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The Law of Least Effort

By December 15, 2022No Comments

The New Moon at 1 Capricorn emerges at 10.17am on Friday 23 December

Like the ancient standing stones that endure the natural cycles and all weathers, Capricorn is the sign where we find our strength in adversity. The last earth sign of the zodiac, it calls us towards maturity through the facing of challenges, limitation and what we call ‘tough love’. Like its symbol, the mountain goat with a fish tail, Capricorn crosses all realms of the Earth, from the depths of the oceans to the top of the mountains, in its desire to achieve, succeed and manifest.

As the final earth sign Capricorn’s energies can range between the shadowy drive for success for its own sake, with a ‘no matter the cost’ attitude, to a shamanic embodiment of service and contribution to ‘the tribe’ i.e., a broader sphere than one’s own life. Capricorn’s drive comes from an alignment with responsibility, yet where that drive lands calls for ongoing awareness. Integrity is a key word, especially in terms of its shadow of controlling and using/abusing material resources. Lord of the Underworld Pluto’s long passage through Capricorn (2008-2024) is highlighting this starkly, especially in the collective sphere. Yet our own alignment with integrity – namely how we move to accomplish, manifest, achieve or succeed –  is challenged too as we enter Capricorn season.

As the New Moon rises in Capricorn, it’s time to be accountable for the ways and means we manifest.  It’s not so much about what we do, but how we do it. The evolving Capricorn energy works with wisdom and integrity to accomplish its earthly mission from ever-finer frequencies of consciousness. It plays the long game, moving from commitment towards what is deeply true, through its own tried and tested experience, discipline and resourcefulness.

Although ruled by the masculine figure of Saturn, Capricorn is a feminine sign in astrology, as it belongs to the earth element. In many ways, a confrontation between archetypal masculine and feminine ways of being and action is prominent now. This was recently highlighted by Pluto in Capricorn opposing Dark Feminine Lilith and Pallas Athena in fertile water sign Cancer (see my recent blog To the Core of Belonging). Now Moon ruler Saturn in Aquarius is in an uncomfortable quincunx with Pallas Athena retrograde. This reflects how the old ways of the patriarchal system (both collective and within us) must make way for Feminine intelligence. The quincunx is an aspect requiring adjustment between two very different ways of being. In this case impersonal, independent Aquarius and sensitive, feeling orientated Cancer. We are called to dig deep to discover what’s true.

There’s a feeling of year-end and new beginnings imminent at this New Moon. This is highlighted by Blessing-giver Jupiter at 0 Aries, heralding a new cycle of expansion and opportunity. This placement can excite and empower us to get moving. Yet we could well be getting ahead of the natural rhythms if we do so. Jupiter in Aries is ruled by Mars, still retrograde in Gemini until mid-January. We may be fired up, but the direction is still inward. The mind may be filled with ideas or inspiration, or ‘monkey mind’ may be racing, but like a hot air balloon drifting along, there’s no real direction. With Mercury in Capricorn on his upcoming retrograde shadow zone (retrograde 29 December – 18 January, moving 24 – 8 Capricorn), whatever is coming in needs more reflection and anchoring. Mars retrograde in Gemini until 12 January amplifies this ‘wait and see’ need for patience.

Aries energies are doubly activated at this New Moon, amplifying the desire nature, our need for excitement, passion, and to get going. It is the sign of spring after all!  Wounded Healer Chiron’s station direct at 11 Aries, is just 46 minutes before the New Moon. Again, this highlights the new beginnings calling, yet all is not what it seems. Chiron is also involved in a quincunx, with the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio (also ruled by Mars retrograde). This suggests there is a karmic loading to taking risks, or any push to get ahead. Enthusiasm needs to be tempered with wisdom and intuition; drive calls for grounding, being aware of physical energy levels, not running on inspiration alone. It’s about making space for the Mystery to unfold the promise of new beginnings…in right timing.

The Law of Least Effort is more than appropriate at this New Moon. It states that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease, harmony, and love. And that when we do so too, we create success and good fortune in simple, graceful ways, simply through alignment. Although the action-orientated cardinal signs are prominent right now, the underlying rhythm is one of allowing ease, stepping back, resting inwardly, noticing inspiration, vision or insights but letting them simmer.

This resonance of least effort is wonderfully held at the New Moon by relationship asteroid Juno’s applying conjunction to Mystic Neptune at 21/22 Pisces (exact on 27 December). Juno has been in Pisces since 20 April, gently encouraging us to let go, flow, allow and receive, especially in relating. Pisces is the sign of dissolution. Its strength lies in allowing life’s constant processes of change to take us into new places. It may be a Capricorn New Moon but we are encouraged to shed the load right now. It is the festive season….it is winter here in the northern hemisphere… time to rest, relax and enjoy!