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Infinite Points of Brilliance

By July 20, 2021January 21st, 2022No Comments

Dark Feminine archetypes – collective patterns in consciousness – are lesser known aspects of our being, nonetheless particularly important to our embodiment process in these times of great change. We find them in mythology and they are represented in the dwarf planets and asteroids of our solar system. Active in our awakening process, Dark Feminine energies call us to claim that which has been suppressed, denied and vilified about our being human, our sexuality and simply being born in a human body, particularly a female body. Perhaps the most denigrated of these shadowy archetypes is Black Moon Lilith. This Lilith – the strongest Lilith archetype, for there are four of them in astrology – has just moved into air sign Gemini, where she plays until April 2022. Let’s take a look at what this shift of Lilith’s placement means within us and in our lives.

Black Moon Lilith is perhaps the most intriguing of all the Dark Feminine archetypes. She entices us towards her mystery; a mystery expressing through a magical dance of darkness and light. There are many myths, lost in time, about the energies of Lilith. In one of the most well-known, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, created equal to him. In refusing to ‘lay under’ Adam, she claimed the equality in which she was created.  Women have been following her footsteps ever since. Yet have been labelled as difficult, ‘too much’, or troublemakers for doing so. This is where Lilith plays in our psyche, for she holds both the dilemma and gift of our inner darkness and its transmutation. She holds the space of ‘nothing is as it seems’. Lilith’s aetheric presence in us is intimately connected to our embodiment process. We cannot ignore her. Try as we might to suppress or reject her edgy presence, her vortex constantly pulls us into her ambiguity.

As Lilith moves from earthy Taurus (October 2021 – now) where we have been encouraged to get in touch with the simplest of our human needs, self-care, connection to nature, the simple abundance of being alive in a human body, we encounter the duality of Gemini. Here Lilith calls our attention to our thought processes, what we project through mind, what information we give validity to, how we learn and communicate. Gemini is the air sign that focuses on rationale, facts and science. As Lilith passes through this sign of duality, the places we are attached to black and white thinking will be challenged. Belief systems will become even more questionable, in particular in our relationships, for Lilith challenges everything for its deepest truth. She calls us to move from the black and white perspective of either/or into the grey areas and also to pinpoint, purely in this moment, exactly what the key connection is.

During this Lilith in Gemini journey what connects and disconnects us through the mental realm is primed for insight and transmutation. Questioning everything is paramount with this placement, even though it might seem to drive us crazy. As Lilith represents paradox, the Mystery of life, this questioning can lead to instability that potentially opens in us a deeper knowing and trust of the infinite possibilities, synchronicities, even magic, that Life is, purely in the moment.  This placement is about how open our intelligence is and how we communicate from it (or not), where it needs a breath of fresh air and where we are evolving to be more present, to be more presence, more naturally connected to the Mystery that we are.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger planet, he who has freedom of all the realms. We all have Gemini in our birth-charts somewhere. Whether it’s a naturally strong focus for us individually or not, Lilith passing through this sign will call our attention towards the realms of intelligence including: intellect & rationale, the left hemisphere realm of info, facts & science; questions, research; learning & teaching, traditional education, writing; fun, playfulness, comedy, sociability, lightness, networking; being free spirited and open-minded; black or white thinking, projection of shadow energies onto others; our thought processes, the ways we communicate & connect the dots;  refining our understanding of ‘thought creates reality’.  The Gemini shadow zones – worry, inconsistency, our use of words: gossip, flippancy, manipulation, escapism, are also highlighted. Overall we’re being called to explored the key themes of fact & fiction, truth & lies, what we give credence to.

It’s key to be aware that where Lilith plays there is always a rejection or questions about traditional values. Lilith wants to defy or go beyond our normal or habitual interpretations of events and experience into the mystery of life on Earth. In this usually light, bright and breezy air sign highlights extremes of connection/disconnection through the mind or the ways we communicate. Key areas for uplifting our intelligence include:

  • Genius – keen insight, aha moments, sharing ideas with others that spark our brilliance, learning & discovery through playfulness & curiosity, connections with teenagers, an enhanced capacity to ‘teach’, a gift with ‘language’ of all kinds, eg the language of energy
  • Comic – penetrating perception of life’s paradoxes and contradictions and the capacity to make light of them; wittiness; black humour; ego busting with what may seem to be inappropriate teasing or poking others
  • Witch – connecting directly & instantly into higher forms of intelligence, could be called magical; the energetic connection that is difficult to formulate in words; synchronicity
  • Bitch – Sarcasm, scorn or dismissiveness as a cover for pain and wounding, using words as a weapon
  • Mental health – restlessness, being distracted, spun out & ungrounded, anxiety,
  • Body – the breath of life, learning to breathe deeply
  • Relationships – the twin: how connection happens,  talking AND listening, withdrawing our negative projections
  • Collective evolution –truth and lies & the media, manipulation, what we feed the mind with i.e. information & what we believe in as security

As Black Moon Lilith moves through Gemini everything about our current levels of intelligence, information gathering, beliefs and how we learn or communicate, is highlighted. Can you be an open door for where this energy is calling? Where there is openness, Lilith’s paradoxical nature can deliver new realms of living wisdom, a lightness of being where the deepest shadows lie. As the Full Moon in Aquarius highlights Lilith’s arrival in Gemini this weekend, we may, as individuals, get a taste of where this journey uniquely lies in our lives. Having awareness of the keys to Lilith in Gemini is therefore supportive.

  • Own your thoughts, projections as passing clouds – watch what you engage with as ‘reality’
  • Free thinking. Question everything, especially information & beliefs i.e. drop over-thinking in favour of an open spacious mind that can receive higher frequency communications
  • What’s true for you? Just in this moment
  • Both/and rather than either/or perspective as a key to peace in oneself and in relationships. Life as Mystery!
  • Spontaneity & flexibility. Be like the breeze – yet also being aware of shadows of habitual inconstancy being intensified, if this is a current personal tendency