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The Adventure of Relationship

By April 9, 2021No Comments

The Juno archetype in astrology is known as Queen of Heaven, embodying the ancient triple goddess Maiden-Mother-Crone. Her role is sovereign, protector of women, guardian of women’s sexuality and fertility, guardian of brides and childbirth.  She represents the fullness of the Feminine within partnership, with a complexity of roles and functions. Juno’s astrological placement in a birth-chart reveals how we relate within partnership and intimacy. She reveals to us how to mature in the fullness of our Divine Feminine nature and to realise the potential of sacred partnership through the adventure of connection and intimacy.

Juno’s primary calling is to intimate partnership and its fulfilment. She is the guardian of the principle of conscious relationship. As Queen of Heaven, she’s not interested in other aspects of life. Why would she be? She’s already complete in herself and she is called to express that fullness on the earth. She innately knows the potential for sacred union as the peak of human expression. She has no doubt that is her purpose. As the asteroid of partnership, Juno reveals the synergy of the yearning for love and the transformative nature of the desire for union. She reveals where we are called to develop qualities such as commitment, forgiveness, strength and power, self-belief and understanding in our relationship journeys. She can pertain to any close relationship – business partners, guru-disciple, therapist-client or loving friendships – and its challenge of remaining deeply connected through the dance of love and its shadow.

Relationship is not just Juno’s purpose; it’s her delight. She will give everything – both her love and her shadow – for sacred unity to be known. If we have this calling to partnership, we are wise to recognise that an intimate relationship requires commitment. Commitment is easy when we’re in love’s pleasure. When the shadow arises it’s more of a challenge. This challenge is two-fold. Firstly, it is to stay connected to oneself in the darkness of conflict or pain. Secondly it is to stay with the knowing of love within the relationship when it seems to have gone. Just as with nature’s seasons, the maturing of relationship requires we face the challenges of winter’s bleakness and cold.

Asteroid Goddess Juno stations retrograde at 24 Sagittarius at 11.13GDT on 12 April so her archetypal themes are a major focus right now. Her journey through fiery Sagittarius (18 December 2020 – 14 November 2021) brings questions of commitment and freedom in relationships to the forefront of our consciousness.

Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, freedom and independence. For partnership-orientated Juno to flourish in this expansive fire sign, there needs to be a shared foundation of core beliefs, vision or values. Growth is a core Sagittarian value, so the space to expand, flourish, be together yet individuals is vital. Relationship evolution arises through a shared love of adventure or learning, a ‘meeting of minds’, mutual respect and connection to the meaning of ‘relationship’ to both partners. If core values differ ie. if one partner prioritises freedom and the other, closeness and intimacy, the shadow energies of Sagittarius can be amplified, creating dissatisfaction or conflict.

The shadow energy of Sagittarius is anathema to committed partnership. It values freedom and independence at any cost. If there’s not enough space within relationship, or if relating gets too ‘heavy’, the Sagittarian compulsion to escape is activated. Healthy Juno in Sagittarius reveals to us how to integrate individuality with commitment, to create relationships based on the reality and healthy balance of what is shared and what is individual. The need to keep relating fresh and new, an adventure in connectivity, is essential. It’s about growing together. Key questions with this placement: What connects us? What brings aliveness? What do each of us individually bring to this relationship that supports it in flourishing?

As Juno moves retrograde through Sagittarius, she meets with the Moon’s South Node twice. The first of these contacts was in mid-February and the next through July into early August. These connections are karmic points of completion or seed-points of renewal in our relationships that may indicate ‘We’re done’, i.e. the soul’s learning is complete, or the discovery of a new point of connection. The key theme for the whole of Juno’s journey in Sagittarius is about renewing a commitment to growth. In these evolutionary times, and with Juno opposite Mars in Gemini as she stations retrograde now, the ways we connect and communicate with each other are of primary importance not just personally, but to our collective evolution. Having the willingness to explore new meeting points is vital in the ongoing adventure of relationship, if we are to thrive and also evolve.

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