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The Feminine is Calling

By April 25, 2023No Comments

This season’s Lunar Eclipse emerges at 18.34BST on Friday 5 May at 14 Scorpio. As a South Node Eclipse, it’s calling us to explore where emotional holding, resistance or lack of whole-body sensational awareness need to make way for true caretaking of the physical and environmental realities of being human. The Sun conjunct Uranus shines a bright light of awakening on what’s needed for us to wake up with new frequencies of clarity and aliveness.

There’s a key calling from the Sacred Feminine evident in these eclipse energies. Just prior to the Eclipse, Eclipse ruler Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius on 1 May, with co-ruler Warrior Mars square the Wounded Healer archetype Chiron in Aries. Chiron is conjunct Asteroid Medusa – symbolising the collective trauma that stems from patriarchal controlling and goal-orientated, destructive ways of being. Medusa’s voice is strong, demanding we acknowledge the impact of our current disconnections on all life. Yet in acknowledging this demand, we must face the fears of violation and desecration held in our ancestral and collective memories. It’s an intense and tender time that needs a fierce yet loving approach.

We are coming to a peak deconstruction period as Pluto heads back into Capricorn. It’s yet another deep demolition of what no longer serves our collective evolution in terms of false power and authority, the denial of our deep interdependence with nature. As our old ways of being are falling away, slowly but surely, the Feminine archetypes in both men and women are strongly highlighted. Feminine ways of leadership are calling.

This eclipse is in a fixed T-square with Black Moon Lilith in Leo. She demands heart-felt leadership, pointing towards where we hide, failing to acknowledge or honour our individual creative contribution to this key process. This is a demand to step up as individuals in the ways we respond to our wounding. It delivers the potential for a deeper recognition that everything we do individually has impact for holistic health in the broadest sense, or not. It’s up to each of us. And it’s a calling to Feminine ways of leadership i.e., an integrated approach and holistically orientated action.

Furthermore, Earth Mother Ceres stations direct at 23 Virgo on 6 May. Ceres is conjunct Asteroid Osiris, a primary archetype of wounded Masculine consciousness. This alliance suggests that we need to explore how to refine and uplift any imbalance of Masculine/Feminine energies, especially regarding healthy physical and environmental habits. The sign of Virgo symbolises the Priestess archetype, where we place our devotion. Cere’s station delivers a reconstructive potential where the Feminine can uplift the energies of whatever has fallen away, bringing new life to the Masculine. This applies both internally and in relating. Where does 23 Virgo sit in your chart? There’s a key to renewal there.

Elias Lonsdale’s Star Destiny degree for the Eclipse reflects the key Feminine potentials in us all at this time, yet especially is calling women to remember and act on our deep wisdom, to become living leaders within our own lives. That word ‘leader’ is a tricky one, because of misuse. I see it as living a creative heartfelt contribution to life within and beyond oneself, that feeds the psyche with living love, integrity and deep earthy wisdom.

Scorpio 15: A Woman with a Gold Tooth –  ‘She knows something that nothing in this world can ever make her forget. She cleaves to this pivotal ingredient with the utmost tenacity. And she taps it as her key to her Earth existence. What she is onto is the path of the Goddess in all her serpentine windings. She knows this path from forever. …. Her being is aflame with the power of the feminine depths of the Earth. She can do or be anything if she is close to that flame inside…… She inwardly demands that she remember and rekindle the path of ecstatic celebrational oneness with all forms of life …. Often she must embrace her most outrageous self to find her way back to this ancient and sacred place’ (and much more).

The recognition inherent in this eclipse is we can no longer mess about with the old ways of patriarchy in half measures… one foot in the old whilst one is in the new. This summer we’re being offered the keys to stepping up individually and allowing our deep-seated wisdom to emerge as a full-hearted contribution to the collective. A Scorpio Eclipse is a gatekeeper, calling us to into the depths of emotional honesty and integrity. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth after all.

Art: Frida Kahlo (Mexican, 1907-1954) The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Diego, Me, and Señor Xolotl (1949)