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That Inner Voice

By March 30, 2024No Comments

The Aries New Moon this year is a Total Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of this first fire sign of the zodiac 19.21BST 8 April.

Aries is the playing field of individuality. It’s where we discover and activate new frequencies of selfhood. It’s where we find the gift of integrating conscious individuality. Like a child, Aries is innocently direct, simply acting and reacting without forethought. It represents the instinctual aspects of being human: our drive, will, movement to protect or defend, also to attack. It’s no wonder that the Aries archetype is the warrior, with its essential need of instantaneous movement and an Eclipse in Aries has the direct effect of making us sit up and take notice!

Eclipses are like super-charged New & Full Moons. They draw our attention and highlight what we need to become more aware of, either through insight, sudden changes in events and circumstances, or both.

This Eclipse offers the opportunity to be more awake in the use of our fire energies – will and drive, aliveness and numbness, passion and anger, power and powerlessness. It highlights the necessary maturity to learn through potential extremes of reaction/over-assertion or feelings of powerlessness/at odds with oneself. It offers what we do instinctively and why – the masks of defending the innate vulnerability of our sense of self, the places we feel rocky in confidence, surety or authenticity. As such, the potency of this Eclipse brings the potential of revelation around self-rejection or judgment and how we cover or defend that wounding. It also offers the alchemy of healing needed.

Beyond the Aries frequencies, exploring the placement of Warrior Mars, Aries ruler, is supportive. For Mars, along with other planetary rhythms including Messenger Mercury Rx in Aries, points towards a more subtle picture than a Total Solar Eclipse would usually. Elias Lonsdale’s Star Destiny for Mars placement in Pisces gives us potent clues to the deeper evolution at work. It speaks of the masks and disguises we take on in order to fit our familial relationships and our world.

‘We can no longer be fooled by yet another variation of what our world wants or needs us to be. Something deep arises that says, ‘I am waiting. Now it is my time.’ As we respond to that inner voice, the entire scene shifts. The past is over. A different world is calling. In that world, there is nobody to be, and nobody not to be. There is instead a soul essence, a spirit spark that is so quintessentially alive and aware that it can be strong or weak, gone or coming on. But it is completely here.’

This Eclipse offers us the opportunity of radical self-awareness, connection, and real presence as mirrored in our woman’s Sacred Feminine Healing Gathering title this month: ‘The Courage to Fully Be You’. The next frequency of integrated healthy individuality is calling. This Eclipse is a spark point, unfolding through the planetary rhythms over this next month. Listen deep, engage fully whatever is occurring, you may well surprise yourself!

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The Astrology

Total Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries conjunct the Lunar North Node, Wounded Healer Chiron, Messenger Mercury & Disrupter Eris. The Eclipse opposes the Lunar South Node at 15 Libra and is square Earth Mother Ceres at 17 Capricorn. Asteroid Icarus (who flew to close to the Sun so his wings melted) is at 21 Aries in the Eclipses line-up – a potent reminder to be awake to the use and abuse of our fire energies.

Warrior Mars at 12 Pisces is conjunct Wise Elder Saturn at 13 Pisces. Asteroid Aphrodite is in exact conjunction with Mars, adding the potency of love to this Mars placement.