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The Art of Listening

By August 30, 2022October 28th, 2022No Comments

The air sign Gemini is coming into strong focus over the next six months. The sign of the twins, Gemini is associated with the rational mind, curiosity, opinions, research, science, learning, teaching, and writing. The phrase ‘being in two minds’ reflects the quicksilver nature of Gemini. There’s always more to discover and communicate. Yet inevitably there comes a point of choice. With Gemini, duality is always present (and we all have Gemini somewhere in our make-up). Its gift is flexibility, changing like the wind. Curiosity is often Gemini’s carrot. Questions, dialogue, and interaction, switching direction, abuzz with the exchange of ideas, Gemini seeks to know as much about the world as possible, then move on. Gathering and sharing information is their food.

Like the connectivity of twins, communication must run two ways to be a true exchange. Geminis are born to listen as well as chat. Yet the speedy mentality of this air sign often jumps ahead before it’s absorbed what’s being presented. This is as true with our internal processes as with conversations. The Gemini ‘need to know’ then works against itself. For in its quicksilver capacity of jumping to conclusions, the potential is it misses hearing what it doesn’t yet know. It fails to catch the one element that may make the biggest difference.

Engaging our fullest capacity for listening is an upcoming theme. The astrological signature for this is warrior planet Mars travelling retrograde through Gemini. Mars is the action planet. It signifies in what manner our will aligns with direct action to create a result. The red planet energises whatever sign it passes through. So, Mars in Gemini would usually indicate a period when the fast-moving exchange and development of ideas gets results. It’s an enterprising, determined placement. The fiery action orientation of Mars being fuelled by airy Gemini’s flexibility to meet the challenges of each moment. Yet every planetary transit has its shadow. Mars in Gemini can also be frank and outspoken, even quarrelsome. Words can become weapons. Nervous tension can run high. There’s an intensity that drives beyond boundaries.

The natural action of Mars’ outward focused arrow is to penetrate and forge ahead. Its symbol is the sign we know for ‘man’. Yet as with any planet, Mars’ nature changes in retrograde motion. With the warrior planet, what was moving outward becomes inward focused. The arrow points back on itself. Like the three fingers pointing towards oneself when we’re pointing the finger at someone. As Mars is the planet of direction, this can bring us up short. For the usual ways we express and utilise Mars energy will be less available, even absent. Becoming aware of the process, timing and themes is supportive. The overall picture of this Mars retrograde period is encouraging, if we honour how Mars energy is moving differently. But trying to push a boat upriver, will be even more ineffective than normal. Anywhere effort or force is used is likely to be counterproductive.

Timing: Mars retrograde 31 October 2022 to 12 January 2023 25 Gemini to 8 Gemini
Extended by shadow zone: 4 September to 15 March

Events and circumstances 4 September to 31 October in particular, will point towards the retrograde themes in your life. Mercury is also retrograde for part of this period, in Libra, so relationships are likely to be a strong focus.

Key pointers:

A spirit of enterprise bubbling away inside. Tuning in. Getting quiet, to really hear what’s there. A revelation of hidden talents. Or a process of discovery and learning or study. The keys are patience, being open-minded, flexible, and committing when revelation strikes. Little and often rides higher than fast and furious.

Listening deep, to yourself and to what you really desire. Treating pettiness, minor irritations, conflict orientation as a spiritual key, listening to what these energies are revealing about what you truly need or want. Boredom indicates a lack of real self-connection. Lack of enthusiasm? Commit to some deep rest.

Listening well to those you love. Choose your battles wisely. Awareness of the necessity of change as a catalyst for growth in partnerships & intimacy. Exploring sexual patterning and intimacy in new ways. Desire may diminish or find new avenues of expression.

Ditching self-doubt and self-criticism. Growing awareness of monkey-mind and negative self-talk. Transmuting through mindfulness and other practices, or healing modalities. Having self-care strategies in place, and engaging them, when nervous tension rises (particularly strong around the station retrograde 31 October and station direct 12 January)

Energy levels. Mars represent our physical vitality. When well-placed, it energises. Retrograde in Gemini, usual energy levels may be lacking, or backing up. As Mars is fire energy and rules the head, headaches, rashes, minor irritations may flare up. As always, physical symptoms suggest an imbalance. Mars arrow is pointing towards it. Checking out is wise. Curiosity is key.

Timing: More haste, less speed. Holding awareness of process rather than goals. This is a good period to plan, organise and engage a long-term project, with awakened awareness of one step at a time.

Curiosity about communication. Noticing what words you use and when. What are you really saying? What triggers you? What’s that about really? Words as weapons or connectors.

Perception creates reality. How is this true for you, if it is? What might need to change?

This Mars retrograde period, with outer planets also retrograde until late November through to January, is likely to feel slow. Much like autumn’s flow into winter, we can ride with this if we choose to, taking time to rest, focus inwardly, reorient, and engage gently in what reveals itself. It is a fertile period but may not feel like it. Autumn is beguiling, in that seeds lie hidden, buds are dormant, yet they are building energy for spring. We can do this too. The key lies in becoming rested, despite our drives to ‘get on with it’, whatever ‘it’ is, and in allowing the quietness of our Being to be heard. The key to this transit lies in the art of listening. It’s anathema to Mars; it’s a potential challenge for Gemini; yet supportive aspects from other planets suggest we may well thrive in this quieter fertile time. The presence of Asteroid Sophia, Goddess of Divine Wisdom, also in Gemini (July 2022-April 2023) suggests a gift of deeper wisdom is in the making.


ART by Julia Loken