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Transforming the forms

By October 5, 2020December 17th, 2020No Comments
Transforming the Forms

Black Moon Lilith is a Dark Sacred Feminine archetype representing the shadows of our journey as woman in the power of authenticity and full presence, particularly within relationships. Lilith is a mysterious figure both in astrology and myth, guiding us in what demands greater integrity. Demands is a key word here, as Lilith is the primal pull to face, embrace and bring light to what lives in the shadows, what is not being acknowledged.

Black Moon Lilith

In mythology Lilith is known mainly as the first wife of Adam (before Eve) who calls for radical equality and honouring of her Sacred Feminine nature as equal in the eyes of ‘God’. Traditionally she is seen as a vengeful figure, a carrier of projections about the nature of the Feminine, sexuality in particular.

In truth Lilith represents deep visceral forces of nature within us that are unconscious yet a natural primal aspect of the forces of creation and destruction. One could say she holds the truth that we are nature, an intrinsic aspect of physical and universal life. In the universe she is a link between the energies and orbits of Earth and Moon and so represents unconscious levels of ancestral memory with associated feeling, the primal undercurrents of our more conscious experience of self and life.

Black Moon Lilith is changing her primary focus as we move towards 2021. On 21 October Lilith (there are four Lilith’s but here I am addressing the astronomical point connected to the Earth/Moon relationship) moved into Taurus until 18 July 2021. As she makes her space in this earthy sign, Lilith brings focus to our relationship to our senses, body and body-wisdom, nature-connection, sensuality, money and manifestation of our authentic female presence, along with the shadows of resistance, attachment and security consciousness i.e. our habits of comfort or unwillingness to change. She is a potent guide into new frequencies of mind-body-Earth connection.

Gardeners understand the benefit of periodically turning over the soil in their gardens. The same is true in our lives; there are benefits to the overturning of our familiar ground although initially that may be difficult to see. This year has been a time of deep change; what was considered to be ‘normality’ in our lives has been toppled as we face chaos and uncertainty, as collectively everything human beings need to feel secure has been challenged. It’s a time when we are forced not only to face crisis but to ask some fundamental questions about our lives, our values and the way we live. The energies of Black Moon Lilith often face us with these fundamental questions, especially those we choose to deny or ignore. The fact that we are nature, and that nature has its own journey of which we are just one aspect, is relevant here, although we’ve managed to avoid or deny this awareness more recently in human history. Lilith in Taurus has a deep attunement with physicality and the senses, the core deep rhythms of the natural. In one of the myths of Inanna Lilith lives in the Tree of Life, rooted deep in the Earth yet reaching for the heavens. As she moves into Taurus, and we travel towards 2021, the Tree of Life is a crucial theme. We are called to inhabit a deeper connection to the whole of that tree. We discount our responsibility in that at our own peril, as we are seeing now.

The sign of Taurus holds space for what we give value to, with a strong focus on ‘what I have’ purely in terms of physical forms. It represents our security consciousness and how that tends to get caught up in satisfying our human needs for physical security; having enough food, a place of shelter and money. Such basic needs are not only essential, but I would say a basic human right for all of us. Yet being a fixed sign Taurus is focused not only on being comfortable but on staying there. This is normal to Taurus as it is ruled by Goddess of Love Venus. Venus is about enjoyment, the experience of feel-good or abundance and has an affinity with harmony, beauty, sensuality and the arts. The energy of Venus as ruler of Taurus is about both the experience and accumulation of the good things of life. Yet as Black Moon Lilith moves into this sign of affluence, she begs the questions “When is enough enough?’ This years’ energy has called into question our attachments and investments on every level, now we are going even deeper into physicality. A key focus to that in Taurus is resistance to change even when it’s staring us in the face. The shadow nature of this fixed earth sign is like a cat lying on a sunny windowsill; it does not want to move and protests when it is. Yet there are times we don’t have a choice; we simply have to move and change.

