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Rooted in Belonging

By June 21, 2022No Comments

The New Moon at 7 Cancer emerges at 03.52BST on Wednesday 29 June.

Watery Cancer is the sign of mother, child, family, food, and home. It’s where we experience a personal sense of belonging, where our emotional roots are grounded, or not. Cancer is also the sign where we connect to vulnerability, sensitivity, and intuition. It’s belly wisdom and our desire to make a tangible feeling connection with others. At its deepest, this is the sign of the Great Mother and her boundless unconditional love for her children.

The New Moon in Cancer draws our attention to how we feel about ourselves, our emotional world, our home, and those we relate to. It calls us towards a new beginning in validating our feelings and intuition….. for example, what do you intuitively know needs some loving attention? Towards what aspect of your life is your belly wisdom calling you? With Mystic Neptune just station retrograde, the feeling realm is heightened now. Our relationship towards our deepest feelings – whether emotion or soulful, or both – is certainly amplified.

Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith is conjunct this New Moon. In Cancer (April – Jan 2023) Lilith in Cancer plays through the shadow of support and calls up questions such as: Where do I allow others in, or push away in protection? How might I be more willing to actually feel and support the emotional elements of my nature? What is my relationship to vulnerability – my own, or another’s? Lilith particularly highlights ‘mother wounding’ – through being parented or being a parent. She demands we move towards impersonal understanding of the most personal elements of our humanness. She reveals our most vulnerable places and how we relate to them with consciousness, or reaction. Lilith’s calling is recognise that we are all vulnerable in our humanness and to move through our deepest layers of rejection of that.

A Grand Water Trine with Mystic Neptune & asteroid of relating Juno in Pisces, Earth Mother Ceres in Cancer, and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, heightens the feeling vibes at this New Moon. Close friendships or intimate partnerships may well be mirroring karmic threads from ancestry that can feel overwhelming to sensitivity. A square to the New Moon from Blessing-giver Jupiter in Aries, encourages us not to just feel, but to act on what’s emerging. Where are you needing deeper roots in being ‘at home’, whatever that means to you? Or it may be that an action you take, opens vulnerability or feelings of exposure that are at the root of disconnections somewhere in your life. However this plays out in experience, there is a link between self-worth, family patterning, reactions, and sensitivity.

At the Cancer New Moon, the key is always in allowing feeling to emerge as an anchor in deeper self-knowing and care. If we cannot feel deeply, we cannot love deeply. Cancer is where the balm of love can soothe and heal our deepest disconnections. This New Moon is about allowing that to reach you, where you most need it… letting it in, full receiving it …. allowing Love to do its good work in your most vulnerable places.