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The Gift of Timing

By May 14, 2022No Comments

It is wisdom to recognise that our lives are naturally aligned with the differing rhythms and processes of nature and the universe here on Earth. Day to night, dawn to dusk, the waxing and waning of the Moon, and the flow of seasons, are the most obvious, influencing our lives in countless ways. In astrology, the planets closest to the Sun move through their cycles relatively quickly. Working with our individual thought processes, moods, drives and actions, they subtly influence us with their incoming frequencies. Like waves on the ocean moved by differing natural forces, we both act of our own volition and are subtly moved in a flowing field of energetic resonance. As the planets shift their positions, within the zodiac wheel and in relationship to the Sun and other planets, we naturally attune to their new stimulus. Short or long term, we are inextricably aligned with their dance. As they move, so do we – willingly, or in resistance to the change they herald. When significant planetary shifts take place, it is wise to be curious. To consciously align, to engage the new frequencies pouring in.

One most significant transits of this year is just beginning, as the huge gas planet of opportunity, growth and wisdom, Jupiter, moves from water sign Pisces into Aries.  As Jupiter crosses the Spring Equinox point at 0 Aries, we begin a new 12-year cycle. What has been held in vision, or gestating in the subconscious, now begins to move from potential towards action.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s the sign of ‘me first’ in terms of individuality, self-worth, and confidence. Aries is the sign of spring – fast and furious action, initiative, boldness, and determination. It’s where we take a stand, act instinctively, and make things happen. It’s where we are called to pay attention to our desires. As Jupiter moves through Aries, May 2022 – May 2023, our ‘go for it’ energy is amplified. It’s not quite that simple though. For the planet associated with Aries, Warrior Mars, begins his once-in-twenty-six-months retrograde cycle later this year.

Jupiter, being the planet that represents future, expansion, growth, abundance, optimism, faith, and even ‘luck’, reveals where we grow wisdom through experience. It’s the planetary energy that facilitates a stretch to meet opportunity. With this shift from Pisces to Aries, it’s where ‘what I dream’ becomes ‘what I am doing’.

Jupiter reveals where to place our focus; its themes being flourishing and expansion with a sense of adventure, enthusiasm, daring, entrepreneurial spirit and faith in the journey. Here we come to the multi-layered perspective on any planetary placement. Jupiter becomes fully active in Aries on 29 May, with a conjunction from Warrior Mars, Aries ruler, at 3 Aries. This is a truly potent and potentially surprising meeting, where Mars energy with its passion, daring, and reactive nature meets the expansion or exaggeration of Jupiter. Wherever this plays in your unique birth chart, it’s a dynamic activation that sets the scene for the entire period of Jupiter’s progress through Aries. Whatever takes place at this point, the energies then quieten for integration, especially from late October onward, as Mars goes retrograde in airy Gemini until January 2023. Whatever doors burst open at the May conjunction, this shift needs time for reflection and integration. Retrograde means reflection, revision, energy moving inward rather than into expression. We enter the ‘two steps forward – one back’ that marks a process of growing wisdom and engagement in this new cycle. Jupiter was previously in Aries, June 2010 – June 2011, February 1999 – February 2000, March 1987 – March 1988 and so on. You may notice a common theme in these past transits that suggests a similar focus now.

Following Mars retrograde period, Jupiter activates more dynamic awakening in March 2023, in a four planet stellium with Wounded Healer Chiron, Messenger Mercury and Goddess of Venus. This is when the focus of growth now through March 2023 reaches towards its peak of power. Then as Jupiter leaves Aries for earthy Taurus in May 2023, there is a collective awakening point, a truly important new beginning. Jupiter at 0 Taurus will square Lord of the Underworld Pluto, at 0 Aquarius, bringing huge potential to what has been called the ‘Aquarian Age’. Pluto’s shift into Aquarius is deeply indicative of the balance of power shifting away from the hierarchical structures that have slowly been falling apart, towards the people, community, humanitarian, and environmental action. Grass roots movements that have been slowly growing receive a potent boost at this time, perhaps through collective crisis. Jupiter square to Pluto as he enters Aquarius gives the evolutionary imperative a significant uplift. It’s a defining moment where resourcefulness is both needed and available.

When Jupiter changes signs, a particular area of your life will come into focus for an entire year. Look where Aries is in your chart ( will help if you don’t know or schedule an in-depth consultation). The general themes for this year-long placement are:
– Learning and discovery through experience. With Mars retrograde from October don’t expect instant results. Aries impatience is being tempered.
– A positive attitude supports growth, as does a recognition of process.
– Bring focus to your love for yourself. Where self-love calling for deeper healing and engagement, and thus embodiment?
– Explore your instinctive responses and reactions: passion, daring, courage, anger, and their shadows of self-doubting, holding back, repression.
– Strong Jupiter energy calls for engagement. What passion project do you want to engage? Does your body call for more exercise, dynamism, and playfulness? How might you more fully engage the innocent joy of being alive purely in this moment?
– The shadow of this placement in Aries suggests recklessness, getting too scattered, starting but not finishing, or burn out. The fire and air mix of Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Gemini is inconsistent, unstable, and potentially impulsive. Learning from reactions is primed.

As Jupiter is moving forward until 29 July, reaching 8 Aries. This is the initiation period for active engagement of these themes.

There is a brief revisit of Jupiter to Pisces from 28 October until 21 December, encouraging us to reconnect to our soul vision, to surrender action into the ocean of consciousness. As Mars stations retrograde on 31 October, whatever has been unfolding comes to full stop. It’s wise to pay attention; to rest and replenish, to renew from the deepest source. What has been initiated will find its new grounding; trust is required.

Although Jupiter reaches 0 Aries again on 21 December, Mars does not begin to move forward until 13 January. He starts very slowly, not passing over his retrograde shadow until 17 March. We are not able to see the full scope of this entire period until that point. Like strongly rooted trees, we are being grown towards the next frequency of engagement in collective evolution that opens dynamically in May 2023. Jupiter strongly supports the deepening of our trust in this evolutionary process.

You are but one facet of this wonderful creation, yet your contribution truly makes a difference. Jupiter in Aries grows the next frequency of self-love, self-belief, and the full engagement of your unique involvement in humanity’s rebirth. Jupiter calls you to believe it, to trust it. More than anything, to have faith in your unique contribution, to joyfully live it!

ART by Arthouse 7, MCH Artwork