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Diving Deep

By October 26, 2021January 21st, 2022No Comments

The New Moon emerges at 21.14GMT on Thursday at 12 Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio calls us deep into the mystery of our desires, needs and compulsions, down into the underworld of our emotional perception, subtle knowing and intimate connections. It supports us in knowing what is ready for transformation, what is composting and what is ripe for rebirth.

The water sign Scorpio represents the deep still water sign of intimacy. That is intimacy with oneself – the world of our emotions, wants, needs, desires and motivations – as well as those we are attracted to. It knows that emotional honesty is a prerequisite to intimacy, that we must embrace what we’ve disowned ongoingly, to create conscious connections. It is unafraid to venture into the darkness, for it understands both the necessity to face our shadows and their gifts. Scorpio’s key expression is to penetrate our relationship experience along with all the shadows of our human experience in order to discover the deeper truth. It’s an affinity with the hidden depths contained in the core realms and transitions of human survival and security – sex, birth and death, divorce and shared finances.

This New Moon in Scorpio opposes Awakener Uranus in Taurus so may well present some surprising communications or revelations that rock perceived security. With both Scorpio and Taurus being fixed signs, resistance to what’s opening, or becoming shockingly obvious, may become a challenging element of this. A quincunx to Dark Feminine archetypes in Gemini suggests a lack of sensitivity, empathy or understanding exacerbates whatever is being presented or experienced. Or simply that the information presented is not the full picture. There is the opportunity for emotional wisdom to prevail (through a trine from the New Moon to Pallas Athena in Pisces) yet Moon ruler Mars, newly arrived in Scorpio, can indicate reaction rather than receptivity.

Whatever the play at this New Moon, it is the first touchpoint in an unfolding of experience. Aspects between 10th and 19th November (Mars activating this New Moon point and opposing Uranus) further open the dynamics of this core opportunity for deeper honesty and integrity.