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Love & Let Go

By June 27, 2024No Comments

The New Moon at 14 Cancer emerges at 23.57BST on Friday 5 July.

The Moon and her cycles symbolises our moment-to-moment connections and feelings… the ever-changing moods and nuances of a fast moving cycle, just as we see in the ocean tides. She’s a feature of how we know ourselves, our place in the world and with others, in every-day ways. New Moon offers us a symbolic benchmark in those tides, a temporary state of connecting individuality (the Sun) with ever-evolving human needs (the Moon). When it comes to the Moon’s own sign, Cancer, we’re called to explore our sense of self and where we belong within the sphere of emotional connection, especially with family, roots, tribe and those we love.

This New Moon brings mothering and grand-mothering into focus. In that I’m pointing towards the qualities of nurture and care, feeding and tending that archetypal mother provides; as well as the more detached ‘hands off’ caring that arrives with being grandmother, or Earth Mother.

Timing is a feature of this New Moon, in terms of when it’s time to let go of others in order to facilitate their independence and maturity. Or when it’s time to really hold fast for a while, especially in difficult times. Allowing adult children to be adults, even though they or you may be clinging. Or simply being available when there’s a need, without disempowering.

It’s about the synergy of caring love and tough love, attachment and good-enough parenting, detachment and facilitating mature individuality.

There’s also the opportunity to grieve those letting go processes from the past that are still tangible, such as empty nest, or loss of a loved one. Recognising that loss in a daily experience in small ways, no matter how much we hold on, and letting go well, feeling the small losses, helps prepare us for the bigger ones.

This New Moon can offer the comfort of knowing that the wheel of life is always turning, and that nurturing every aspect of it, even the challenging ones, is the gateway to maturity. When we can open to loss, we can open deeper into love.