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Rejuvenation Rising

By November 18, 2022No Comments

The New Moon at 1 Sagittarius emerges at 22.58GMT on Wednesday 23 November.

The fire of Sagittarius is opening! It’s a breath of fresh air after a deep dark sojourn in Scorpio waters. Personal planets of the mind and heart, Messenger Mercury and Goddess of Love Venus entered Sagittarius on 17th and 18th November respectively. They are in an exact conjunction at 7 Sagittarius on Monday 21st. This shifts our mentality, feelings, and values from the deeply inward and transformative sign of Scorpio towards expansiveness, fun and enjoyment. It’s a time of lightening up!

Sagittarius is the fire sign of expansion, learning, discovery, and adventure. It’s where we go beyond our boundaries to explore pastures new; sometimes through study, higher education, philosophy, or spirituality; sometimes through physical travel or connection with a culture different to our own. The New Moon at 1 Sagittarius emerging at 22.58GMT on Wednesday 23 November, in this fire sign encourages us to explore and enjoy, to discover new meaning for our lives that inspires, excites, and broadens our horizons.

This wonderfully expansive New Moon on Wednesday is supported by its ruler, Blessing-giver Jupiter also, turning to direct motion at 28 Pisces just five minutes after the New Moon is exact. This gives us a double whammy boost of optimism, joyful spontaneity, and trust in our journey of evolution.  We are called to take the deep wisdom that has been gestating in the recent watery Scorpio phase and bring it to life with faith and trust. We are emerging from the darkness of the Underworld, where we’ve been discovering deeper truth. Now it’s time to expand and act on what has been discovered, to give it meaning in your life.  

As Priestess Vesta moves from Aquarius into Pisces on Sunday, the mutable signs are gaining strength. This supports our flexibility, spontaneity, and capacity to let go and flow. Vesta was in Pisces briefly in mid-May to mid-August, so you may find themes from that time re-emerging now. Vesta in Pisces strengthens intuition and a capacity for vision or inspired creativity. In the sign of the Mystery, she naturally opens a transcendent quality in spiritual practice. The key is to open and allow that into full embodiment, enthusing and feeding the body with blessings, gratitude and even bliss.

With the Sagittarian wild-fire energy, that can over-enthuse or run on blind faith, and numinous Piscean receptivity, it’s vital to stay grounded over these next few weeks. Whatever dreams you’re moving with can and will go through the furnace of reality as planets in Sagittarius oppose Warrior Mars retrograde late November and early December, when Wise Elder Saturn will also call for focus. Nonetheless, over this next week, the Sagittarian zest for life and adventure will carry you far. It’s time to simply take the risk, open and flow with these new energies – just for the love of it, to live in full enjoyment of life’s endless possibilities!