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New Year! Or Not?

By January 5, 2021No Comments

For centuries January 1st has been the start of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar. Man’s imposed structure and schedule over-riding the natural rhythms of our Earth’s seasons, the more ancient calendars aligned with natural timing and universal rhythms. But what if this seemingly meaningful entry point into a new year is actually meaningless? This year universal energies reveal this more profoundly perhaps than ever before.

Many of you who are more consciously aligned with natural and universal timing, will have heard about the alignment known as the Grand Conjunction on the Solstice. It was a seeding point – one of many – for a new era known as the Age of Aquarius and three new cycles, twenty, two hundred and eight hundred years. We are dynamically entering that new age now, however the energies for January still point back towards 2020 frequencies, mainly in a continuing focus on the sign of Capricorn and the retrograde journey of planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. It is only when this phase has passed that we truly begin to engage a ‘new year’ with all its possibilities.

Looking at the aspects through January and early February there are two significant shift points that move us further into the Aquarian frequencies. They occur on 11 and 17 February. Until then we are still in a time of finishing up 2020 energies. It only takes a look at what’s occurring in our global circumstances to understand that deconstruction, challenge and change, hardship and even tragedy are still strong themes. Before we arrive at mid-February we have some very strong dynamic transitions to meet consciously. Let’s take a look.

From Capricorn to Aquarius – From 2020 to 2021 Frequencies

4 January: Messenger Mercury conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto at 24 Capricorn
We see echoes of 2020 in the new lockdown restrictions imposed. Power lies in perspective; disempowerment in resistance to what is.

6 January: Warrior Mars enters Taurus until 4 March
Mars moves onto new ground. Time to get clear on what motivates you and commitment to act on it.

8 January Messenger Mercury moves into Aquarius
The planet of mind flows into the sign of pioneering, where it will retrograde from 30 January to 20 February. Over this next 9.5 weeks we’re called to explore our fixed ideas, beliefs, strategies, to uplift and innovate.
Goddess of Love Venus moves into Capricorn until 30 January
Venus activates last year’s energy dynamics. We’re encouraged to become more responsible about creating a sense of abundance and enjoyment even in difficult times.

a process of dynamic change

10 January Goddess of Eris stations direct at 23 Aries
Volatile energies open up through next week and beyond starting with Eris. The inner demand to face what is being avoided is strong. Energies need to keep moving in creative ways for the next few weeks or else may erupt.
13 January New Moon at 23 Capricorn conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto square Eris station direct
Pluto represents our relationship to power or those we believe hold authority over us. At core this is calling for stepping up, speaking out, fighting for our rights but there may well be a price to be paid for agitation rather than authenticity.

14 January Uranus direct 6 Taurus
As Uranus changes direction energy levels reach a peak – dynamism or agitation, innovation or irritability, activation or protest. A lot depends how we receive these high frequency dynamic shifts and how we respond to a profound calling for renewal.

17 – 21 January Blessing-giver Jupiter at 6 Aquarius square Awakener Uranus at 6 Taurus (+Mars & Black Moon Lilith applying conjunct Uranus. Mars/Uranus exact 20 January)
Volatile energy days. A big opportunity to wake up, open up, design, innovate, strategise and implement with what’s either challenging you or awakening you or both. It’s a door opening. A requirement (purely from oneself) to step through into new frequency.

26 January Mystic Neptune sq Moon’s Nodes 19 Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius
A re-energised aspect from 29 November 2020. Don’t believe everything you think, hear or read, particularly information. The need to check facts or perspective.

28 January Full Moon at 9 Leo
Habits, sticking points, the arrogance of fixed beliefs are all highlighted. And all for the purpose of growth.

Venus moves from Morning to Evening Star as she orbits behind the Sun

30 January Mercury retrograde 26 Aquarius
See 8 January
Warrior Mars conjunct Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith at 11 Taurus
The demands or calling of our body, our senses, nature, the Earth & the Feminine requiring us to step up, step out, act now for a more holistic, truly abundant way of being and well-being.

1 February Venus enters Aquarius having just set as Morning Star
Venus begins her underworld journey as she enters Aquarius. We’re called inward to reflect on evolving friendships, relationships and our creative contribution to our world. Venus emerges as Evening Star on 15 May

11 February New Moon at 23 Aquarius
A truly awesome stellium line-up of 7 planets in Aquarius ruled by Uranus in Taurus.
The dramatic shake-up of 2020 final phases brings us to a real point of change, personally, collectively, environmentally. This is the next seed point for Aquarian energies grounding.

17 February Wise Elder Saturn square Awakener Uranus, sextile Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Aries
The first of three aspects that call into question the dynamics between our personal values and what is required for collective needs. Ongoing through 2021. Embodying the living principles of the Age of Aquarius – contribution, innovation, inventiveness.

By the time we reach mid-February the new energies of Aquarius will be landing more fully in our lives. Although Pluto remains in Capricorn until January 2024, the deconstruction of our ‘old world’ had reached a peak from which there is no return to ‘normal’. Much as we might want to go back to sleep, we are here for an unfolding purpose, as individuals and together. As we venture deeper into these unfolding new frequencies that will become clearer for us all.