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The New Moon at 16 Gemini emerges at 13.37BST on Thursday 6 June

What are you thinking? How are you communicating? With whom are you playing? What are you discovering and learning? Where are you scattered or distracted?

These are Gemini themes. As the Moon activates her new cycle in this airy sign, several broader cycles are also set in motion. The qualities of your mind, its calling to discover & learn, express & communicate, are given a boost.

The planet associated with Gemini is Mercury, known as the Messenger of the Gods. Mercury (aka Hermes) was the only deity in the Greek & Roman mythologies who could traverse the heavens, earthly realms, and underworld – just like the mind. For the mind is free to roam into vision or dream, rationale & practicality, or worry & judgment. Being aware of its influence on feelings, motivation & drive, even on physicality, is a key to being more conscious in these evolutionary times.

The Gemini aspect of mind thrives on facts & information, science & rationale, the cut & thrust of research & debate. Curiosity is a key Gemini quality. It can lead to discovery & learning, connecting the dots that help us make sense of the world. Gemini is attracted to what is light, bright and on the move; curious like a butterfly. Yet Gemini curiosity, its attraction to the next tempting piece of info or gossip, or the allure of a story, can also be its failing. We can make of information what we will, according to our perception of it and any bias.

For the sign of the twins to operate effectively, connection to what’s behind the free movement of mind is key. This is where Blessing-giver Jupiter’s entry into Gemini for one year is supportive. Jupiter is ruler of the opposite sign to Gemini, fiery Sagittarius. This sign holds broader aspects of mind than intellect and information.

Sagittarius (and Jupiter) seek the meaning behind facts, information, and rationale; this sign is about exploring and expanding on our belief systems to create a meaningful philosophy for living. We can and do use the mind to move between heavens, earth and underworld and create that as reality, inside the mind, or in our connections with others. Jupiter in Gemini calls us to make our communications and self-expression more deeply meaningful, to discover the real significance of the states of mind we find ourselves in.

With this placement we are offered the opportunity for clarity in the ways we use the mind, to discover how our ideas, inspirations and communications are substantial or superficial. Gemini can tend towards flippancy or inappropriateness that is dressed up as being playful. It can disconnect as easily as connect, for that is the nature of its mutable air element. With Jupiter resident in Gemini for a year, we can look deeper into what is being communicated, not just through the spoken word, but in the energy transmitted. There is a need to be truer in our communications.

This New Moon marks the activation of another new cycle, namely the Venus Star Point at 14 Gemini at 16.33BST on 4 June. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun activates a new Venus Evening Star cycle, seeding our lives with new possibility. It’s just like the sperm meeting the egg creating new life. It’s a conception point, an energetic union of Masculine potency with Feminine fertility.

The Sun with Venus is in exact sextile the Lunar North Node in Aries, adding the fire of new beginnings to Gemini’s sparkle. With Blessing-giver Jupiter also newly arrived in Gemini, these fire and air placements uplift us after the last intense months. It’s not that the calling to transmute has gone away; we are offered a breath of fresh air to help clear the decks and feel lighter.

Gemini is the sign of the twins so we must also explore the nature of polarity at this time. The mind, the Gemini sphere of our existence, can take us into the realms of light or dark in a moment. The tendency of Gemini’s airy nature is to remain airborne, light, and free, connective to the playfulness of spirit. It can be projective of its own shadow, avoiding the calling into embodiment, the seeming heaviness of emotions and physicality. Without our feet in the earth, Gemini can easily take us into distraction or being scattered in avoidance of true response-ability. It’s like the immature energy of a pre-teen, all over the place. Its gift is playfulness and fun yet having awareness of how far to take things is useful.

With a mature perspective, we can drink in Gemini’s lightness of being without getting totally blown away, creating chaos or division. Fortunately, as these new Gemini cycles open, they are supported by planets that represent the depths of the underworld. This gives us an anchor in what is tangible rather than mentally abstract, supporting our foundations and sense of stability when fresh breezes get strong. They support the recognition that one thought can change everything and that you can have choice in how you respond to your mental activity.

This New Moon and its companions activate awareness in the realm of mentality and self-expression. They suggest: Be curious about your way of thinking. What might you discover about how your mental perceptions create reality? Become interested in what you are communicating, its true value or its inflationary impact. What might you unveil about how you communicate? It’s a time of discovery and learning.

The Astrology
New Moon at 16 Gemini at 13.37BST on Thursday 6 June, exactly conjunct Venus, sextile the Lunar North Node at 13 Aries, & square Wise Elder Saturn at 18 Pisces plus Juno in Virgo
Moon ruler Mercury at 6 Gemini is conjunct Jupiter at 2 Gemini
Jupiter entered air sign Gemini at 00.15BST on Sunday 26th May & is still conjunct Mother of the Sea Sedna at 0 Gemini & trine Lord of the Underworld Pluto at 1 Aquarius, plus quintile Wise Elder Saturn at 18 Pisces
The Sun is conjunct Venus (Venus Star Point) at 14 Gemini at 16.33BST on 4 June

Image: Holga Jen