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The Adventure of Co-Creativity

By January 16, 2023No Comments

New Moon every 29.5 days offers us a seed of new potential. Depending on its zodiac sign this seed activates opportunity in every aspect of our human lives from the very personal to our relationship to collective humanity. This month’s New Moon emerges at 1* Aquarius at 20.53GMT on 21 January. It points towards an uplift in the recent slow moving yet intense pace of life. It’s time to become renewed in inspiration, to move onward and upward.

Aquarius is the sign where our individuality meets the larger spheres of life: expanding the mind, stepping out of comfort zones, standing strong in our individual contribution to groups, organisations and the collective. Known as the sign of the rebel, Aquarius thrives on the edges of life, yet being a fixed sign, also strives to establish itself through outside-the box-thinking, pioneering, and invention. A contradictory sign, Aquarius prides itself on being different, yet also has a need to join with others of similar nature. It’s where our uniqueness (or our weirdness) meets and enjoys unconventionality in others. It’s where we find our tribe. The Aquarian New Moon calls us both to celebrate and engage our wild edges fully. It is to recognise that there is no other like you, that without you the collective is incomplete, yet that we share our common humanity. We are both one and One.

Despite calendar New Year, this New Moon marks the real start of a new year. Warrior Mars (retrograde in Gemini since late October), representing our intentions, will, physical energy and capacity for action, is now moving forward. Messenger Mercury (retrograde in Capricorn since 29 December) stations direct on 18 January, Awakener Uranus stations direct at 14 Taurus at 22.58GMT on 22 January. As this New Moon is ruled by Uranus at a potent point in his journey through Taurus, it makes it high energy Aquarian. If you’re feeling wired, weird or wacky, discombobulated or rebellious, fed up with the status quo, that’s it! From 22nd, all major planets will be in forward motion until mid-April. This encourages us to step up with whatever seeds of new consciousness and contribution have been gestating through this long slow autumn and winter. Even if you don’t know what they are, there’s a calling to experimentation and risk. Try something new, see where it takes you!

The aspects at this New Moon suggest that relationships are a key theme to whatever is calling for new energy. A kite aspect joining a Grand Air Trine of planets with Blessing-giver Jupiter conjunct his consort Queen of Heaven Juno in Aries, holds a fire of inspiration, intuitive intelligence and insight, co-creative power, and the capacity for sharing wisdom. It’s about revealing and engaging what serves the highest good of all, in your unique way, perhaps through new alliances. The energies may feel chaotic but transmutation beyond our egoic control often takes place in that fiery crucible. The key is in allowing it.

The New Moon conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto, in the final degrees of Capricorn, either empowers the potentials or calls us to face fears and doubts about stepping up, perhaps both. An opposition from the New Moon to Black Moon Lilith, newly arrived in Leo, also suggests rejection of self at some level can be a sabotaging influence: fearing to shine, wounded self-confidence, or hiding, act as veils to your true brilliance. The energies of Leo are extra-potent this year. Stepping into new arenas, discovering new resources, enjoying being you, are key themes. At this New Moon it’s time to dig deep for new frequencies of self-worth, finance, and material resources that will expand throughout the year. Deep is where the jewels lie. Trusting in your unique capacity of contribution is the magic that brings them into reach.

As Earth Mother Ceres is extra-potent at this New Moon and remains in Libra (with a brief revisit to Virgo) through to mid-September, the dynamic potentials within relationships, the dance of surrender and co-creative inspiration, is inextricably linked with our evolving soulful direction and contribution at this time. Who do you feel drawn towards? What conversations might you need to have? You may not know the why or wherefore, but the energies are suggesting: go there anyway. The adventure of co-creativity is calling.