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The Deeper Calling

By February 1, 2021No Comments

Asteroid & Priestess archetype Vesta has been travelling through Virgo since 22 October 2020 and remains in the earth sign of devotion and service, purification and refinement, until 19 July. She is a strong Sacred Feminine energy for us this year therefore, especially in terms of what we feel deeply called to improve, refine and uplift, or to devote ourselves too as a sacred practice, even if that’s a seemingly mundane activity. Vesta signifies what calls us deeply from the heart. She is a flame of passion and devotion. When focused, this purifying fire of Vesta brings new life and a deep sense of sacredness to life within and in our lives, beyond yet within our experience.

Vesta’s journey through Virgo calls us to refine and uplift our health habits, our connection to our body, sexual expression and connection to nature as a naturally sacred aspect of being human. Virgo is the sign of discernment. It focuses on the smallest aspects of our self-expression (or a system) in order to recognise and respond to what needs improvement in the field of health, well-being, work and service.  As Vesta is in Virgo for such an extended period (October 2020 – July 2021 moving retrograde 19 January – 19 April) these themes are calling us deeply.

Whilst Vesta is traversing Virgo she opposes Mystic Neptune in Pisces three times (20 December 2020, 9 February and 1 July 2021). This amplifies her sacred nature as we are called to surrender trying to fix, control or improve anything from an egoic perspective and discover the deeper layers in whatever we’re endeavouring to refine. This opposition calls us to find a new synergy between feelings of powerlessness, or a narrow-minded focus on ‘what’s wrong’ that causes us to obsess or leap towards a seeming solution from fear of resting in the unknown. It’s about trust in a process of change, trusting that the knowing of what is needed will arise in right timing. With both planets in mutable signs, it may seem hard to grasp exactly what is required, however intuition, or the attunement to our deeper knowing that happens through spiritual practice, music or creativity, or simply being, is the guide here, letting go the mental hamster-wheel of trying to work it out and listening deeper.

This extract from the chapter on Vesta in my new book ‘Sacred Pathways-Discovering Divine Feminine Archetypes in You‘ speaks of the process.

‘The calling of the Vesta archetype is towards an embodied spirituality or service through our heart’s devotion. Her Priestess energy points us back towards the body as a sacred vessel and the container for spirit. She opens us to the knowing of our natural purity as spirit in body. She represents our birthright to experience fulfilment and ecstasy within a human body.

When we give energy to what is truly sacred to us through focus or devotion, whether that’s a sacred practice or a worldly task, we open up the potential for fulfilment. Fulfilment occurs when we feel complete in what we are expressing, sharing or doing. It’s a state of fullness; body-connected, Earth-connected and spirit-connected.

Patriarchal thinking with its external goal orientation and endless pursuit of success or more, fails to bring fulfilment, or if it does, it does so only briefly. This focus on success actually draws us away from fulfilment. It can also lead us away from our heart’s true focus.  Success means nothing if it’s not connected to our core values. It can sometimes be the ultimate failure to live our lives in a meaningful way.’

The shadow of Vesta in Virgo can pull us too far outward – what we think is worthy work or service – where we get lost in activity or distractions rather than resting in our body-wisdom and responding from there. Or we can go so far inward that we fail to come out in expression of our true purpose of being and living from our deep inner space. Vesta’s flame can go out when we dive into too much solitude or mind-fuelled activity.  Discovering a living balance of inward being and external expression through this period is key.  With Vesta also square to the Moon’s Nodes from now into early March and then again in mid-May there is a karmic element to whatever is opening in our experience. The potential is to reclaim a sacred balance of opening, receiving and nurturing, with heart-centred commitment in service through action to what has true value to us.