let go (on an inner level, in your life, or both) to discover the new Star Point in Libra conception, gestation and expression of creative potential.
  • Wise Elder Saturn station direct at 18 Aquarius on 23 October. As Saturn changes direction he’s in exact square to freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus. This is a reality check, especially if there is holding on or resistance in you to change. This alignment reflects shadows of 2021 experience and energies. It suggests a crisis of values, the need to make a choice between ‘old and new’ that may catalyse a change of mind or direction. Hanging on creates pain.
  • Asteroid of Commitment Juno station direct at 7 Pisces also on 23 October. Love and compassion (especially towards oneself, as a starting point) as a conscious motivator behind choices and actions.
  • Warrior Mars station retrograde on 31 October, trine to Venus Star Point. Mars, Venus’s consort, in airy Gemini through to mid-January 2023 suggests creative inspiration’s natural flow into action may become diverted over this period. Mars returns to this same point in mid-March 2023 when Venus’s light is strengthening as she comes closer to Earth. It is in the northern-hemisphere spring that the fullness the Star Point conception becomes most visible to us.

As the Sun, Mercury or Venus have been in Libra since late August (including the recent Mercury retrograde) it’s likely the themes of these energies have already been appearing in your consciousness and your life. The new Venus Star Point, especially with Venus’s exact involvement in the Partial Eclipse just three days later, marks a watershed period for relating. Given that our first relationship is with our self, this is prime time to deepen in the foremost Libran quality: friendship. As we discover how to come home to the centre-point within, it’s a very natural for our relationships to evolve. As we learn to expand through our inner polarities, accepting and meeting our own often contradictory needs and desires, the potential is we discover how to encompass difference willingly and graciously with others.  Being friendly, unconditionally loving with our self, is the school for fulfilling co-creative partnerships. Who knows how that might change our world? For when we meet with others in the true spirit of friendship and co-creativity, miracles happen.

TITLE ART : Blue by Sophie Wilkins
Haumea by Susan Seddon Boulet