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The Wisdom of Timing

By December 27, 2021No Comments

The first New Moon of 2022 is at 12 Capricorn emerging at 18.33GMT on 2 January. This year, as last, the words ‘new year’ don’t speak of the universal energies at play. These times we live in are reflecting in so many ways what has been imposed on the natural rhythms of life – the celebration of an event named ‘New Year’ being one of them.

Right now, we are in the middle of planet of the heart Venus’s retrograde in Capricorn and Mercury, planet of the mind, is also about to station retrograde in Aquarius, travelling back through Capricorn. This brings many of 2021’s themes along for us to revisit and reorient from. Do I hear a big sigh, or something stronger? Certainly, these times require patience, steadfast commitment to being awake and great discernment in what we give energy to. There is a potent new beginning available to us; it’s just not quite here yet. Although even as I write that, I’m aware we have that possibility in every moment. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? (more to come on spring’s mega transmutational uplift soon)

This New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of growing maturity, response-ability and manifestation, offers us the opportunity to reflect on our life structures, routines and responsibilities, along with our values and desires, to bring them into clearer focus. It’s time to truly see what no longer serves and either discard it with gratitude for how it has served you and your life thus far, or bring it to new life, reinventing and restructuring from a deeper truth. Capricorn is the sign of building from a strong foundation of integrity, yet it’s also where we can attempt to control or manipulate. With personal planets Venus and Mercury in Capricorn meeting Pluto over this period through to early March, the shadows of how power is used are becoming more and more obvious. This applies in our own lives in subtle ways, as well as in the world (seemingly out there) that we’ve co-created. It’s time for an alignment with new core values that have been developing through 2021 challenges.

Capricorn, as the final earth sign, is one of the most resourceful energies of the zodiac. Its capacity to stand alone is strong, for in its fullest expression, it holds the maturity of one’s deepest truth. With both Venus and Mercury retrograde, questions about where resourcefulness becomes alienation or isolation may be uppermost right now. Or growing the capacity to stand more alone and aligned may be required. Moon ruler Saturn in Aquarius suggests this is rooted in being fully aligned with your unique contribution of individuality, yet also finding a tribe that mirrors that. Often this requires we let go of the old tribe, friendships, even family, where the deepest connectivity can no longer be fulfilled, or there is simply nothing more to share.

This New Moon highlights, perhaps starkly (for Capricorn’s light is cold) what is most needed now for evolving integrity. With a trine from the New Moon to Awakener Uranus in Taurus and Blessing-giver Jupiter newly arrived in Pisces, this can be a gentle but dynamic letting go, accomplished through love. It’s certainly right time, as we’ve already been prepared throughout 2021 for the opportunities this New Moon presents.