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Opening New Perspectives

By May 24, 2022No Comments

The New Moon at 9 Gemini emerges at 12.30BST on Monday 30 May. Prior to that Warrior Mars conjunct Blessing-giver Jupiter is exact at 3 Aries on Sunday 29 May.

As we approach the New Moon in Gemini we’re faced with a quandary of engaging two very different energies. Warrior planet Mars entered his own sign Aries on 25 May, amping up the fire of our physical energy, desire nature and  drive to get moving. As he meets with Jupiter, newly arrived in Aries, vitality levels soar. It’s a dynamic powerhouse meeting that calls for new beginnings, engaging drive and action. Yet, as is often the case with incoming energies, it’s not that simple. For the mind, represented by Mercury retrograde in slow and steady Taurus at the moment, may not have clarity of direction. Aspects of the project plan, choice to be made, or direction, seem to be missing, or maybe it’s simply that the mind is lagging behind, or sabotaging your instinctual or intuitive awareness.

The shadow  of Aries can exacerbate reaction, frustration and anger, especially where there is no positive focus for the momentum, or where there is a denial and bypassing of deeper, more personal needs. This dance between Aries ‘go for it’ and Taurus ‘wait and see’ can indicate irritation, or simply taking a risk and then learning through what happens. That saying ‘You can’t win it, if you’re not in it’ is apt here, as Aries is naturally competitive and action orientated.  Belly wisdom is primed, so this suggests also following your more subtle knowing, or gut feeling about what is needed. One of the keys to this quandary is in being more active in self-loving behaviour and self-confidence. Ultimately the energy is neutral but dynamic, so the experience is in how we engage it.  Isn’t that always so?

The airy New Moon at 9 Gemini emerges on Monday and is in harmonious sextile to the Mars-Jupiter catalyst. This annual New Moon in Gemini is usually a light, bright and playful new beginning point. Gemini is the air sign of the twins, ruling the rational mind, our intelligence, learning, teaching and communication, writing, comedy and fun. It is the sign connected to adolescence and therefore to curiosity and experimentation, flitting here and there, like a butterfly.

This New Moon is a much lighter energetic imprint than the Aries fire, yet being air will feed it. As Moon-ruler Mercury is still retrograde, but preparing to move forward at his station direct degree, 26 Taurus (conjunct the Eye of Medusa and Sedna), this New Moon may highlight awareness about self-sabotage or deep wounding behind recent experience, through the link to Mercury. It may feel like some kind of choice or decision is imminent, yet there’s a feeling of being incapacitated, perhaps self-doubting or resistant. It’s key to recognise the play of current perspectives being fuelled by the past, rather than potential.

Gemini is the sign of the twins – black/white or right/wrong thinking – so it’s wise to recognise the multiple perspectives available through the mind, and highlighted at this New Moon. The rational mind and instinctual or intuitive awareness may be odds with each other. We’re encouraged to go beyond all of them and trust our finer potential. As Mercury begins to move forward on Saturday 4 June  the diverse pieces of the quandary will start slowly to become clearer. Action on that clarity has potential to find its new ground from 12 June, when Mercury re-enters its own sign, and will arise from a more integrated place. Mars in his own sign, fiery Aries, (especially aligned with Jupiter) wants to move now! That’s both its gift and challenge. With his consort Goddess of Love Venus now in her own sign, earthy Taurus, along with Mercury retrograde, this phase potentially delivers a deeper recognition of where and how to act and our underlying motivations, and when to wait awhile. It may reveal where rushing is an act arising from egoic fears, whereas engaging with passion and enthusiasm delivers the potential of evolution. There is no right or wrong in this energy play, simply an opportunity to discover our deeper motivations and drives, where we move from, and how aligned that action is with our Being.