The gifts of Black Moon Lilith always carry a magical energetic element when we dare to engage her questions and demands. In Taurus particularly she is a gateway into the mystery of what physicality truly is, including a natural attunement to the gifts of physicality, sensuality and nature that we have forgotten. Our capacity to create beauty is uplifted in Taurus, particularly through music, dance, natural creative arts, our connection to the natural world and the uplifting of our voices in song and mantra. Deep healing is to be found in connection to the animal kingdom, nurturing our bodies, slowing down, drinking deeply, eating well, smelling the roses, tasting the natural simple fruits of an abundant life. Yet to be fulfilled in a truly natural way requires that first we have to break a few rules – predominantly our inner rules, our fixed beliefs, that say ‘If life looks like this, and only this (more than enough money in the bank, emotionally comfortable and so on) then I am secure’. Those beliefs have little validity in a world that’s falling apart beyond what we need right here right now to sustain us. True security lies in our inner resourcefulness to meet the changes, the chaos or crisis, the uncertainty. In that our physical needs naturally will get taken care of as we discover new pathways beyond the goal-orientated drive for more that was considered ‘normal’. When we are connected we know both the humility of our place within the Tree of Life and its gifts.

In December Lilith will meet with Awakener Uranus in Taurus. This pairing opens gateways to inventiveness and the potential for pioneering environmental or global solutions to our many-levelled crisis. It’s a rock-the-boat-time as the next set of eclipses opens and Wise Elder Saturn, Blessing-giver Jupiter and Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena move into Aquarius at the same time, opening up the new frequency energies of 2021 onwards. Many individuals may feel we’ve had enough ‘rock-the-boat‘ energy already this year and that’s understandable. This shift is not based on deconstruction though, it’s the arising of new potentials that can invigorate, inspire and provide pathways into new life, especially if met with an open mind. As Mars joins this catalytic pairing in January what has been brewing in our inner processes this year comes dynamically, perhaps forcibly, to light. It’s a watershed that clears the way for new beginnings.

The need to go deeper than mere physical satisfaction, comfort or fulfilment is calling. Uranus represents the awakening new frequency of energy in forms – the understanding that freeing stuck energy in the mind frees the body and vice versa. We’re invited to recognise that all form is energy and to root our self in the ‘security’ of that rather than the form itself – for physical forms are always changing. It’s about knowing the spirit of life in all forms and its ever-changing flow from one to another. We already know this in our lives as the flow of life through the natural world, constantly moving, changing and transforming. We are not separate from that flow, yet we have believed that we are.

Lilith in Taurus calls us back to rooting ourselves in the Tree of Life, one with nature rather than apart from it, growing fruits that feed more deeply than the physical, growing fruits that nourish the soul and from there, the body and our physical lives. She’s the voice of the Dark Feminine, rooted in earthy wisdom. She demands respect for all life for its intrinsic value, not for what we can get from it. The time of using and abusing the natural world is over. We can see the signs everywhere. Taurus is the sign of the senses. Lilith in Taurus asks that we come to our senses, not just metaphorically but literally. How we treat the body, what we put in it, how we impose our will on it, how we abuse it, these are all signs too. It’s the same with our Earth. The energy of materialism is shifting because it no longer serves; the need to accumulate is changing as we are forced to come back to basics. From that place of ‘basic’ – inhabiting the body in a way of true health, enjoyment and fulfilment – real change is not only possible but inevitable. Back to basic becomes a new foundation for inventiveness and pioneering beyond what we already know.

My online event at 16.00 Saturday 31 October: Breaking the Rules – Fully Engaging Spirit in Substance: Exploring body, money & manifestation with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, will take these themes deeper in your life. Black Moon Lilith will be particularly activated on this day as she’s conjunct the Taurus Full Moon. It’s a two-hour event, recorded if you cannot attend live and for participants. No astrology experience is needed, some personal chart exploration may be included.