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Living with Heartfelt Resonance

By August 4, 2023No Comments

Who are you? What do you desire to express and create? Where do you long to shine and be seen or acknowledged? These are questions that the annual Leo New Moon delivers.

This New Moon at 23 Leo emerges 10.38BST on 16 August.

Leo is the sign of individuality rooted in the heart. It’s the fixed fire sign with a generous spirit, passion, natural leadership, both courage and playfulness. Being a fixed sign, it calls us to sustain what we enjoy and feel good about. It reveals how to feed those aspects of our self and life. It’s about claiming our full individuality and living a heartfelt life.

Yet every zodiac sign has its shadow side. With Leo (and we all have the qualities of Leo somewhere inside us) it’s the need to receive acknowledgment from others, sometimes expressing dramatically as the need for attention. Leo wants the reflection of the Sun’s light that it is expressing so naturally. Without that, its shadow – lacking confidence, moody and dramatic, acting out and playing up for attention – comes in like a dark cloud. Like the Sun, Leo can be intense and fierce, as well as warm and life-giving.

With this New Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith, with Venus close, fierceness is revealed as a key quality of passionate self-expression. Just like a cat can bite or dig its claws when playing, Lilith in Leo seeks to find that point where pleasure and discomfort meet. Lilith meets the boundary and crosses it, simply to see what happens, and what the evolutionary potential feels like. She is a Soul Mother archetype after all. She’s truth at play and often experimental, bordering on genius. Whereas Venus in Leo simply wants to be seen, acknowledged and even adored, Lilith plays with fire. With this Leo dark/light combo, qualities such as ‘intense, fiery and dramatic’ are highlighted.  We are called to acknowledge them as just as healthy an aspect of self-expression as ‘gentle or refined’. They are simply different tones of being human.

This Leo Moon is a connective lunar alignment, encouraging us to seek and find the aspects of life, and the people, that make us feel good. Connective conversations and communications are highlighted. Lilith relishes the spark or two of difference that is a catalyst for lively and playful, yet sometimes edgy connection. Leo season always emphasises our enjoyment of life. Time to take some time out, stretch your boundaries. Find someone to play with!

Wisdom Warrior Athena, Mars and Mercury are in Virgo at this New Moon. They know just how far to take this instinctual play, where to draw the line, but are also required to simply let go and have some fun. It’s good to recognise Leo is king and queen right now! That’s where the discoveries are ripening. This New Moon is about daring to go there.