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The Maturity to Know Oneself

By June 15, 2024No Comments

The Full Moon at 1 Capricorn rises at 02.07BST on 22 June

Full Moons are times when the light of awareness is shining on both our more active outward energies and our inner self-connection. A time to be awake to an integration of opposing yet harmonising rhythms within. Through the polarity of Cancer & Capricorn (Sun Cancer/Moon Capricorn at this Full Moon), we find the axis of conscious parenting: emotional nurture and boundaries, caring through both kindness and tough love.

Many of us did not receive conscious parenting. Being awake to this means that we are still learning how to fully take care of ourselves. If we’re wise, we recognise that the qualities of emotional connection and tough love we lacked as children influences who we are as adults. Not as a problem to be solved or fixed, just as a pointer to deeper layers to the scripts we’ve been given and the ones we have developed for ourselves: who we are, what we’re good at or not, our self-doubts, fears, our comfort zones and coping mechanisms. This Full Moon’s focus reveals much about our maturity in how we respond to the complexity of our inner world. For the synergy of Cancer-Capricorn within us indicates emotional intelligence – knowing oneself well, loving oneself and the wisdom of supportive boundaries, to know when we need to stop or say no.

Aspects to this Full Moon point towards the illusions we still hold about who we are. There is a theme of poisons in our system, often through no fault of our own. There is a calling back so we may develop deeper Feminine wisdom – that is deeply embodied loving knowing of your human frailties, tendencies, and gifts. And the need to be awake to the ways you energise them in healthy and not-so-healthy ways.

What you do with what you believe or feel about yourself is clearly your responsibility now as an adult. This theme is held by Moon ruler Saturn with dwarf planet Nessus and is a growing theme over the next month (more to come on that later).

Right now, we are supported in the capacity to discern and dissolve what is no longer useful. To cultivate and celebrate the maturity to know the multi-layered aspects of oneself and what is deeply true. That maturity includes the wisdom to know when you’re in a divisive mind game about some aspect of yourself or in your heart. This is key! It’s the opportunity to recognise and lovingly dissolve, or truthfully discard, the illusion of ‘who this is’. Maybe to recognise the true mystery of who this self is, held in the great Mystery of life?

The Astrology
Full Moon at 1 Capricorn rises at 02.07BST on 22 June square Mystic Neptune at 29 Pisces and Black Moon Lilith at 29 Virgo.
Wise Elder Saturn at 19 Pisces conjunct asteroid Nessus, supported by a sextile to Earth Mother Ceres Rx at 17 Capricorn, and trine Feminine Wisdom asteroid Pallas Athena Rx at 21 Scorpio
The Moon is at the point of a Yod/Finger of Fate from Mother of the Sea Sedna at 1 Gemini and Priestess Vesta at 0 Leo