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The Meaning We Make

By November 30, 2021No Comments

A Total Eclipse of the Sun (supercharged New Moon) takes place at 07.43GMT on Saturday 4 December at 12 Sagittarius. This Total Solar Eclipse is the final of six eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. It highlights information and how we process it, our stories and what they mean to us, our thoughts, perceptions and belief systems. Eclipses highlight the play of light and shadow in our lives. They offer the opportunity for a reboot. In Sagittarius this reboot is all about the meaning we make.

Over the last eighteen months eclipses in the air and fire signs of Gemini & Sagittarius have drawn our attention to the ever-shifting field of information and communication, how we process and derive meaning from what we receive through the mind, or from our experience. Over this time, we’ve been called to expand beyond what we think of as ‘normal’. We have been challenged to discover what really matters in our lives, potentially finding a new way of being when what we believe to be security is swept from under our feet. It is not an easy process, as life as we know it changes before our very eyes. Yet if we can accept that change is inevitable, approach it with openness and willingness to discover  – both Sagittarian traits – we might find hope, and the very answers we need, lie within the challenges we are facing.

This final eclipse in Sagittarius is an opportunity to gather up your experience since June 2020, acknowledge what has changed, how you’ve grown, what you cannot control and yet, despite that, what new meaning you want to bring to your life now. As this is a Total Solar Eclipse its energy is like a supercharged New Moon highlighting the field of infinite vision always available to us. Moreover, it is conjunct the Great Attractor where energy is profoundly magnified for that vision.

Fire sign Sagittarius is the place we take risks, expanding with faith across the edge of our current experience. It calls us to develop wisdom through facing unfamiliar or foreign experiences, to risk facing and embracing the unknown in order to grow. At this eclipse an uncomfortable quincunx from the Eclipse to Awakener Uranus in Taurus suggests that consciously going beyond what’s familiar, safe, secure (and maybe stagnant) is called for now, not just despite our fears, but because of them. The potential is not only do we become more stable within the process of instability and uncertainty, but we begin to realise and respond to the adventure that life in a human body actually is with deeper conscious intent. New energy is pouring in to support that. Whilst an opposition to Black Moon Lilith in Gemini reveals how thoughts or communications can support or sabotage what is being received intuitively as a subtle, or perhaps a very obvious, new perspective and direction.

We live within an ever-shifting field of frequency and information. How we receive, process and derive meaning from that field establishes our experience. We receive energy/light/information and weave with it. What we do with it is a choice and that choice is the point of power. This eclipse calls us recognise where we filter new energies through old belief systems, particularly those related to security consciousness. It’s to recognise you are the meaning-maker for your life, growing in conscious participation with the Life that you are. Key question at this eclipse: what deeper meaning has grown in me and my life over this last eighteen months? And what key action is that calling for right now?